WATCH: Trudeau Can’t Defend Aga Khan Trip Lie

No wonder he doesn’t want to show up in Question Period

In the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau was confronted for lying about the reason for his use of a private helicopter while visiting the Aga Khan’s private island.

Trudeau tries to pass it off as a private trip, but Rona Ambrose doesn’t let him off the hook so easily. In the end, he’s left sputtering off the same talking points over and over again. Watch the exchange below:

Terrible. He didn’t go blank for 10 seconds, but he didn’t say much of substance either. Considering this weak performance, it’s no wonder Trudeau is trying to silence the opposition and cut the amount of time he spends in Question Period.

He certainly has much to answer for.

As I recently reported, Trudeau has been caught in two lies about the Aga Khan billionaire island trip. He lied about the cost, and as we see in the video above, he lied about needing to take the private helicopter.

He faces two ethics investigations over his actions, and the trip is feeding into the growing nation-wide awareness of Trudeau’s elitism and arrogance.

That’s why the opposition is doing the right thing by keeping the pressure on. They can’t let up. Trudeau must be held accountable for his contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Good job, Ambrose!!!!!!!!!!!! Trudeau revealed as political sociopathic lier. One after the other, then the “The RCMP” made me do it.” Just like a child being caught out…..

    1. Visiting the Aga Khan’s private island Supposedly was a private family vacation.., Why in the name of all that’s Holy are the Canadian taxpayers on the hook for the bill !!??!! More lies & BS. Why the BS now of blaming the RCMP !!??!!
      Thank you Rona Ambrose for not letting him off the hook easily. Too bad he never gives actual answers to any questions. Including just giving a simple number answer to meeting with the ethics commissioner (or not?)

  2. This guy is a total embarrassment to Canadians. Still wondering why opposition is t demanding a criminal investigation into the Trudeau Charity and pay to play! No don’t in my mind where there’s smoke theirs a

  3. i sure hope this does not get swept under the carpet like a lot of things,the money he is spending is not his,,it came from hard working(which i am sure he doesn’t know what that really means) Canadians,, it is not for he and his family to have nice vacations with,,it is for CANADA,,NOT the trudeau family, we sure need Mr.Harper back again,, he did not use tax payer’s money for his personal use,he may not have been what everyone wanted but he did not steal from Canada,,Canada was his priority,i’m sure there are a lot of “faithful” Liberals out there who will disagree with this but Canada is still a free country and freedom of speech is one of our freedoms,,we may not be free for long from the sounds of some of the goings on but today we ARE free,,,would like to be free forever but only time can tell if we will be,,,,,,,,sorry if i offended anyone but if you are honest with yourself and stop and think,,you will see what is going on,,,, we still have freedom of speech,,, i think anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Stephen Harper is sure looking good these days, an economist, balanced budgets and a word we won’t ever hear from the Liberals, “Federal Surplus”. To all you I’m voting for the self photo guy that will get us legal marijuana”, kick out the crooked Harper. Well Liberal voters I hope your still satisfied with your choice of voting for Trudeau. In 2019 Election please come to your senses before he totally destroys Canada.

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