Petition Against Sharia Law Spreading Across Canada

Thousands of Canadians have already signed

A petition against Sharia Law is spreading across the country online, with thousands having already signed.

The petition was sponsored by James Bezan – Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman.

Here is the text of the petition:


  • Differential justice based on an individual’s religion is prejudicial and preferential, therefore, an amendment to the Constitution Act of 1982 would ease the minds of all Canadians and ensure equal treatment for everyone under the Criminal Code of Canada.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to propose an amendment to the Constitution Act of 1982, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System.

Sharia Law in Canada

Though it comes as surprise to many, Sharia Law has been used in Canada. In an article in the Globe & Mail, Margaret Wente described the story of Homa Arjomand, a woman who lived under Sharia Law in Iran. She only barely escaped from Iran with her life – while many of her friends were executed in Sharia courts.

She came to Canada to live in freedom, only to watch as people tried to impose that same Sharia Law here.

Said Arjomand, “We must separate religion from the state. We’re living in Canada. We want Canadian secular law.”

Yet, that didn’t stop the Ontario government from allowing the use of Sharia Law in the province. Elders, lawyers, or Imams could participate in the courts, passing judgements on various matters. Wente notes that the pressure – especially on Muslim women – to go along with the court rulings could be immense.

After protests by Arjomand, Ontario’s Premier at the time Dalton McGuinty said he would block Sharia courts. However, the fact that it took public pressure to do the obvious is concerning. And make no mistake, there are people who are still pushing for Sharia Law in Canada.

That should be deeply concerning to all of us, as it means our Canadian legal system is being undermined – something we must not allow.

Sharia Law Most Dominant In Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, & Sudan

Take a look at the map below, and observe the countries where Sharia Law is most dominant (purple). Would you want to live in any of those countries? And if not, why would we want to import any sort of ‘legal system’ from them?

Sharia Law World MapDisturbingly, some in the Western World want to import Sharia, despite what life is like in the countries in which it dominates.

The United Kingdom has enshrined Sharia principles in their legal system. As reported by Michael Coren, the law regarding Sharia (which applies separately to Muslims in the UK) states “The male heirs in most cases receive double the amount inherited by a female heir of the same class. Non-Muslims may not inherit at all, and only Muslim marriages are recognized.”

As Coren notes, “what begins in Britain tends to influence other nations, in particular English-speaking nations and especially countries with a British legal precedent and a Commonwealth tradition. In other words, there’s a good chance it will come to Canada and activists are already pushing for it.”

That’s a good reason for a petition on the issue, and speaks to the importance of making sure it gains many signatures.

“Sharia Law Is Incompatible With Democracy And Human Rights”

The statement above was made by the European Court of Human Rights – Council of Europe. It fits with a long line of arguments that Sharia Law and Freedom are not compatible.

Western Civilization takes pride in our values of Individual Liberty, the equality of men and women, and freedom of religion.

Sharia Law does not adhere to those same values.

Consider the words of Peter Tatchell, a campaigner for human rights in the UK:

“While other faiths are also often oppressive, sharia law is especially oppressive. Its interpretations stipulate the execution of Muslims who commit adultery, renounce their faith (apostates) or have same-sex relationships. Sharia methods of execution, such as stoning, are particularly brutal and cruel – witness the stoning to death this week in Somalia of a 20-year-old woman divorcee who was accused of adultery. This is the fourth stoning of an adulterer in Somalia in the last year.”

– generally pretty left-wing but very clear-eyed on the issue of radical Islam – summed it up this way:

“Forty countries in the world have some version of Sharia law. I just don’t understand how liberals who fought the battle for civil rights in the ’60s, fought against apartheid in the ’80s, can then just simply ignore Sharia law in 40 countries. Apartheid was only in one. I am not anti-Muslim and never have been: I am anti-bad ideas. Killing cartoonists and apostates, these are terrible ideas and practices, and it would be lovely to think that they were confined only to terrorists. They unfortunately are not.”

You’ll note that both critics of Sharia Law I referenced are on the left of the political spectrum. Opposition to Sharia Law should not be a partisan issue. All of us in the Western World, all who value freedom and liberty, should be deeply concerned about any effort to open up Canada to Sharia Law.

Unfortunately, “leaders” like Justin Trudeau are willfully ignorant of the danger of Sharia Law, and instead prefer to live in a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil fantasy land of political correctness.

That means it’s up to the people of Canada to speak out.

Sign The Petition Against Sharia Law In Canada

I have signed the petition, and I encourage you to do so as well.

Once you sign, please take a moment to share this article on social media and encourage others to sign the petition. Help it spread all across Canada.

Let’s show that we as Canadians will not be silenced. Let’s send a unmistakable message to those in power that we will always stand on guard for our freedom.


Spencer Fernando

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  1. Let,s get real shall we..this is Canada..not Saudi Arabia…why don’t you Trudeau go apply in Saudi Arabia if you like it so fool…we don’t want that here in any way shape or form….

    1. I take comfort in noting that there are people who watch for this underhanded way of skirting common sense law and NOT giving special treatment to any one particular religion, faith or nationality. I take comfort that there are those who watch and make sure no silent little by-pass of the common good is NOT shied away and giving exception to those who can’t follow Canada’s generous freedoms just so they can supplant those very same freedoms for their own ends. Keep up the good work.

  2. Shariah is a StoneAged mentality where freedoms, womens rights and human life, is treated as objects. Stoning, beheadings, hangings, just to name a few, and even more radical forms are emerging i the days of Daesh! Watch your backs and prepare

  3. True Canadians will always stand on guard for our freedom
    and Liberty, we will not be silenced! This is a definite NO to motion 103


  5. Making a change to the constitution, with respect to Sharia law not having a place in Canada’s judicial system, is ultimately a futile effort if over the 21st century Muslims become a majority. What truly needs to happen in order to prevent this, is to first establish a Royal Commission on Islam so as to determine whether Islam is a Theocracy that is either compatible or incompatible with Western-liberal Democracy. Second, we need to implement a new vetting system that vets for all three levels (or all three spheres) of Islamic “ideological” radicalization (within Islamic Fundamentalism as a whole) and not just “Violent Jihadists”. This would include: 1. Violent Jihadists 2. Islamists and 3. Fundamentalists. In Western Europe, recent studies reveal that approximately 40-45% of all Muslims living in the West today hold to Islamic Fundamentalism. In Canada this would translate into an Islamic Trojan Horse of approximately 500,000 Muslims that would, by and large, need to be deported or repatriated. Lastly, most (if not all) mosques would need to be closed down, since they are not just religious buildings but also governmental (or Islamic state) buildings as well. This is because, that in Islam it is impossible to make a separation between Religion and the State. And so, unless Canada takes drastic measures, in the immediate future, to: a) change the Muslim demographic, b) disqualify Islam from religious protection (under the Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms), c) implements new vetting procedures to screen for all three levels of Islamic “Ideological” radicalization (i.e. Islamic Fundamentalism), and d) closes most (if not all) Mosques, that are operating as Islamic state buildings inside a state, then making changes to the constitution, with respect to forbidding Sharia law, will ultimately prove to be futile and thus will fail to protect Canada, in the long run, from Islamization.

    1. A very well-written, critical thinking application towards this problem. I suggest you send this to several, if not all, MPs and government officials, including all those in the current PC party membership race.

      1. I agree with Gladys Piea you should run for Prime Minister, you would definitely do a better job than the one we have as PM.

  6. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s: After receiving further information through twitter post, I started digging into the background for Iqra Khalid’s background. What I found made me wonder if she was vetted by the Liberals in her riding. This young lady is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood through her membership with the Muslim Student Association as the President while attending York University (early 2000’s).
    This organization was founded by the adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963. It appears this Association has a series of alumni who have become suicide bombers, ISIS fighters, and ISIS propagandists. (As reported by TSEC
    Who is the Muslim brotherhood and what is their purpose in Canada? I found this 2014 report and am sharing it as direct information of what this organization is and its goals and motives within Canada and the USA.
    When did Canada come to a place where we separate woman from men, and think this is ok? When did Canada stop fighting for the equality of woman and men as equals? Now we have Trudeau who is using the same play book as Obama and in 15 months has divided and broken the spirit of Canada more the she ever was before.
    Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s Motion M-103 really is about limiting speech. Jews are eight times more likely than those in other groups to be victims of hate crimes, according to Statistics Canada.
    On February 8, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid “reconnected” with Islamist lobby NCCM / CAIR-CAN, Montreal-based AMAL-Québec co-president Haroun Bouazzi and Islamic Relief Executive Manager Abdelbasset Benaissa for a discussion about Motion 103. She was accompanied by fellow MPs Salma Zahid and Frank Baylis for the occasion. Motion 103 aims at “develop[ing] a whole-of-government approach” to target so-called Islamophobia.

    1. Sherri Emery – Thank you for this information. It appears that we have a terrorist calling the shots in Canada. Canadians cannot abide this. We must end it before it gets completely out of control as it has in Europe. Treason is defined as “ANY ACT directed at the overthrow of the government or against the security of the state.” Both Justa Turdo and Iqra Khalid are guilty of TREASON. Khalid must be sent back to Pakistan; a generous offer given that she’s committing TREASON against Canada. Turdo must be sent to prison.

    2. The 1991 Islamic Brotherhood Manifesto laid out the agenda to defeat Western Civilization. there is four phases of this plan. Phase 2 is once the Islamic immigration reaches 4% of the countries population, Then they quietly request or demand small changes to the countries laws to accommodate their religion, once this starts more demands are made. Presently in Canada were at this point. Motion -103 is a prime example of protecting them from being questioned about their religion and the start of implementation of Sharia Law. Unfortunately the majority of Canadians are not aware or not paying any attention to what is happening to our Country. Very Sad.

  7. A country that forces sharia law is NOT the country my father fought to defend! It appears that Canadians will be forced to fight for our freedom once more; this time against our own government. I’m ready, willing and able to do it.

    1. Well said and Trueduh can go with them when they are all deported they won’t take this potion very well. And will try to force there ways down our throats Iam willing to fight for my country

  8. Who would have thought Canada would become this Way!! We had it GOOD under Harper, he spared us from SOO much… I call on the GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA TO ACT NOW…He is accountable!!! We the PEOPLE MUST PUT PRESSURE ON!!!! THAT IS HOW BREXIT WAS BORN…

  9. The fact we are even debating this is ridiculous, what the hell is going on with this government? These people come here as refugees for protection and we are going to do this to them, teach them English or French and incorporate them into our society. Having said that if they practice Sharia Law this bullshit government would not stop them.

  10. Mr Trudeau like his father before him, will ignore the wishes of the people he was elected to serve. Before passing an abortion law in Canada in 1969 a handwritten petition with over 1,000,000 signatures was delivered to Mr Trudeau (Pierre), he dismissed it and rammed through legislation he wanted. Politicians indicate by their actions that they believe they are accountable to no one.

  11. Yes, there are a good number of Muslims in Canada who wouldn’t set aside their religion! And it seems that they populate more rapidly than Canadian, so in a little while, Canada will become a New Nation under Islam!, Whoua!, what have we done, not done to reach such? No acual westerner want Sharia Law, but will the next generation accept Sharia Law more easily?

    An immigrant should take an oath to the values, culture, National Identity, laws, regulations, Constitution of Canada! And they should adhere to the social, cultural, economic and political foundations of our Nation, otherwise, they should be held accountable of not being Canadian and face probable extradition to their former country. It’s kind of harsh but politeness bring in unwanted customs that may be difficult to live with!

    There shouldn’t be special accomodations for immigrants, they came to Canada, the government should have a thorough training, opinionated transmission of our Nation foundations.

    We won’t find this with our Present Government, it will come from the ”people”, but how so?

  12. Let the idiot PM Trudeau move and get the hell out of Canada your nothing but a trader to our people and our country your nothing but a stupid low life destroying our country I’m ashamed of you please resigned and leave our country

  13. We are Canadains we should not be dictated to come under an Islamic law ! This a minority that is trying to take over the world to have everyone come under sharia law , and who in their right mind would want to do that . It does not mean you are racecist it means we have to do what’s right for our nation ! The government of Canada need to stand up for Candaiins ! If Trudau and his liberals like the Muslim way of iife they should move to a Muslim country . I agree the liberal government should not be in power ! They do not represent what the views of the people want and if they are not doing that and have their own agenda to let Muslim elected to parliament take over and let their agenda rule I agree we need to remove the Liberal government from power and vote in a party that does not hold this agenda ! So we vote no to bill M-103 ! Vernon and Margaret Mountford .

  14. The damage is already done. Once M-103 was uttered and supported by Trudeau was the very sec the Sharia supporters started on their mission to act on it.

    I am begging on the Canadian men to protect women not only their female acquaintance but innocent women who walk to work shop or having a leisure walk. Canadian men show your stuff to those who have no use for women.
    Once we act on our loyalty to Canada and not to terrorist support such as Justin, his liberal mps or their media, we can overcome the brutality that is about to fall on us.

    Also remember, the things we take for granted will be taken from us such as: beer, pork, hockey, or anything we love to do. but if we do give in to their whims. You have lost everything you love.
    WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE MEANING OF FREEDOM TIL YOU LOSE IT. Which in my view, we have already started.

    Thank god that I did not vote for Justin Trudeau!

  15. Justin Trudeau is a Traitor to our Country like his Father was… Sellouts… and i hope he doesnt get re-voted in for a second term…

  16. No to Sharia Law in Canada. Justin Trudeau and his Liberals can’t be trusted! Canada was better off with Harper. Now we’ll have Kevin O’Leary. Vote Conservative at the next federal election!

  17. I’m against the M-103 from trudeau and this piece of crap is giving our money, the one that we have less and less… I’didn’t vote for him anyway…

  18. In our modern World, nobody want Middle Age Religion, neither Sharia Law, so hopefully our politicians will aknowledged that and take appropriate actions such that Muslim Migrants will know what Canadian life is all about, and the Migrants will adhered voluntarily to our values!

    1. It used to be that in order to hold public office, one would have to swear on the bible a pledge of allegiance to the country.

  19. I do not want the M-103 bill introduced in Canada. The nation as a whole needs to vote on situations like this. Why aren`t Canadians consulted on all of these financial projects. Canadians need to have a say on all these illegal immigrants invading.

  20. This bill is the beginning of the end of our freedoms. It appears that Canadians will be forced to fight for our freedom once more; this time against our own government. I’m ready, willing and able to do it as well. If this bill passes, I’m leaving this country and taking all my money with me.

  21. No sharia law and no 103 no Islamic law in Canada I love my country, I don’t want Islamic religion over power over Canadian’s people…we don’t want are country turning like Europe please. Protect us from terrorist…..please close the borders NOW!!!

  22. e909 URGENTLY NEEDS TO WIDELY DISSENATED ON Canadian news site s and e-mails otherwise it will not get enough signatures

  23. Justin Trudeau did not even show up to vote. Justin is a coward and a trader to all Canadians. Let get Justin Trudeau impeach now, today. I miss Stephen Harper.

  24. Yes I am defiantly against M-103. Justin should have been there to vote. I just hope Justin gets impeach before the next election. No one in Canada wants a coward and traitor for a PM. We need to vote him and the Liberals out in the next election or impeach Justin Trudeau.

  25. I am against M 103. It’s the first step in becoming Law. Goes to the Senate, they pass it. Back to the House where they vote, and becomes Law… This isn’t my Canada anymore. It’s being taken over by Trudeau’s brotherhood.. Sad days 🙁

  26. There are some very nice Muslims. I very nearly married one, but eventually learned this:
    Now, I have 8 more sources that document this. If you would like to see them, send me an Email at
    [email protected] putting Islam in the subject line, and I will send them to you.

    God bless the Canadian people,

    Arlene Johnson
    To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  27. Canada or Sharianada……….??
    Why don’t they pass any laws with-in islamic organizations where if some members want to bring change with democratic process then they get supportive law of land for this purpose………???
    To protect sharia law all islamic ideologies from sunni till ahmadiya are unite, otherwise they all have severe difference among them. Why here they all are unite..??
    Why not they make laws in favor of those who converted from islam or want to convert from islam and in result their all supply lines got cut off by the decisions of sharia courts and the Islamic ideological mindsets, why not they remember human right for those who are getting effected by sharia laws and sharia courts from decades and still sharia courts are working due to political support etc.
    Rather than to make laws which enhance Critical Thinking and Peaceful Social Assimilation among Islamic communities for the host society, Rather than to make laws which be supportive to deny the Islamic authorities for their none-cultural assimilation acts, rather than to make screening laws on sharia courts working in Canada, rather than to make laws which can give sensible analysis behind the motives of Islamic ideologies etc ???
    Its very Irresponsible act to protect the Un-opposed powers of Islamic mindsets and leadership over their brainwashing toward their common followers, its actually provide political power support & umbrella to them.
    Such none-wise policies actually giving full authorities and up-opposable rights to leadership of islamic ideologies that they are free now to do whatever they want to do…….which means more inter/intra competition and Extremism in future…………!!!!

  28. If you want Sharia Law, live in Muslim country. Easy. Why move away if that’s what you want? Stop expecting the world to conform to you. If you move to another country, respect that countries laws as you expect others to respect yours.


    We can see what happens when we allow the cancer of liberalism to be the majority in any country. they rule in.

    We need common sense leadership and we have to get back to our Judeo-Christian heritage that once was all across the lands of western civilization, if we don’t I’m afraid a new dark age will cover our lands. We can see it already happening in Europe and here in Canada with this bill M-103 being passed.

    The majority of Canadian people have been against this bill but because the liberals have the majority it was rammed through to become law.

    I will end by saying two great quotes from Michael Savage:

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and what we need is “Borders, Language, Culture”

  30. Can someone tell me if this petition is binding? I keep signing petitions and hope these can be used to take to Parliament to stand up for the Canadian people.

  31. We are against Sharia law in any shape or form, it is a demonic and barbaric cult!! I can’t wrap my head around us even having to consider this cruel way of life!!!

  32. What about all the Canadians that do not have the internet or access to this petition. I can guarantee many thousands of people would be signing it as well if they had access is it going to be published in local news papers in the rural communities as well?

    1. I agree with Robby this petition should be publish in the local newspapers and rural communities to get more Canadian to sign this very important petition.

  33. Trudeau you make me ashamed to be a Canadian. My family has been heren since the beginning. Sharia law is evil and the fact therr is even consideration to allow that a place in our beautiful, peaceful country is terrifying. Wake up!! You may give in but canadians will never. We will fight to keep our country beautiful

    1. I’m more Canadian than British…and I love my country…but yes, so right to be ashamed to be Canadian at this time of living…sharia law is truly VILE and disgusting to even conceive the thought of…trudeau is nothing but cesspit of lies…just like the same people he is backing…they are supposed to be liars no matter what, cos they have to do whatever it takes to protect their ‘religion’…but let’s hope all true Canadians DO wake up and fight for our wonderful, FREE country…cheers

  34. I am getting fed up with all these different groups wanting their own way, why don’t they shut up and accept things the way they are. LEAVE THE BIBLE ALONE.

  35. I noticed that some time ago religion was removed from the schools because the government and the school board said it was illegal and that religion does not belong in the schools. That goes for ALL religion including Muslim prayers. No prayers for Christians…no prayers for Muslims. And definitely NO SHARIA LAW. Newcomers are supposed to adapt to the country they come in….not try to change it into a radical state where women and children are no longer safe.

  36. we have laws all ready in Canada,we dont need Sharia.if you want sharia law go back to your own country.Our laws were in effect before you came,.

  37. I do not support Shira lar or shaira courts in Canada . They are not needed as the violence against other religion is high than others . We want a free democratic society which will not work with the Shaira Law or any Shira courts. There should be referadum for something that affects all religions.

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