“ILLEGAL”: Trudeau Ignores Law In Nomination Of Language Commissioner

Justin Trudeau thinks he is above the rules.

He apparently thinks his government is above the laws as well.

Trudeau has “nominated” Medeleine Meilleur to be the next Commissioner of Official Languages.

Meilleur is a former Kathleen Wynne cabinet Minister from the Ontario Liberals, and has previously donated to both the federal Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau’s campaign for party leader.

Here’s why that’s a problem:

Just like the Ethics Commissioner, the Commissioner of Official Languages is supposed to be non-partisan. Clearly Meilleur is a partisan individual. And even worse, the opposition parties say they were not consulted on Meilleur’s nomination, despite the law stating the opposition parties must be consulted.

That would make the appointment illegal.

Reports show Meilleur only “consulted” with Gerald Butts and Katie Telford, Trudeau’s two top advisors in the PMO, in addition to Mathiew Bouchard, who serves as Trudeau’s Quebec advisor.

Opposition rips “illegal” nomination

Considering Trudeau appears to have violated the law by arrogantly refusing to consult the opposition, neither the Conservatives nor NDP are pleased.

As reported by the Globe and Mail, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said, “This is about an appointment process that is singularly deficient and, as far as we’re concerned, illegal at this stage.”

Conservative MP John Nater said, “There has obviously been direct intervention by the Prime Minister’s Office. The candidate has met with key officials in the Prime Minister’s Office. It is a disappointing outcome to see a distinguished provincial politician have to be put through a process where she is being tainted by the actions of the Prime Minister.”

More Trudeau corruption

Trudeau’s arrogance has led to an attitude of corruption that has spread through the entire government. After all, he faced an investigation from the Languages Commissioner for refusing to answer a question in English at one of his sham town halls.

So the fact that he seems to be illegally appointing a partisan political crony to the position shows his intention to corrupt that area of oversight into a role that does his bidding and lets him get away with whatever he wants.

It’s yet a further example that Justin Trudeau sees the government as his own birthright and personal toy, and has zero regard for the Canadian people he is supposed to be serving, or the laws he is supposed to be upholding.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Explain how refusing to answer a question in English is equal to an attitude of corruption?
    By what objective evidence is the government his own personal toy.?
    What is there in his actions that is in violation of national interests?

  2. Spencer at some point you will see that the puppet masters own the entire Canadian government. The globalists (the central bankers) rule much of the world today and they solidified their grip on France in the last election. The Donald slipped past them but they are working to get him out. I think history will show Pence to be the Bush they saddled Reagan with. They wanted a simpleton not an intellectual and they got that in the clinically retarded Justine.

    Your articles are very good and should be widely read but the powers will never let that happen. We are all on the slow march to our own demise. Agenda 21 is real, there is a paper trail and in the end (our end) there is massive population reduction. (population reduction, a nice phrase for killing everyone). If you look at what the Wynn and the Trudeau are doing you will see it in the pages of Agenda 21.

    I hope it (Agenda 21) doesn’t happen but there are more of them than there are us. And like in the USSR those that supported Stalin met in his gulags as well …first as guards then as inmates.

    God is the only answer and prayer the strongest weapon.

    1. The ONLY answer is to vote Trudeau out, and hopefully before he has totally destroyed Canada and brought in a bunch of laws that can’t be redacted. God and prayers might help YOU feel better, but on the national level it won’t accomplish anything needed to get our country back.

      1. you think you can vote justine out?

        do you think the vote in any western country is honest. the progressives have that all figured out. they did make mistakes in the Brexit and Trump, but that wont happen again. look at Holland and France.

        you forget that the progressives that control justine cheat, the also own the media so who even gets anywhere near the truth. the few that visit these blogs are not in the majority. so when I say God and prayers know that I am beyond thinking that my vote counts ..that’s when there is even a person worth voting for and there is not.

        Read Bat Ye’Or then you will know what happened in europe will happen here and for the same reasons.

  3. She is probably the worst person for this job.like she did in Ontario she was soooooo heavily slanted towards the French language it was totally sickening. Look for her to spread her gospel all across Canada.

  4. Laws and ethics only apply to the commoners, not the Elite, and never to our privileged-from-birth Prime Minister.

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