Why Bernie Sanders’ Message Matters

Sanders offers a constructive approach to the anger of those facing rising inequality. Trump offers an approach based on exploiting that anger and finding scapegoats.

While the mathematics of the delegate process make it very likely that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee, it is essential that the energy created by Sanders’ campaign for a fairer economy is harnessed to help defeat Donald Trump.

There is a clear and growing sense of anger in the United States that cannot be ignored. Sanders message has resonated with many, especially young people – who are seeing their hopes for the future become clouded by an economy that makes them feel left out.

If those voters sit out the election, the world may wake up on November 9 to Donald Trump as President. Trump has channelled the growing anger in America, but instead of offering constructive solutions, he has stoked fear, hatred, and prejudice. Trump’s approach would push America – and the world – in a dangerous and uncertain direction.

However, the fact that Trump has focused on the anger of America’s increasingly divided society has allowed him to build a powerful core of voters. What Bernie Sanders offers is a message that can help turn the anger of growing division into a positive movement that can bring unity and real policy changes.

That is why Sanders’ message matters. As we face growing income inequality, it is a message the world needs to hear, and the Democratic Party will benefit by incorporating it into their platform.

After all, it certainly trumps the Republican alternative.

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Photo credit: Phil Roeder (Flickr) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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