Kevin O’Leary Calls Trudeau A “Disaster,” Rips His Economic Decisions

O’Leary slams Trudeau’s lack of business experience and misguided economic policies

Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary isn’t holding back in his assessment of Justin Trudeau.

Speaking to Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun, O’Leary slammed Trudeau as a disaster. Said O’Leary, “We have become very uncompetitive as a country. Trudeau took us in the wrong direction on carbon tax, on personal tax, corporation tax. On regulations he’s put moratoriums around all of your growth around natural resources.”

O’Leary pointed out the lack of relevant experience that would have prepared Trudeau for managing the federal government.

“Justin has never run a business, never had to worry about an income statement or balance sheet. He is out there and he is a total disaster as a manager. Unfortunately, when you have a disaster as a manager you have to make changes. That is what is going to happen in 2019.”

O’Leary makes an important point. Trudeau’s life experience has been spent at the top of the political elite. He doesn’t recognize the struggles that Canadian business owners or Canadian families have faced.

As a result, everything in the economy is an abstraction to him. He can’t relate to worrying about paying rent or a mortgage, or having to make tough financial choices. Everything was given to him, and he doesn’t care if it’s taken away from others.

That’s why Trudeau pushes his globalist economic agenda. It enriches people like him and his elite friends, while taking more money out of our pocket.

Trudeau won’t learn, and he won’t change. Only a new government can put Canadian taxpayers back in charge.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I think everything Trudeau has done is great and I’ve never been happier with who is in charge of my country and the decisions being made.

  2. Hi John,
    Would you mind sharing what some of those great things are because I’m seriously struggling here?
    I’m being sincere.
    How can we treat our military the way we are & yet bail out Bombardier? Who by the way laid off over 14,000 people and their senior executives got bonuses.

    If I’m giving 50% of my income to taxes, I’d like a say in how this mismanagement of funds is being distributed. I wouldn’t be that reckless with my money thank you.

    Or how about sending millions overseas to countries that still beat women with sticks. Really?

    How about taxing the middle class so badly you drive out true capital from your country? Do we really believe government creates jobs?

    How about M-103? As Canadians don’t we feel a bit betrayed? I don’t appreciate being accused of bigotry. Talk about a slap in the face.
    I think Canadians really need to wake up to what’s happening in the the rest of the west (Australia, Europe & the U.S) & understand what’s really happening. I mean seriously.
    Maybe we need to understand Identity Politics and/or do our homework on where Political Correctness originated.
    It’s designed to devide & conquer. How about we’re all Canadians.True Patriots.
    United WE (all) stand & decided WE fall.

    I’m sick & saddened with the decision making & direction this country is heading.

    We need to protect our borders & if Canadians don’t understand that, then we truly are asleep. We have to screen for safety & no I don’t want to pay more taxes because I feel taxed to death already.
    If Canadians want to help they can donate but we shouldn’t be forced to keep giving by being taxed when we’re already sending millions.

    And how about our elderly? They could use some of that tax money. I have a 95 year old “war vet” buddy that lives on a dime & her medication costs a fortune.

    Time to get our priorities in order!
    WAKE UP CANADA!!! Before it’s too late.

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