Trump Is Part Of The Same Ruling Class He Claims To Be Fighting

He would make them even richer

As his campaign falls apart, Donald Trump is now casting himself as the victim of a massive global conspiracy.

He says he is the only one standing between America and the elites who want to eliminate national sovereignty.

This is laughable.

Donald Trump is a member of the elite class he claims to be fighting. He was born into it. Rich from the very beginning, Trump got millions from his father to start his business.

He makes his products using cheap labour outside the United States. He never put America First until he needed a cheap slogan – with disturbing historical connections BTW.

He benefited from massive tax breaks and used the tax system – written by bought and paid for politicians – to enrich himself and avoid paying taxes on his massive fortune.

Trump is the poster boy for the corrupt ruling class. While middle class people paid their taxes, he used public roads, public services, and benefited from the protection of the military, all while doing nothing to contribute to it.

Trump got huge breaks from the banks, who could and should have bankrupted him. Instead they kept him afloat. Had they bankrupted Trump we wouldn’t be dealing with him today. Another reason – as if we needed one – to despise Wall Street.

Trump used the media to get over $2 billion in free attention. He used the corrupt tax laws. He used the banks to get away with huge business failures.

Donald Trump is as elitist as it comes and is undeniably a member of the ruling class that lords it over the people.

His attempt to portray himself as a victim is pathetic. He has benefitted all his life from being an insider, and he still serves the super-rich at the expense of everyone else.

You can see this plain as day from his economic policies. He wants to slash taxes for the rich and corporations, and he wants to completely eliminate the inheritance tax.

Trump would make the rich richer and everyone else poorer.

His claim to be an outsider is nothing but a worthless joke.

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