Charlotte Police To Release Keith Lamont Scott Bodycam, Dashcam Video

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney says police will be releasing the Keith Lamont Scott Bodycam and Dashcam video footage.

Putney is confident Keith Scott had a gun

In video released yesterday by Keith Scott’s family, officers can be heard calling for Scott to drop a gun. Officers yelled that out 11 times in total.

The video released by Scott’s family is below:

Keith Scott’s family has denied he had a gun, but Chief Putney says otherwise. Interestingly, Putney has said the video will not show definitive proof of a gun, but that it supports physical evidence that does point to a gun being present.

The release of the video may settle these questions once and for all, but that is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, Charlotte Police felt the video had to be released in the face of growing demands.

Charlotte Police were under intense public pressure to release the video

With anger rising and nights of unrest increasing public pressure, the Charlotte Police department reversed their previous unwillingness to quickly release the video. Even Hillary Clinton called for the videos to be released:

Bodycam and Dashcam video could calm tensions, or make them worse

It is difficult to predict what will happen when the video is released. If it is unclear whether or not Keith Scott had a gun, it will only further divide those who believe his shooting was unjust and those who think police were right.

Some people are angry at the delay in releasing the video up to this point. One reason given for the delay is that police are still interviewing witnesses, and release of the video could complicate those efforts. They now say that is not a concern.

Watch: Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney Press Conference Video

What do you think the Keith Lamont Scott Bodycam and Dashcam videos will show? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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