WATCH: Trudeau Goes Blank For A Full TEN SECONDS On North Korea

“Uh”… “Um”… The lights are on but no one’s home.

We all know Justin Trudeau is no expert when it comes to public speaking. Half of his words are “Um’s” and “Uh’s,” and he usually talks a lot without saying anything.

But this latest clip of Justin Trudeau trying (and I emphasize “trying”) to talk about North Korea and Kim Jong-Un is absolutely brutal.

Watch for yourself. (The pause starts at 0:36)


A few second pause would make sense, and in another context may be understandable. But how does it take 10 seconds to come up with “crazy” in reference to North Korea’s unstable leader?

This is more than embarrassing, it’s deeply concerning. The guy supposedly “running” our country doesn’t seem to have much going on upstairs.

The lights are on, but no one’s home.

Unfortunately, Canadians are paying the price for Trudeau’s massive ignorance.

Spread this video far and wide – Canadians need to see what kind of “leader” we have in the PMO.

Spencer Fernando

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      1. He was a “part time” or substitute drama teacher in a community college……, only part of him knows anything. He has never been full time anything. Hasn’t had to. Trudeau Foundation money …….now he is full time dancing us into national debt and embarrassment. What he really wanted to say, and couldn’t, was ……..a friend of my family like Castro.

      1. That would be awesome Dave ot have a strong person like Trump at least he cares about the American people, the everyday people not the Elite of your country…wish this turd would just fly off and drop into oblivion where he belongs.

      2. And I would have Donald Trump in a heartbeat if that were possible. In fact, (please look up the word “fact” in a quality dictionary BEFORE proceeding here…..)
        Unless Canada comes up with its own Trump before the next election, we will see total collapse as an nation, unrecognizable and unable to recover any semblance of our national identity.

        1. Ummm…ah…well…crazy, a word I will not use… has ummm taken uh control… of a citizen …ah like yourself. The fact is: We deplorable of the North are perfectly well-informed about the dangers of a man(?) such as Trudeau of the skinny resume attempting to negotiate anything with any other leader who has more education than an incomplete BA in feminist studies and more substantial job experience than a job as play bouncer in a ferny bar or part-time day care assistant in charge of preparing a halal-friendly lunch for toddlers.

    1. To be frank all western leaders are a joke! Politics is a joke, ancient societies were better democratically. In a modern society, Business is the leader of politics. Money is an invention and the system keeps those that are wealthy in a powerful position. The system doesn’t work for an equity system it’s a dictatorship. Western politics are full of dictators. I was born and live in the UK where the world’s worst dictators reside. The empire has plagued this earth for too long. Real democracy wouldn’t allow such regimes to rule

      1. We get your unfunny joke AW. Relax.
        If you have development disability or mental issues as this … MORON clearly has, then Prime Minister of country is not an adequate career choice.

  1. I believe TURDeau is the most ill thinking,idiot Canada has ever had.But what can you expect from a sliver spooned fed little prick that has never really worked a day in his life.A two bit actor,a rafting instuctor,doesn’t matter he has his daddy’s trust fund to falll back on,all be it lawyer controlled thanks to good old dad who didn’t trust the little bastard to spend the trust fund prudently….And we Canadians are asked to trust this prick…NOT ON YOUR LIFE,NOT ON ANYBODY’S LIFE,Except his !!!

  2. “The lights are on, but no one’s home”
    I’m convinced that not even the lights are on. Nobody has ever been at home nor ever will be.

  3. There are two things that disgust me about Trudeau. First, the fools in the Liberal party who put him in place because they didn’t have anyone else to choose from and second, the fools who voted for him based on his name and age. Nobody bothered to look deeper than how he looked, just like the idiots from another generation who elected his father.

  4. I am glad that the USA, China, South Korea and Japan are going to take care of the Global Threat that Kim Jong-un is posing. Because this Punk wouldn’t do a Dame thing, He is a Pathetic excuse of a Prime Minister we All, should be ashamed and apologetic to the world for failing to keep watch over our own affairs. Let alone dropping the ball on on Foreign affairs… Trudeau is a bigger threat to Canada then North Korea is Right now, His arrogant Ignorance and globalist Agenda Brainwashing is becoming more and more Obvious not only to Canadians but to the entire World, shame on you Canada for voting without researching the candidates… Never again should be the Motto for every election to come… Hopefully he doesn’t ruin our country between now and the next Election… Canada First…

  5. Wow! Was that a pregnant pause, a dramatic pause for effect, or evidence of a globalist post hipster having done some “trials” for cannabis legislation.

  6. It’s 10 seconds get over yourselfs he’s human. I’m sure you go all day everyday without a problem eh ? Be embarrassed by yourselfs for being such judgmental, rude people.

    1. LOL. Give him a break.. Ya no he hasn’t given any of us a decent break instead a rapid incline in taxes…… he’s utterly useless….

    2. Bahahaha looks like you need to learn the English language… and as a PM you would think he’d have more though and articulation in his responses other that uuuuuh, ummmm, uuuuuh … seriously justifying his incompetence only reflects your own..

  7. I agree with you Mandi. Lots of people here are over-reacting and seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Relax people! A 10 second pause is nothing to get all up in arms about.

  8. Have you ever spoken in public, have you ever had to temper your thoughts? If you have not your opinion does not matter.

    1. It’s his job to speak in public. How can you defend this ignorant ass? Unless its rehearsed a million times this guy doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s saying.

  9. Justin tries to adjust to what Trump would like to hear on Canada position on North Korea, so he might be hesitant at times.

  10. I think he was honestestly stumped for a few seconds, and for once I am stand behind him on this, he wasn’t speaking from a TelePrompTer. What do you say when the world is watching you. Politic and the media would have had a field day with him if he had called the North Korean leaders crazy. I feel like I would have been stumped for words as well.

    1. Pretending to be CEO of one of the worlds more influential nations assumes you have the intelligence to face the press w/ a clearly thought out position re: a widely regarded dangerous lunatic leader of a rogue nation. Instead, Turd Two opts for brain dead………..

  11. Got to give the man a chance! He sounds like he was not properly briefed in this subject, and was not prepared to answer any questions. In his position he has to be very careful how he expresses himself, and what he says, in case he is understood the wrong way. He may not know much more about what is going on than what everyone is hearing in the news.

  12. Bafflegab interrupted by a DUHHH moment; then same bafflegab repeated. He obviously hasn’t received his briefing (marching orders) regarding NK yet. A fungus has more intelligence then Turd Two.

  13. Its clear he has the same mental issues his mother had !! except she hung out with a better class of people !! Mick and the stones !!

  14. he was going to call him crazy but then canceled at the last minute, i would like to see half the people in this comment section accomplish 10% of what trudeau has done with his life.

  15. He needs to take the Toastmasters course and learn how to breathe before you speak, thus he won’t be doing the “ah, ah, ah thing all the time, or maybe he would prefer to just speak French. He doesn’t seem to be comfortable with English, I bet the speak only French in their home!

  16. Wow. How embarrassing! This guy speaks for Canadians!? Not me thanks anyways. The rest of the world must think we are all retarded here in the great white North. Just remeber one thing, he probably doesn’t think that North Korea is crazy as he was taken to Communist China when they were admittedly killings millions of their own and was taught by his father, the worthless Pierre, that communism is great and that domocracy just gets in the way of progress. How sad that this guy was elected.

  17. Sorry but he sounded like that other lawyer on my cousin Vinny lol being honest i don’t think were good with any of the leaders we choose.

  18. The only embarrassing thing here are people taking the time out of their day posting these utterly useless comments. I’m not sure if these are adults commenting but if so you should be ashamed of yourselves. Like Mandy said he is only human. I’m shocked that no one mentioned maybe he couldn’t find words to appropriately explain this situation because he’s concerned there could be a war, as all of you should be and any sensible individual with the responsibilities he has should be. I also read a few comments suggesting Canada should have someone like Tump. Are you out of your mind!! people in this thread continue to use the word embarrassing, have any of you been paying attention to American politics.

    I would rather a leader pausing trying to find the words to explain this very complicated situation than an uneducated sexist racist illiterate leader who on a daily bases publicly makes mistakes that actually embarrass a entire country. At least our Prime minister is educated, ethical and appropriately represents our country well with competent staff behind him.

  19. At least he’s taking his time to try to come up with the proper words to at least appear diplomatic. I see it as a national leader taking his time to think about what he’s saying, knowing that his words are going out on a global stage, unlike Oompa Loompa Trump who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and can’t tell the truth about nearly anything to save his life, or his little minion Spicey who rewrites history to suit his needs as he tries to justify Trump’s pure incompetence and ignorance.

  20. Did you see the clip on utube about him saying how great it would be when Canada would have it’s first female PM?
    He is not qualified to lead and dumb as shit.

  21. Re: your question “how does it take 10 seconds to come up with “crazy” in reference to North Korea’s unstable leader?” – you are mixed up. He was trying to come up with a word * other than * “crazy” because he did not want to use that word. He was being diplomatic and wanted to use a formal, diplomatic description rather than a colloquial, one-dimensional one. Love how people like to twist things completely around just for dramatic effect.

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