Man climbs Trump Tower, gets arrested

The US Election circus rolls on. The latest moment of insanity was a man climbing Trump Tower. The climber made it to the 21st floor before being dragged into a window by police. Check it out below:

WATCH: Trump Tower climber arrested

WATCH: Guy Climbing Trump Tower released video ahead of climb

In a strange message uploaded to a YouTube account in the name of Levan Thumps, the Trump Tower climber states his intentions, saying he wanted a meeting with Trump. Despite saying he forwarded his contact info to Trump’s campaign, I doubt that meeting will happen anytime soon.

Check out the Twitter reaction to the Trump Tower Climber

Every day it seems that the craziest thing possible has happened in the campaign. Then the next day brings something else. From the Orlando massacre killer standing behind Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally, to Donald Trump hinting/joking about the assassination of his opponent, the hits – or misses – keep on coming.

In addition to the Trump Tower guy, disgraced former US Congressman Mark Foley – who allegedly sent inappropriate sexual messages to congressional staffers – was seated behind Trump during a rally, at the same time Trump was speaking about how everyone behind him in the “sort of knows the campaign.”

WATCH: Mark Foley seated behind Trump

It’s getting crazy out there.

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