The RCMP have charged a man who tried leaving Canada to join ISIS.

The man has been identified as Pamir Hakimzadah, and is currently in police custody on other charges.

He has been charged with leaving Canada to participate in the activity of a terrorist group. He will face those charges Thursday in court.

Hakimzadah has reportedly been under investigation since January and 2016, and apparently went to Turkey in an attempt to join Islamic State.

He was stopped by Turkish security forces, and returned to Canada.

The RCMP says there was no risk to public safety at any time during their investigation of Hakimzadah.

Growing ISIS fears?

The arrest of Hakimzadah comes not long after it was revealed four workers at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport may have been radicalized by ISIS.

Additionally, many Canadians are growing concerned by the Trudeau government’s hear-no-evil-see-no-evil approach to Islamist terrorism and the threat it poses to Canada.

As recent events now make clear, Canada is not immune to the danger of ISIS, and our leaders need to face that fact head-on.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Your articles are an inspiration to me Spencer and help to keep my sanity! I think it is even worse than you are saying. We need that man gone and try to undo some of the atrocities he has committed to Canada! Keep up the good fight fellow Patriot!

  2. This news demonstrates that Islamic extremism isn’t bred somewhere overseas.It is an ideology which is formed by reading and repeating the Qur’an. Canada doesn’t want to be an international exporter of Islamic extremists.

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