ANTI-DEMOCRATIC: Trudeau Ramming Infrastructure Bank Through With Just 2 Hours Of Study

Justin Trudeau isn’t giving Canadians or the opposition parties much time to look over his dangerous giveaway to big banks (AKA the Canada Infrastructure Bank). What is he hiding?

As I wrote previously, the infrastructure bank will benefit powerful financial institutions at the expense of Canadian taxpayers:

The bank is being set up with $35 billion in government funding – which will then supposedly be supplemented by investments from elsewhere. Of course, it’s been set up so that if there are any massive losses Canadian taxpayers will take the hit before the banks lose a dime. It’s the same kind of thinking that was behind the bank bailouts: Socialism for the banks – capitalist competition for the rest of us.

Now, it has been revealed that the bank will be rammed through the House of Commons with as little as two hours of study.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The division of work will include a special one-day study next Tuesday – likely limited to one or two hours – focused on the proposed Canada Infrastructure Bank. The hearing will be conducted by the Commons committee on transportation, infrastructure and communities. The finance committee members will also ask questions about the bank as part of their review of the entire bill.”

Keep in mind, this is a $35 billion program – two hours of study is obviously not even close to enough time for due diligence.

Trudeau is clearly hiding something

A massive amount of money is going into the infrastructure bank. Why would the government want to push such a complicated and consequential piece of legislation through so quickly?

It’s the kind of anti-democratic behavior shown by a government that has something to hide. It’s important to note that BlackRock – the world’s largest wealth fund – got months to influence the bill, Canadians get just two hours.

Trudeau’s arrogance has reached record levels. He isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he only serves the elites. His contempt for Canadian taxpayers is growing with each and every day.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank is expected to be rammed through the House of Commons by the end of next week.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. well I guess if we don’t want to be bothered getting off our asses and doing something to stop him, we are telling him he can do as he pleases to us and Canada and we fully support him! THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN HE AND HIS REGIME AND IT IS OUR MONEY WHICH PAYS ALL THE BILLS AND HIS SALARY/.PENSION! WHY ARE CANADIANS NOT SHUTTING DOWN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WITH A MASSIVE NATION WIDE STRIKE/REVOLT AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SHUTTING OFF ALL MONEY- YES, I MEAN ALL MONEY TO ALL GOVERNMENT COFFERS??????? THAT WILL BRING THEM ALL TO THEIR KNEES! But I guess it is so much easier to make excuses to do nothing , cast the blame elsewhere and hope someone else comes and saves our asses for us than to get off our lazy asses and take care of our own! Canadians disgust me and I don’t even want to hear the word “canadian’ anymore as it has no value and represents and land of complete idiots, morons,cowards and yellow bellies! Our BRAVE MEN DIDN’T BAT AN EYE WHEN THEY LAID THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR US AND CANADA yet here we thankless, traitors sit and do nothing while our country and our futures are all being completely destroyed by the brain damaged, mentally unstable, arrogant, obtuse, TRAITOR who made is abundantly clear all through the election that he HATED CANADA , HATED WE CANADIANS AND WOULD SERVE AND PROTECT ISLAM AND THE U.N. OVER US! Absolutely unforgiveable!

  1. Trudeau must be a massive embarrassment for Canadians.
    He’s is clearly not suited to be any sort of politician – let alone Prime Minister of that great country.

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