Question Everything

Now more than ever, our world needs independent thinking.

The growing authoritarian direction of politics is disturbing. From the Trump campaign in the United States, to the far-right parties in Europe, there is a growing undercurrent of demand for “all powerful” leadership.

This is partly a reaction to increasing inequality and a justified feeling that the system is broken. But as history shows, that reaction must be channelled in a positive direction, or terrible things can happen.

That’s why our world needs, now more than ever, people who think independently and are willing to question everything.

Questioning our society and the systems that govern us can be uncomfortable and controversial. Yet every change in history started with a question. Questioning opens our minds and allows us to find solutions to problems that seemed impossible to solve.

Questioning everything is also an important check on the power of authoritarian movements. Human beings can accomplish amazing things when we are united and working as a team, but that same power can also be used to commit terrible crimes. The worst atrocities in history were caused by highly organized groups of people working for a common cause. Even a few voices asking tough questions can help avert disaster.

Each of us has a part of our mind that is always asking “why?” a part that always challenges the prevailing winds. We need to encourage that part of ourselves, and encourage it in others. Even when we don’t agree, we need to protect the right of every person to question how our society works.

By keeping our minds open and being willing to question everything, we each have the potential to bring forth a revolution in thinking and transform our world into a far better place.


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Photo credit: Henry Bloomfield (Flickr)


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We know very little that is clear but there are ways that work better than others. Those ways we should trust and uphold.