Trudeau Approval Rating Turns Negative: Poll

Canadians continue to turn against the elitist, globalist agenda of PM Trudeau

Justin Trudeau continues to lose popularity, as his hypocrisy and deception is exposed for all Canadians to see.

He’s lied about nearly everything, and is planning to impose taxes that will empty our wallets and damage the economy.

Now, it’s starting to have an effect on his popularity

Trudeau’s approval rating is now negative.

According to a poll by Campaign Research, 39% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, while 46% disapprove.

This gives Trudeau a -7 rating, showing the full extent of his lost credibility.

Trudeau’s falling numbers are dragging his party down as well. The Liberals and Conservatives are both tied at 34% in the new poll.

“Trudeaumania is dead”

Trudeaumania, a phenomenon mostly manufactured by the elitist media, is clearly dead. Despite being handed everything in life, Trudeau is now facing the consequences of his elitist, out of touch attitude.

Canadians are waking up to the fact Justin Trudeau serves a globalist agenda designed to enrich those at the top while bleeding the rest of us dry of what money we have left.

What’s amazing is that Trudeau is losing popularity even when he has such a massive assist from the elites, the big institutions and establishment media outlets of our country.

While there are some columnists and reporters who have been holding Trudeau accountable, much of the media just ignores Trudeau’s actions – such as selling us out to China – and focus on fluff.

And don’t forget, while Trudeau wastes billions of our tax dollars, he’s taking money away from our troops. Much of the media has been terribly weak on that issue.

Thankfully, Canadians are seeing past the bullshit.

Expect Trudeau’s numbers to keep going down.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Just like the previous election ads said ” he is just not ready “. Well that is not true. Based on his performance to date, he will never be ready.
    He refuses to acknowledge Canadians in any income level. He continues to get caught in his own lies. The current changes that even though won’t admit to, are really bad. Taking tax benefits from our Armed Forces, carbon tax that is a disguised cash grab, Bombardier loans, phasing out Alberta, refugee non screening system and continue to hand out millions of tax payers money to 3rd World countries. All these need to stop, changed and never to be repeated. The Liberals will never do that. The best one could expect is a whole new string of lies on the next preelection campaign promises.

      1. It’s called Justinitis. An illness that hangs around four years. If feels like a knife that continually cutting and digging deeper into pockets. It impacts everyone, parents and children, and perhaps generations down the road. The repercussions of this ailment stay for many years after, the best way to treat this, I would say disease, it to do the best you can, take care of your family, and at the end of the four years, boot it’s ass out of the door.

    1. That infuriated me during the election.. he’s just not ready.. yet. YET??? He’s basically fully retarded and gets by on his drama skills, which speaks to the idiocy of the Canadian electorate.

      1. Even a liberal should be able to see thru his hypocracy and lies and they shoud be trying to stop this dimwit for the sake of the canadian people

  2. His meeting with President Trump this week will be interesting. The only way he can handle it is to become his little puppet. Dance pretty Justin, the end is near; Liberals going down; as pathetic as it gets. As real as it is Canada…suckers.

    1. Trudeau is everyone’s puppet … Gerald Butts, George Soros and soon, Donald Trump. He never was anything more than a pretty boy legacy talking head …… How people didn’t see thru this from the beginning is beyond me.

      1. Trump is not to worry about , Soros is destroying bits and pieces of North America just like what he is doing USA , those riots are Soros soldiers , he owned the Liberal party of USA , he will go for Canada once a strong leader is elected and will thwart his move to take Canada

  3. When it comes to what he did to our military. I think that everyone that is serving this country should pack there things n head home. And say no to serving this awesome country. They put there lives on the line every day for what. I’m ashamed of what the liberals have done to Canada. Just like his father. Its about the rich getting richer from us who are just trying to make a living. I one finger solute you pm. Hope Canada can make it thru to next election. We need real leaders. Not piers.

  4. Men and women have sacrificed their lives to preserve democracy! To have fools such as this to make a mockery of it! Again at our expense!

  5. I watched the 2015 Remembrance Day observance on CBC. Peter Mansbridge was very open in his castigation of the previous Conservative government, how they didn’t care for our solders, yadda, yadda, yadda. I wondered what he would say in 2016 after the Liberals had done Sweet Tweet for a year. All he said was that they were working on the military’s problems, and that there was more to be done. I wonder what he is saying now. Mind you, Mansbridge has his head so far up Trudeau’s butt that I am surprised that his eyes aren’t turning brown.

  6. I’m amazed that 39% still think he’s worth supporting. He has no clue what he’s doing and matches to whatever tune Dirty Soros and the globalists want. The sooner he’s gone the better, and the less the damage. It will still take years to clean up the debt he’s already accumulated. Why our opposition members haven’t demanded the AG order an investigation into his Charity and pay for play is mind boggling. Their certainly appears to be plenty of reasonable and probable grounds? The parliamentary investigations he’s facing are a joke and meaningless. We need a real investigation to ensure he is actually held accountable. Looks like it’s just another serious issue about to be swept under the rug..

  7. 39% are the ones that will vote Liberal no matter who is leader, or what the platform is. He may go a little lower, but not much I expect. As long as the Conservatives can muster 40%, everything should be OK 🙂

    1. Unfourtenately for. Canada,sheep enjoy being slaughtered,
      39% idiots,will and do believe whatever. D-F J. does or says.
      There is nobody on the planet dumber or more corrupt than a liberal

  8. Trudeau with his proclamation that Canada is “the world’s first postnational state” and his globalist agenda makes him very scary leader. The worst is yet to come later this week with the vote on motion M-103 which will make any criticism of his Muslim brothers or of Islam a criminal offense.

  9. Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada! I pray to god that Canadain can get rid of this idiots before it’s to late!

  10. Canadians shouldn’t have to wait 4 years to get this idiot out of office. He should be ousted immediately. In his first year he has done nothing but raise taxes, given away billions to third world countries, opened our borders to immigrants that have become a burden to our welfare system. It’s obvious he knows nothing about running a country. He takes elaborate holidays at the expense of Canadian taxpayers and then takes away the benefits of our military who have defended us and given us freedom. He obviously has no conscience and if Canadians don’t speak up and protest, this dictator will bankrupt our country in the next 3 years.

  11. National Canadian media Outlets,led by CBC,have been most irresponsible in their fawning support the
    “pretty boy” PM ever since he posed for his first selfie.Only a few journalists have dared to criticize the mistakes and failed campaign promises that have been part of Liberal reign of error so far.
    It will be interesting to see if there will be significant coverage of the negative Trudeau support numbers mentioned in this article.

  12. Trudeau is only concerned with his own welfare and doesn’t give any thought to put welfare. He is a Liar, Thief, Traitor and very greedy and selfish man(?) in a position of power he doesn’t respect or deserve. Come on 2019!

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