The importance of freedom and justice

We should be far past debating whether all students deserve equal treatment and protection. Sadly, that debate is still going on. Brave people like Hanover School Division Student Mika Schellenberg are being forced to fight for individual freedom and justice.

In the recent meeting about LGBT inclusion, a few HSD trustees used the old “don’t agree with that lifestyle” line.

Beyond the “choice” line, one HSD trustee – Lynn Barkman – said something worse. As reported in The Carillon, she blamed sex education for increased cancer rates saying, “I just feel that there is enough cancer around and the increase in cancer is phenomenal.” Not only is that statement appallingly ignorant, it’s disturbing coming from a healthcare “professional.”

The only cancer Lynn Barkman should be worrying about is the cancer of ignorance.

Another trustee – Rick Peters – compared teachers protecting the privacy of LGBT students to Residential Schools.


That comparison just doesn’t make any sense.

Whatever happens, it’s important to send a message to brave people like Michelle McHale and Mika Schellenberg – as well as the HSD Trustees supporting equality – that they are not alone in the effort for individual freedom and justice.

Spencer Fernando

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