WATCH: Trudeau Gets Called A “Scumbag”

An Outbreak Of TrudeauPhobia!

At an event in Winnipeg Manitoba, Justin Trudeau was trying to put a positive spin on his horribly received budget when he was heckled by a young protester.

The protester criticized Trudeau’s globalist ideology and called him a “Scumbag.”

Watch the outbreak of TrudeauPhobia in the video below:

Alternate angle:

This may have been the most accountability Trudeau faced from the media during his entire time in office.

Clearly, TrudeauPhobia is on the rise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube screenshot

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  1. All I can say is thank you very much Josh. So many Canadians are sick and tired of Trudeau. But I must say the look on his face was priceless .

  2. His fakeness starts with the ACCENT and escalates into his so called sincerity !!!! rolling your rrrrr s as if u were Parisian adds nothing to what u lack in genuineness and brains , only serves to sink you even deeper ….no hope of redemption !!!

  3. I am absolutely NOT a Trudeau fan in any way, shape or form however “rolling your rrrrr s as if u were Parisian”??? I am Canadian and I am fully bilingual (both official Canadian languages) and I roll my “rrrr s” …….just as most who speak French do (unless of course you have a very heavy English accent when you speak French and are unable to roll your “rrrrr s”). Now, some roll them at the tip of the tongue and others from the back of the tongue……it isn’t fake or put on it is simply a matter of preference and/or ability. Either way I agree with your statement in terms of JT being a fake, a phoney and a pretender from the word “go” even if I do not agree with the inclusion of the “accent”. 😉

    1. while I respect your preference …it is not natural ….I am fully bilingual and do NOT roll rrr’s as I am adopting the language/ accent that I grew up with and do not attempt other than what I have been weened on where does the preference stem from…not judging you , I am very sure , listening to all the other mistakes the HONORABLE ????? makes when speaking French , that this is a preference adopted to make him look better/ even sexier ( even if I do not find him sexy AT ALL AT ALL.) …sorry ….I cannot stand with you on this perspective …as u say it is a matter of choice …… and that choice has been made for a reason….might seem trite but here is a very a propos fake idiosyncracy …that makes him sound ridiculous ….

  4. Now, as a country, we are where we are. There is c0nsiderable acrimony across the country for no other reason that T-R-U-D-E-A-U — the elitist (in his mind only) who has pursued the exact criteria given to him by Pierre from the moment of understanding — he is the perfect example of the Manchurian Candidate — cannot think clearly — and responds to outside stimuli, not unlike the 7-year old going to a toy store and being stimulated by the various toys which are specifically designed displayed to elicit specific responses. That is how he operates and, when deprived of those outside stimuli then tends to mutter (in both official languages) and has difficulty staying on the same thought for more than passing moments, hence the ‘back to the line’ answers which in effect are not only bad manners but are meaningless.

  5. Very disappointed in the cancellation of diabetic care. Not we have to add the stress of how we are to pay for med; needles, insulin, testers, etc etc. So all you do is give with one hand and take back with 2:hands. I don’t foresee you getting votes from diabetics
    As this is going to be a huge strain on our money budget. You don’t have co passion or
    Feelings for anyone struggling with medical bills

  6. • SCUMBAG defined = a person aka Trudeau, regarded as despicable, a low worthless person, a person who cheats the most vulnerable, a liar & dishonest, unkind and unpleasant person, schmuck a foolish & a contemptible person, airhead, birdbrain, blockhead, dolt, dope, dork, half-wit, idiot, imbecile, moron, imbecile, brat, insolent, snob, dweeb…etc. YUP, these definitions fit Trudeau exactly.

  7. Trudeau is not only a scumbag, he’s a hypocritical, contradicting, racist bigot against every color and race of huMANkind that see right through his bs.

  8. moi chu tres tanne de t entendre babiner et de faire des gaffes majeures au niveau du sort des canadiens …. il serait trrrrres ( parisian rrrrs ) a conseiller que tu sacres ton camp de la scene publique et que tu retournes a la scene du drame ….ou tu excelles …

  9. Fuddle Dudle to this so called TRUDOPE. We should start a class action against Trudope, as he is a traitor, etc., and all comments above. we, as Canadians have difficulty sleeping now, etc. What is going to happen next??

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