Gunfire and Chaos: The Latest On The Charlotte Protest and Riot

A Police Officer is injured and one civilian is in hospital in critical condition as gunfire and chaos have engulfed parts of North Carolina’s largest city.

The protests are in response to the police shooting of Keith Scott. There are conflicting reports of Scott’s shooting. Some say he was just holding a book. Others say he had a gun. Some media are reporting that the gun story may be closer to the truth.

Chaos Reigned In Charlotte Protest and Riot, with 4 police officers injured

In response to the chaotic events, heavily armed police are on the streets.

Restaurant customers sitting in shops had to flee as windows were smashed in while they were eating.

Reports and journalists were attacked.

This is an American City coming undone.

National Guard and Highway Patrol will be brought in to restore order

America is a divided nation, and that’s what we are seeing in Charlotte North Carolina. The divisions in the nation run deep and are being widened seemingly every day.

CNN Reporter Ed Lavendera pushed to ground on Live TV

In a shocking live TV incident, CNN Reporter Ed Lavendera was pushed to the ground by a protestor. Lavendera is ok, and the protester did later apologize.

Protestors apparently tried to throw a photographer into a burning fire

Non-violence was part of the core of Martin Luther King Jr’s message. While anger at injustice is understandable, there is a huge difference between peaceful protest and a violent riot. Violence will only widen divisions and create more fear and anger.

Contrast the fear and anger of the anarchy in Charlotte with Colin Kaepernick’s protest.

Kaepernick has generated discussion, debate, and some deep thinking.

The Charlotte protests will do the opposite. They will cause people to retrench in their positions and get more angry.

Charlotte is in a State of Emergency, but the way things are going America isn’t far behind.

Let’s close with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King:

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