GLOBALISM: Under Trudeau, Canada Spends Over $10 Billion In Foreign Aid

Justin Trudeau calls himself a “citizen of the world,” and wants Canada to be a “post-national state.” It seems he is putting those words into action, to the detriment of the Canadian people.

While it’s no big surprise that he would be willing to give so much taxpayer money away outside of our country, the sheer scale of the spending is shocking.

According to CIJ News, the Canadian Government gives away $10 billion in foreign aid every year. Even more money was just announced by the government, sending $119.25 million to Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen.

As part of that package alone, tens of millions of our taxpayer dollars will be sent to United Nations Agencies – including $81.6 million for the UN population fund.

Of the overall $10 billion, $2.65 billion goes towards “helping other countries deal with climate change.” So, not only is Justin Trudeau about to bring in a carbon tax in Canada, he’ll send some of that money out of the country to implement environmental policy overseas.


Time to spend Canadian taxpayers money in Canada

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau sees himself as a “global leader” rather than a leader of Canada. His globalist-elitist mindset probably thinks just governing Canada is “below him,” hence his countless foreign trips, attempts to erode free speech, and cash-for-access corruption.

When you consider the totality of his actions, a consistent pattern emerges: Trudeau weakens Canada while trying to strengthen other nations and ideologies.

Canada has serious problems, whether it’s the decline of our middle class, the third-world conditions on many reserves, our mistreated Veterans, seniors living in poverty, not to mention our severely underfunded military, healthcare system deficiencies, crime, and crumbling infrastructure.

$10 billion dollars could go a long way towards improving each of those problems. That is what taxpayer money is supposed to be for. We don’t pay taxes to give money away to other countries, we pay taxes for our own country.

Our government must be loyal first and foremost to those within our borders. That means foreign aid must be left up to individuals. If people want to donate their own money to causes around the world they are absolutely free to do so. But that is not the role of the government.

The money we spend on foreign aid should instead be spent on the Canadian people. It’s time to put Canadian taxpayers first.

Spencer Fernando


View the full list of Canada’s foreign aid spending here

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  1. Yes Justin is a globalist, promoting a new world order…. it is too bad that so much money going toward it…. it will fail…..why?…. Russia and China are not on the wagon…. the Middle-East is in chaox… Trump is nationalist, the British are out of it the EU… France will soon be out of it too…. Trudeau is the United Nations last hope for the dream [nightmare] to come through … the new world in dis-order…. go figure

  2. If Trudeau is anyone’s last hope then the world is in massive trouble he can’t even take care of Canada unless you call turning us into a Third World Country and the next Islamist state. Big Big Trouble.

  3. The government controls the media. One step closer to a dictatorship. They control our federal police force. One more step closer to a dictatorship. They are taking away our freedom of speech. One more step closer to a dictatorship. I really doubt that we will even have another election if this dictator like leader continues to invoke his agenda on us. His hero’s include George Soros and Fidel Castro. He loves the dictatorship of China. He is an admitted Globalist, not a Canada supporter.

    Muslim and Islam are not races, they are religions. His preferred religion, his religion of choice, is Muslim, he has publicly stated this fact. They are targeting the children and youth by allowing Islam, (Religion was removed from the school curriculum resulting that the Lord’s Pray is not even allowed.) to be taught in school. Only Islam, there are no other religions being catered to. Children and youth, are the most easily influenced and brainwashed. They are doing it at school because they are away from their parents influence and supervision. Liken this to Hitler’s Youth where the same tactics were used. Is it not against the Charter of Rights to have a religion shoved down school children’s throats?

    Here is a history of why the Lord’s Prayer was removed from schools.
    This September marks 29 years since a group of Sudbury parents had the Lord’s Prayer removed from Ontario public schools. (Now Muslims have a separate place to pray and it is off limits to the infidel non believers)
    Philip Zylberberg and two other Sudbury parents won a decision saying the reciting of the prayer violated the Charter of Rights.
    He and two other parents, among them a Jew, Muslim and a non-believer, filed a lawsuit in 1985 under the Charter of Rights, which was new at the time. Three years later, in September 1988, they won a decision against the Sudbury school board which had the Lord’s Prayer removed from all Ontario public schools. Subsequently, it has been removed from all public schools in Canada.

    Yes, Trudeau is transparent just look at his actions. They can leave no doubt to what he is up to.

    1. I agree! We have to do everything in our power, to get this idiot out of office! Write your MP’s with your concerns! Maybe the more people that voices their opinions they will get the right people involved the “Governor General “!!!

      1. Governor General is Trudeau’s puppet. MP’s need to start crossing the floor. It seems they don’t have a conscience. This will weigh on them heavily in 2019 unless they start crossing the floor to stop this Trudeau lunacy!

    2. Can I copy your reply – it’s good to send to my dang liberal mp in Cloverdale BC.
      I have written him and talked to him on many occasions but he is a typical diehard lib – anger doesn’t even come close to how I feel about this government

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