TAX ON TAX: Trudeau Charging GST On Top Of Carbon Taxes

Trudeau’s carbon tax lie fully exposed

Another lie by Justin Trudeau has been exposed. Just yesterday, I wrote about how the Trudeau government blocked the opposition from sharing a report showing the carbon tax isn’t revenue neutral.

Now, clear evidence has exposed Trudeau’s deception.

First reported by Mia Rabson in the Canadian Press, it turns out that the federal government will make up to $280 million after charging GST on top of the carbon taxes in Alberta and BC. That will raise the cost of utilities, food, gas, and countless other items.

Of course, the Trudeau government could easily offset the carbon tax with GST reductions. But they have no plan do to that. They want to keep their cash-grab bringing in as much money as possible. So, they apply the GST on top of the price of items once the carbon tax is included.

If that sounds like a scam, it is. It’s a way to take more of your money.

All provinces – and all Canadians – will be hit by more GST on top of the carbon tax

It seems no province will be able to escape being taxed on taxes. All Canadians will pay the price – literally.

The cap-and-trade systems used by Ontario and Quebec are vulnerable to this double taxation, and Trudeau is forcing all provinces to bring in carbon taxes.

Putting a tax on taxes means the carbon tax is clearly not revenue neutral, and it’s an even bigger tax grab than many people thought.

No wonder the Trudeau government worked so hard to stop the truth from being revealed in the House of Commons.

The level of anger Canadians feel about the carbon tax being forced upon us will certainly go up even more once word spreads that we are being double taxed.

Zero doubt that the carbon tax is nothing but a ruthless tax grab.

If there was any doubt – and I don’t see how there could be – that the carbon tax was a cynical tax grab by Trudeau, that doubt is now gone.

Not only will the government steal more of our money through carbon taxes, they will take even more by taxing the tax.

It’s outrageous, and it’s a total disgrace.

Canadian taxpayers are already struggling. But instead of helping, Trudeau spits in our faces.

The Trudeau government has no respect for us. By putting a tax on top of the carbon tax, they’re showing open contempt for taxpayers.

They have completely forgotten that they serve the Canadian people, and instead they treat us like we are their servants.

That’s why they must be decisively defeated. When a government shows contempt for the people, the people must show contempt for the government.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. So thrilled that that the same reporters who have been protecting Justin ARE going to pay higher taxes along side with us whom they lied too.

  2. Justin Trudeau has shown how much he disrespects we the tax payers right from the beginning. Canada has two languages the first one being ENGLISH the other is French he chooses to use the latter rather then English. His theft of tax dollars is another of his dis respective showings to us. I wish we Canadians need to kick the Liberals out of Ontario and Canada. They think it’s wonderful to steal our money and giving it away to other countries when it surely is needed here for our Seniors, Veterans, Educationand last but certainly not least the Healthcare system.

  3. Fraud:
    Deceitful conduct designed to manipulate another person to give something of value by:

    by repeating something that is or ought to have been known by the fraudulent party as false or suspect or
    by concealing a fact from the other party which may have saved that party from being cheated.
    Seems that by claiming the Carbon Tax is “revenue neutral” they forgot to mention that the GST on it will give them windfall profits . $250 million or so is not small potatoes.

  4. It has been said that Justin Trudeau is under investigation for “breach of Conflict of interest Act” and we are waiting for a ruling by the Ethics Commissioner.It has been pointed out to me that even if found guilty he will be subject to a small fine up to $500.00 to cover the cost of paperwork.No Laws are broken only rules.

    Section 126 of Criminal Code

    63 Section 126 of the Criminal Code does not apply to or in respect of any contravention or alleged contravention of any provision of this Act.

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