TREASON? Trudeau Just Sold Out Canada’s National Security To China

Despite warnings against the deal from the Department of Defence and CSIS, the Liberal government has let China take control of a Canadian company with close links to our national security.

In 2015, O-Net Communications based in Hong Kong, China, sought to buy Montreal-based ITF Technologies.

ITF Technologies is described as a world leader in laser technology, which can be used for directed-energy weapons. ITF Technologies had worked closely with Canada’s Department of National Defence, and was closely linked with the National Security of our country.

China wanted to take control of ITF Technologies.

Keep in mind, when we talk about a company in China it’s a very different situation than most countries. The authoritarian Chinese government exercises massive control over their business sector. Any company based in China may as well be run by the Chinese government, and can be taken-over at any time for any reason.

According to the Globe & Mail, that is why “National-security officials were particularly concerned in 2015 about O-Net, according to a source familiar with the earlier assessment, because they considered the Hong Kong firm to be effectively controlled by the Chinese state.”

For that reason, both the Department of National Defence and CSIS had warned against the takeover. They warned that letting China buy ITF Technologies would give China access to advanced technology.

Here is what they said at the time:

“If the technology is transferred, China would be able to domestically produce advanced military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would otherwise be the case, which diminishes Canadian and allied military advantages.”

After national security reports warning against the sale, the Conservative government did the wise thing and blocked it.

Now, Justin Trudeau has reversed that decision and allowed China to take ITF Technologies.

Government won’t tell Canadians details on the deal

The Trudeau government claims they did their own assessment of the deal, and attached “conditions” to it so they could approve it.

A government official told the Globe & Mail, “These conditions are … designed to limit the potential risk that could compromise national security.”

However, both the assessment and the conditions have been kept secret. It’s so secret, the government official wasn’t even authorized to talk about it.

Think about that for a second.

The government admits there are risks to national security, and the best they can do is “limit” them. They came up with “conditions” that the Chinese Government knows, but they won’t tell the Canadian people what those conditions are.

What the hell is going on?

Trudeau is giving China access to Canadian national secrets and giving them a military advantage over democratic nations

The approval of the sale of ITF Technologies to China’s O-Net Communications is incredibly dangerous. It will make Taiwan, Japan, and China’s other neighbours less safe. It will strengthen China in the South China Sea, as directed energy weapon technology could give China the capability to cripple American aircraft carriers in the area.

And it puts Canada at risk, because ITF Technologies worked closely with our national security community, and China may gain access to our national security secrets. Regardless of the “conditions” the Trudeau government naively thinks they’ve put in place, China can just ignore them once the company is in their hands.


Canadians will rightfully see this sale as something that seriously harms our country. And while letting China buy ITF Technologies may not meet the technical definition of treason, at the very least it shows a shocking level of naivety and disloyalty to Canada.

The entire reason we have a Department of National Defence and CSIS is to keep Canada safe. When both advise against a deal and warn it will harm our national security, the government should listen. By ignoring the advice of the experts in order to give China – a communist authoritarian country – potential access to more advanced weapons, the Trudeau government has acted against the best interests of Canada.

If that’s not treason, it sure comes pretty close.

Trudeau sells us out to China

Justin Trudeau has shown a disturbing obsession with China. Even before he was elected he said he admired China’s “Basic Dictatorship.” He held Cash-For-Access events where he was lobbied by Chinese billionaires. He let China buy the biggest assisted-living provider in BC, opening up the potential for China to control more of our healthcare system.

We have to face the fact that our Prime Minister is more loyal to foreign countries than he is to Canada. His elitist, globalist agenda puts Canada at risk, and weakens us from the inside.

Canada must wake up and ensure he is decisively defeated in 2019. And until then, we must keep up the pressure and continue turning public opinion against him.

Canada deserves a leader who will put our country first. Justin Trudeau will never be that leader.

If you’re against Trudeau letting China by ITF Technologies, contact your MP and tell them to stand up for Canada’s interests.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Trudeau leader of what, it sure isn’t Canada.
    Get him and liberals out of power now and forever at least until they can reform the broken party.out.
    We need a Canadian run country by the people , no outsiders needed.

      1. He’s a Globalist to begin with which means he is willingly handing Canada over to the UN One World Order. A One World Order would be a Technocratic, Oligarchy (Communist).
        He wants a seat on the UN Security Council. I suppose that’s after he hands Canada over to the UN. He has stated that “Canada will be the first post national state” That means no more sovereign Canada. Canada will be 1 state of many in the One World Order. That’s why he sends so much money to the UN. It’s all about them and they dictate his marching orders. We, the people DO NOT run Canada anymore under his (leadership).
        What he’s already doing is ‘treasonous’.
        What he’s doing to Canada is exactly what Obama did to America. That’s why Trump is saying “Make America Great Again”. Because under the leadership of Obama, America was very close to ruined and ready for the Globalists (Moneyed elite who run the UN) to take over.
        We must spread the word, to all Canadians, of the imminent danger facing Canada.

        1. That is just so wrong. Look at the real statistics, the U.S. economy did better under Obama than in the previous 20 years. This is just scaremongering based on ignorance. Guess what? We are one earth, and these protectionist attitudes don’t help anyone. I love Canada, but if one country fcuks up the air it is everyone’s air. If one country fcuks up the water it is everyone’s water. Mother nature doesnt give a hoot about political boundaries. We have to work together. And also, treason my ass, China is the next super power so stop suckling up to the U.S. who is now run by one of the moneyed elite.

          1. What are you smoking? Under Obama we had the highest level of people on food stamps, largest number of people out of the job market, doubled the National Debt, and never, I repeat never had a quarter where GDP got past 3%. People like you scare the crap out of me. Your lies and distortions roll off your tongues with ease. Goebbels and Pravda would have been proud of you.

      2. International acceptance, that is Turdo’s obsession. He wants to buy, with our tax dollars, favours from the most foolish and dangerous countries of the UN. Then ,he still has the Trudeau Foundation to fiddle with…Charitable Foundations and international schemes at the hands of people who have no sensibility about corruption…
        Demand that international Charitable Foundations be investigated. They should be abolished.
        While the Clintons had political power, The Clinton Foundation received billions of dollars from the most undesirable and unlikely donors. Now, who is giving to that Foundation? May be George Soros, who is still subsidizing and fighting the lost election.
        With our Communist dear leader, you can see the flow of donations to his father’s Foundation ,since he was given political power.
        Ask our Ethics Commissioner to investigate this miracle. But she will find very little significance in the increase in big donations…..
        We are back at the same Liberal scandals. nothing new.

    1. there is NO financial gain, when China has bought up Canada’s strategic resources, controls Canada’s assets and then sends in the Chinese army to protect their interests!!!

  2. Well Spencer, when you say that it’s treason, you’re probably right!

    Trudeau don’t know what he is doing!, don’t know where are the limits to security of a Nation!, don’t know the consequences of dealing with an avid Nation (China) who, like any other Nation on the rise, want to gain the Natural Resources, Technical Capital of other Nations.

    I guess, we are on the road to China-isation gradually, unfortunate!

  3. Somehow, he needs to be kicked out as PM. I am deeply saddened to see our beautiful Canada being over run and destroyed. He is, indeed, an idiot.

  4. Can we stop this maniac before he destroys our country? He is doing everything in his power to destroy democracy and our country. Why isn’t he being stopped? We all know he is in bed with Soros the Nazi and Soros once said in a video (I’ve viewed it)….”before NWO can be brought in the economy of a country must totally collapse” This is what Trudope is doing with Soros’ help. Wake up people…this monster is a traitor to Canada!!!!

  5. He really is a waste of skin, along with Butts and , yes, Soros.
    Is there some reason why CBC and CTV are not broadcasting this important news?

  6. Don’t bother to decide if the source of your news is reliable. Read the headline, react emotionally and follow like sheep.

  7. Why? To get at America
    How sweet, Americans warned Canadians about Trudeau!

    Gee you think he got that idea from Obama,since china dif get every single federal workers private security information and access! Hmmmm sounds soooo familiar!

    1. You have NO idea just how BAD we have it here in Canada, under that Clown Prince of Mediocrity, Trudeau!!! We are in serious trouble!!!

  8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau also sold out Canadians for Party “Pay2Play” “Pay4Access” monies, with the intention to save Canadians from UF Insulation killer Cyanide gas inside their homes and exposure to cancer causing extreme sun exposure caused by the CFC’s blowing agents in Urethane Foam Insulation. The corrupt Canadian Government Officials substituted Urea Formaldehyde name for the intended Urethane Foam and banned the wrong named product in a 3Element Requirement where the Urethane met the other 2Elements required and UFFI did not on the Hazardous Product Legislation. Now with the new Canadian Government Canadian Consumer Product Legislation to protect Canadians Poly Urethane Foam PUF Insulation used widely in Canada is subject to a with out notice ban and all users of about 2,000,000 Canadians subject to it being stripped from there homes like The safe Wrongly listed UFFI was. Today oil based toxic paints are banned and only safe water based paints are used where the opposite in cellular plastic insulation is the current practice. Note oil based products burn a lot better in a fire than water based products. Respectfully Our Canadian Government was more concerned about kick backs than our Health and Well Being… …. Need proof contact me…..

  9. He’s such a sell out. I cant believe i was fooled by his antics in the beginning. At the same time though china has been experimenting with and have developed laser directed weapons and energy weapons long before this deal was made. Basically just selling them something they already have. Not good but also not as big of a risk to national security as the media is making it out to be.

  10. Why is this even a question anymore…..Trudeau is a closet Muslim. Trudeau is a partisan politician of all things Islamic. Trudeau panders to the leaders of radical fanatical fundamentalism of the Sunni Religious Establishment’s teaching of Wahhab/Salafi the official state sponsored from Saudi Arabian monotheistic worship of the teachings Wahhaba/Salafi the official state movement sponsored form of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia…..Saudi Arabia is the epi centre for the caliphate…..there is no question…Islam is a violently oppressive non-secular system of life that is infiltrating our schools and government to effect a ‘soft’ takeover of our nation. Trudeau is collaborating with the enemy to affect this invasion by immigration. He arrogantly makes no bones about it. Trudeau is guilty of high treason as defined in our Criminal Code…….the question is why hasn’t he been indicted for treason? Why are those in authority afraid to confront Trudeau……Those are questions that demand to be asked and no one is asking…..

  11. Wonder how much Trudeau got out of this deal. He is a Hillary student of economics……….get donations into his Trudeau Foundation, then into his own pocket.

  12. Treason… Traitor… Trudeau = Idiot. Conditions with China don’t work. The so-called “secrets” are gone.

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