Donald Trump is the ultimate Corporatist establishment stooge

One of the most disturbing things about the US Presidential Election is the amount of success Donald Trump has had portraying himself as the enemy of the establishment and friend of working people.

Trump’s one skill in life seems to be salesmanship, and he has put that talent to use in crafting his image. But beyond the image, Trump is revealed as the most pro-corporatist, anti-worker candidate of them all.

As I wrote earlier, corporatism is the enemy of progress, and the cause of the many problems our world is facing. Corporatism is about extracting money and power from your hands and concentrating it in the hands of politicians, big corporations, and banks.

By that standard, Donald Trump has been a corporatist all his life. He’s made his money by cozying up to politicians, getting special breaks and advantages that the average person was blocked from receiving. He pushed numerous businesses into bankruptcy, costing jobs and hurting workers while escaping scot free with the help of the banks.

Rather than creating innovative products and competing in the free market, Trump rigged the system in his own favour, working with politicians and bankers to stack the deck for himself at the expense of others.

Trump is the ultimate corporatist, and the ultimate establishment candidate. He is not an outsider. He is not anti-establishment. He does not believe in empowering people. Through and through, Trump thinks like a corporatist.

As I previously wrote,

Corporatism starts as an attitude. It is the attitude that “the people,” the individuals and local communities that make up our society, cannot be trusted with too much power or wealth. Those with the corporatist attitude build a system that extracts power and wealth from you and gives it to them.”

That fits Trump’s attitude to a tee. When Trump referres to the rigged system and says that “I alone can solve it,” he is talking about concentrating all the power in his hands, expecting American citizens to be passive observers while he imposes his will. That is not democracy. That is not empowerment.

Donald Trump is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with the rigged and corrupt political and economic system. He has managed to not only evade responsibility for his corporatist attitude and actions, but also project that responsibility onto his opponents.

This is a big threat. Donald Trump won’t get many votes from people who turned out for Bernie Sanders, but he could get the support of many independents and people who feel ignored by the system. After his convention speech where he cast himself as the anti-politician, he has surged in the polls and now leads in the poll averages.

Make no mistake. Donald Trump could win. To stop him, he must be unmasked as the corporatist establishment stooge that he is. So far, the Democratic National Convention is doing a good job of attacking him for both his offensive rhetoric and his odious record in business.

The Democrats have to keep up the attack without mercy and expose Trump as the corporatist fraud he is.


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