INSANE: Toronto City Council Approved “Muslim-Only” Subsidized Housing

Canada In 2017: A Haven For Sickening Political Correctness

In story that is increasingly relevant today, in 2015 the Toronto City Council approved a provision that bans all non-Ahmadiyya Muslims from being able to get subsidized housing at an apartment block on Finch Avenue West.

The building is called the Ahmadiyya Abode, and has 14 floors.

As reported by Global, there were a total of 11,000 people on a waiting list for subsidized housing in the building. Because of a deal the Toronto city council struck with the Ahmadiyya Abode, they agreed to “restrict tenancy to members of the Muslim Jama’at.”

The backlash was swift, but the politicians did not respond.

At the time, Global reported on Austin Lewis, a 21-year-old disabled man in a wheelchair. The Ahmadiyya Abode is an accessible property, and would have been ideal for his needs. However, he received a letter saying that since he was “not a member of the designated group, and is not Muslim,” he would be denied the opportunity to apply.

Said Lewis, “We don’t like you, you can’t share our religion, you can’t live here — it doesn’t make sense.”

Responding to the exclusion of her son, Lewis’s mother Laura Whiteway said, “It’s wrong on every single level. This goes against everything Canada represents to me.”

Laura Whiteway is absolutely right: This is an insane policy, and it has no place in Canada. Our elected officials – at any level – are not supposed to be encouraging religious segregation, and have no right to deny someone access to apply for a public benefit because they are not part of the “right” faith.

It’s actually difficult to put into words how horrible this decision was, and what makes it even worse is the response of those in power at the time.

Rather than denouncing this state-sponsored discrimination, Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy supported it, saying “We want people to live in a culturally-appropriate setting.”


It’s not the only instance of this taking place. A similar incident happened in 2016.

State-sponsored discrimination must end

Shockingly, this is not the only location where the Toronto City Council discriminates based on religion or ethnic background. It was reported that buildings exclusively housing people of Lithuanian, Chinese, Macedonian, and Greek backgrounds operate in a similar way to Ahmadiyya Abode.

An important question here is why – despite so much outrage among the public – those in power were so unwilling to condemn such discriminatory policies?

That is unacceptable. That kind of exclusionary policy has no place in our country, and no place in a society that claims to respect the rights of all individuals. And yet, almost two years after the initial report, it’s still taking place.

It must come to an end.

In Canada, there must be one law and one set of rules for all of us. Before any other differences, we must be Canadians first, and our government must encourage that attitude.

The foolish political elites may think their policies are encouraging multiculturalism, but what they are actually doing is promoting segregation.

Policies like these sow the seeds of a further division in society. The fact that the backlash was swept under the rug, and this story is only resurfacing now, raises serious doubts about the agendas of those in power. How much else is happening behind the scenes that we haven’t heard about?

We cannot stand for this. We must speak out against the growth of this sickening political correctness. Otherwise, the elites will keep dividing us up until there is no Canada left to save.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Discrimination , anti semitisim.
    One Canada for one and all .
    We are all equal and we should be free to express our religion , but we are CANADIANS FIRST AND FOREMOST.
    So individual residence together should not be a problem. all in one building and so on.
    The governments need to step in and correct the problems

    1. Allen, as you are aware the government will move with the protests, otherwise, it won’t moved, petition, protest in the streets, continuous editorials are some of the things that might influenced politicians to move.

  2. Hi the part that was missed if The refugees that are being housed there or they allow one kind of people it wiil breed hate .. has been shown in Germany and Sweden Canada needs a to learn that it won’t end now or ever !!

  3. What have the municipal, provincial, and federal governments responded? I believe in welcoming refugees but this has nothing to do with refugees and everything to do with discrimination against all Canadians!

  4. What about the Canadians that have been on the waiting list for subsidized housing…the waiting list for us is 10 years plus…there’s something wrong with this picture!

  5. Sick & wrong – While Canadians are suffering everyday and waiting placement and care! – Our government needs to all be replaced – well they are not our government.. OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT FOR CANADA!!!!!

    1. Not even the point here. This is about your government doing this, not refugees. The article also pointed out the same housing rules work for non-Muslim groups as well

      1. Its EXACTLY the point Dan. Your ridiculous assertion “The article also pointed out the same housing rules work for non-Muslim groups as well”is not even the point.

  6. Does Ontario or even Canada not have a Human Rights Act and would this not be illegal?
    Landlord and Tenant Act of Alberta and the Alberta Human Rights Act.
    Which also states . . .
    “The Alberta Human Rights Act protects tenants from discrimination and ensures they are offered an equal opportunity to find a place to live. Landlords cannot discriminate against tenants on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, physical disability, mental disability, marital status, family status, source of income, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and gender expression.”

  7. you are correct Lisa. This kind of activity will if there is justice in Heaven get city council chucked out on their collective ass. It very well could lead to a NO, GO, Zone, for other Canadians. Quite likely patrolled by Sharia guards. Oh, yes and removal of alcohol and pork from local stores and schools. I wonder what these council members would say if this was going to be on their street? Look to Sweden. Oh, it can’t happen here. Really, REALLY?

  8. Disgusting display of segregation on behalf of an immigrating religious group. If they cannot assimilate into Canadian culture it is not the responsibility of all other Canadians to bow to their requests and requirements. Would any Canadian born man or woman be afforded these allowances?

  9. For all those that missed it, this is not a foreign group coming here and excluding us, this is our government providing a haven for a group of people. As stated later in the article, this action is NOT just for Muslims, other groups have segregated housing as well.

    1. Absolutely true what you said. The masses don’t understand apartheid in advanced countries. They only see this as a third world issue. Legal racism is abundant.

      There are plenty of Italian housing proects as well as Jewish. No one makes a stink about those. But because we have this mass hate for anything non colonial ie) Muslim it appears far out wrong.

      This is also only a small sectarian group of Muslims permitted to live there. Apparently Sunny and Shia Muslims can’t apply. They aren’t making a fuss about it.

      1. Wow how a snow flake can judge. Guess what I am the recipient of unemplyment due to my job being given to a different race… fair no
        So it’s okay if I go homeless 50 years old raising a grandchild paid taxes into this country since I was 15. Thank you very much.
        Now accuse me of having issue.
        My issue is i am canadian! Doesn’t it account for anything.

  10. Here’s how it will go down:
    1) Will be a target for angry people because not fair, all people having housing problems
    2) Expect graffiti, vandalism
    3) Then they will cry racism
    4) Councilors vindicated
    If I were muslim, I wouldn’t want to live there.

  11. Sign the petition against shariah law in Canada.
    Thousands of Canadians are signing petition e-909 on the government’s petitions website. It reads like a direct response to certain concerns about M-103, calling upon the government to propose an amendment to the Constitution Act “stating that Shariah Law or separate Shariah family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System
    Please forward it to others and post on FB.

  12. Let me see if I have this correct. We (the collective “we” in NATO – North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) PAID and armed terrorists to infiltrate their countries, murder and rape their families and sent our aircraft to destroy their homes and infrastructure, all in the name of freedom and democracy (aka demockery), CORRECT? I think we should replace their homes for free and compensate them copiously. Wouldn’t we expect no less for similar treatment?

  13. Who built it? If it was done with public funds, public it is.

    However, scapegoating groups that have raised their own monies and built for caring for rhier disabled, elderly or disadvantaged, should not be forced to open those same doors to address public concerns for being responsible, proactive, community helping its members.

  14. Holy false alarm,Batman.Long term care homes have long been organised along ethnic/linguistic lines in Toronto. Would you like to move into a Cantonese nursing home? I think not.

    From the Global News article cited above:

    “The McClintock Manor on Pape Avenue is geared to “Christian seniors.”

    Under the “mandate” adopted by Toronto city council in 2002, a total of eight residences are geared to targeted groups, including buildings that house those of Macedonian, Chinese, Lithuanian and Greek backgrounds.

    In a statement defending its practice, the city says the provisions do not violate human rights laws.

    “The City’s mandate policy allows social housing providers to restrict their housing to individuals belonging to an identifiable ethnic or religious group if specific conditions are met,” the statement reads.”

    If there is a sufficient critical mass of any ethnic/racial/linguistic group replete with common dietary,linguistic and observance needs to fill a building of whatever size what’s the functional problem?

  15. Build your ghettos, and they will come. Life will be good until the unemployed youth start territorial rights, and territorial wars become the norm. All due to the government selling out Canada’s future to Free Trade agreements that we all see now as when Canada died. We became the multicultural, commodities land, whose dollar only does well when we are being raped for our resources from big corporations and foreign lands. But we are strong and determined to hold on to the fact, we have the best hockey players and strong beer, eh?

  16. Why is it such an issue? There are several places that are 55 plus only, 65 plus only, etc so why not have one just for them? They’d be safe together. Just asking, not saying I agree.

    1. I have no concern with places that are limited by age. My concern is with public money going to places that are segregated by background or religion. If public money goes to subsidized housing then it should be open to everyone, not limited to specific groups.

  17. Perhaps if the segregation applied both ways (by not allowing Muslims in any housing projects other than the designated ones) the PC authors of this wonderful idea might be astonished (not to mention horrified) at its popularity.

  18. Any group can and should be able to build for their target group. However, even if a nursing home is built say, as a Christian nursing home, it would be wrong to deny accommodation to a Muslim, Hindu, etc. I would guess that there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth if this were a Christian-focused building and he was denied based upon his faith.

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