BIGOTRY: Why Is Justin Trudeau So Canadaphobic?

The Definition of Bigotry: ‘Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself’

Justin Trudeau is playing a dangerous game.

He has been accusing his fellow Canadians of being bigots, slapping the “Islamophobic” label on anyone who doesn’t support his head-in-the-sand approach to extremism, despite the fact that a majority of Canadians disagree with his approach.

That is not how a leader is supposed to act. A leader is supposed to bring the citizens of our nation together, not tear us apart. Instead of listening to the legitimate concerns of his fellow Canadians, Trudeau has instead gone down the path of demonizing people. That is a dangerous approach, because it turns Canadians against each other – all for Trudeau’s selfish political gain.

However, if Trudeau wants to play the game of smearing people who have a different view than him, he should realize that two can play at that game.

After all, Trudeau seems to have many fears about Canada, and that inspires us to ask the following question:

Why is Justin Trudeau so Canadaphobic?

Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be irrationally afraid of Canada’s core identity and core principles.

Here are a few examples:

  • Trudeau is afraid of being held accountable by the Canadian political system – so he has gutted the power of the parliamentary watchdogs.
  • Trudeau is afraid of the elected opposition members – so he’s taking away much of their speaking time in parliament.
  • Trudeau is afraid of Canadians being financially independent and not reliant on government – so he’s raising fees and taxes.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our energy industry growing too much on the world stage – so he’s bringing in a new carbon tax.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our democratic political system – so he expresses admiration for communist China and Fidel Castro instead.
  • Trudeau is afraid of our nation being strong and free and self-reliant – so he is keeping our military underfunded.
  • Trudeau is afraid of standing up for the Canadian values of the equality of men and women, religious freedom, and individual liberty – so instead he attacks anyone who calls horrendous practices like FGM and honour killings “barbaric.”
  • Trudeau is afraid of freedom of speech and listening to the Canadian people – so he expresses that fear by trying to demonize Canadians who disagree with him.
  • Trudeau is afraid of making any tough budget decisions – so he will force young Canadians to pay the price for his debt and deficits for decades to come.

All those actions go against the best character of our country. They hurt the Canadian people, and they are anti-Canadian in substance. There are more examples, but the above list is more than enough evidence that Justin Trudeau is irrationally and deeply afraid (phobic) of Canada, Canadians, and the core values of our country.

It’s clear that the way Trudeau demonizes Canadians is a very bigoted stance on his part.

His bigotry toward Canadians, and his intolerance for Canada’s core values are a clear manifestation of Canadaphobia, which is incredibly disturbing in anyone leading our country.

Justin Trudeau must immediately apologize for his Canadaphobic stance, and start showing respect for the diversity of opinion that exists in our country.

Canada deserves leadership, not bigotry toward those with different viewpoints.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Great piece Spencer. I’ve been reading some of your articles and it completely reaffirms what I thought I already knew. So thank you for your honesty and keep up with the great writing!

  2. There’s been much discussion around the term feminist, But it is agreed that feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” Or it is commonly termed that: “Feminism is the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”
    It boils down to no matter your gender identity, if you are fighting for equality you are a feminist.
    Justin Trudeau likes to point out (a lot) that he is a feminist.
    But is he?
    If he was truly a feminist why would he enter mosques and not stand with the women to show he feels they are his equal. Why does he sit in a man only environment where women are not allowed including one of his own staff. A true feminist would use the opportunity to demonstrate equality.
    Why did he appoint a cabinet of men and women based on sex. Why would a feminist not just have made appointments without adding comments of choosing them because they were women?
    Sophia Trudeau’s speech “Together, we can create a movement that inspires more men to join the fight to build a better tomorrow with equal rights & opportunities for everyone … because #EqualityMatters.” Does it not seem that her husband is a poor example of someone standing up for equality when he not only doesn’t stop practises in Canada that are universally known to be repressive toward women from occurring especially in schools and government offices. A very poor example of a feminist when he is actively supporting the views of people who willing admit they believe women are inferior. Sophia speaks of equality and opportunities but Justin allows not just segments of Muslims but also Hutterites, Indigenous people and Mormons to keep women in uneducated, inferior positions with no hope of being in charge of their own lives.
    Would a feminist not fight for girls who live in segregated colony lifestyles to have the opportunity at least during school hours to witness how other Canadian girls have equal opportunities.
    I found it interesting that the Trudeaus were compared to the 50s Leave it to Beaver. It’s a well-entrenched model where women are encompassed in their husband’s identity. Political wives are expected to conform, be it to tradition or more modern branding needs. Sophie Grégoire added “Trudeau” to her name after years of marriage during the 2015 election, would not a feminist have upheld his social responsibility of respect and made sure she didn’t change her name.
    When asked about his endorsement of being a feminist he vaguely replied: “It’s just—if you’re a progressive, you really should be a feminist, because it’s about equality, it’s about respect, it’s about making the best of the world that we have.” The message seems canned.
    Trudeau himself has benefited from the sort of sexualized objectification feminism has protested for years; if his continual photo ops are his way of showing equality he’s missed the boat. Using women to make himself look better is the worst form of disrespect.

  3. I don’t know the proper name for it but did anyone notice during his inauguration to be prime minister that the queens representative and Turddo having his cabinet appointed they kissed the pretties and gave the chubbies a hand shake.

  4. Feminism isn’t feminism anymore. Feminism along with many other groups have been highjacked by the political left to push their agenda. Who is the face of these Women Marches? Linda Sarsour, a woman that up front and out in the open supports the implementation of Sharia Law. Nothing about Sharia Law supports women being treated as equals. Do these women marching behind her see no problem with that? People need to pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention to who they are supporting. I will never support Womens Marches. They are hypocritical garbage and these women so badly just want to feel a sense of belonging that they will just follow and have no idea what they are even marching for when asked.

    1. Feminism probably never was. Women have always worked outside the home out of necessity, very much like today. The church made it more difficult.

    2. Absolutely…People’s minds are being manipulated and it’s working. The Feminists March in the States after Trump was elected was the biggest joke I have ever witnessed. Pink Pussy Hats and Vaginas on their heads??? I still cannot understand the logic behind that. Women through history, have come a long way in fighting for their rights to be as equal as possible….and’s been a slow progress, but these marches are becoming obscene and degrading to women and young girls and these women are making fools of themselves and creating shame for those who are truly fighting for women’s rights. The movement, is now proceeding backwards. As for Linda Sarsour…if women believe that Sharia Law is for equal rights…they are delusional. This seems to be the “New Fad” of today. The answer towards almost everything today…is blamed on being a racists or a bigot. Hypocritical is an understatement. The problem is….it’s not going to get better until people wake up and use their common sense. As for Trudeau…the fact that he is always pushing that he is a “feminist”, (at every opportunity he gets) tells me he is just talk and all show, but does not truly support feminism. Any Prime Minister that protects the people that believe in Sharia Law, is doing Canada a disservice and as the Indigenous People have always said…”speaking with forked tongue”. He’s playing both hands at the same time. No wonder we have such a division in Canada. Canadians have no clue as to where they really stand with Trudeau. I would love to know what Trudeau really has planned for Canada….I don’t think it’s very good, or in Canadians best interest.

      1. Excellent! I couldn’t agree with you more. If you watch Bombard’s Body Language, there is a body language analysis of Sarsour; she’s a psychopath. Her interest in in herself and her own popularity, not that of supporting women’s equal rights.

  5. CANADAPHOBIC. How right you are! Trudope’s declaration that Canada is a Post National state, with no Identity, was extremely insulting. How could this happen, that we have a Prime Minister who has no feeling of Patriotism? I guess none of his forefathers fought for this country. And he probably doesn’t want to acknowledge our unique relationship with Britain and the Commonwealth countries. Has he noticed that we have a Governor General and Lieutenant Governors? Perhaps he is best suited to join the Bloc Quebecois and plan to separate!
    P.S. The mosque that Trudeau prays in ( with men only at the front, of course) is a Wahhabi/Sunni sect, the most vile and backward version of Islam, which is financed by Saudi Arabia.There should be a law ( such as the one Austria brought in) that prevents money from outside countries to pay for the building of mosques and the salaries of Imams.Canada should not permit money to flow into Canada to influence our culture against our will.

  6. THANK YOU SPENCER AND ALSO A BIG THANK TO TO THE WOMEN AND MEN FOR YOUR COMMENTS . Reading your articles and many of the comments make me think of my MOM . Unfortunately her health does not let her pass on her views but I CAN AND SHE WOULD STAND WITH AND LOVE YOU SPENCER , CHERYL AND EVERY ONE ELSE THAT HAS OUR VEIWS AT HEART . To talk or even think about that THING that calls itself a prime minister ( ok he’s human) brings nothing to my heart but hatred for him . It is incredibly hard to think or talk about trudeau without using the most foul language but I will try . TRUDEAU IS A COWARD AND TRAITOR TO ALL CANADIANS. We need a prime minister with love and passion for CANADA AND CANADIANS , maybe one day Spencer you or Cheryl will run for PM . Thanks again Spencer for all your articles and it would be a honour to meet you one day . So let’s support CANADIAN PATRIOTISM NOT ONLY ON CANADA DAY BUT EVERY DAY. Tim.

    1. Wow. There are a lot more more Canadians than we realize who see what trudeau is. Why oh why does he hate Canada so strongly? How is it possible that the Justinidiot selfie groupies can’t see the true PM? Could it be that there knowledge goes no deeper than the next tweet?

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