FOOLED: Reporters Admit Trudeau Manipulates Them

Yet they keep letting it happen

Justin Trudeau has faced some of the most fawning and favourable media coverage in history.

If Stephen Harper had done even a fraction of what Trudeau is doing, the media would be running non-stop scandal coverage shredding him every way they could.

Yet, Trudeau gets a free pass.

Now, even a few reporters are questioning why the establishment media is allowing themselves to be manipulated to such a massive extent.

“Running from the truth”

In an article for the Guardian, Ashifa Kassam pointed out the admission by reporter Robyn Urback that the media fell for Trudeau’s “spontaneous” photo-bomb of some teenagers heading to prom.

Said Urback, “It doesn’t bode well for public trust in the media to be so easily fooled by government attempts at manipulation. It is our responsibility to decipher between PR and news, and a picture from the prime minister’s personal photographer is not a coincidence, and not news. We should know better.”

As Kassam said in her article titled “Stop running from the truth: Justin Trudeau is playing us with his PR stunts,” Canadians have growing doubts about how the media is covering Trudeau.

Said Kassam, “But after it was pointed out that the shot of Trudeau breezing past the prom-bound teens was snapped by his official photographer, some Canadians have been asking why the media continues to fall for what seems to be a constant stream of PR stunts.”

After all, Trudeau’s photo-bomb had to be prepared ahead of time – with his photographer running up ahead, planning the route beforehand, and then waiting for the exact moment to snap the “spontaneous” shot.

Keep in mind that Trudeau’s photographer is funded by taxpayers. So we’re actually paying for our government to try and manipulate us.

Quantum computing question

The manipulation goes further than many suspected. Even Trudeau’s “smart” answer at an event on quantum computing was staged. He apparently told reporters he “hoped someone would ask him” about quantum computing. A reporter then fell for the trick, asked the question, and gave Trudeau the perfect chance to pull off his manipulation.

That’s the definition of fake news.

Elites helping the elites

Many reporters are doing Trudeau’s bidding, though there are some good ones out there who actually want to hold the government accountable instead of being used for Trudeau’s propaganda purposes.

The problem is that the media is dominated by an elitist structure that wants to see the power of the establishment protected at all costs. In Trudeau, they’ve found their perfect tool to try and put a “new face” on the corrupt system. As a result, the establishment media is deeply invested in Trudeau staying in power. The last thing they want is real accountability – no matter what some good journalists may want to do.

That’s why independent media has never been more important. We must continue spreading the truth to our networks online and in person, bypassing the corrupt media establishment every chance we get. Especially with the government considering using taxpayer money to prop up the elitist press, we must build a powerful alternative that refuses to be fooled by Trudeau’s propaganda and does the job that much of the media refuses to do.

Spencer Fernando

4 comments Add yours
    instead of writing lengthily articles on Justin or any liberal mp non-answered platitudes. Tell on paper exactly the ‘questions’ you asked and the bs answer they(reporter/s get which takes up about to lines.
    ” Mr. PM why are you not answering the opposition parties’ questions?”
    A. ” I am doing it for the middle class and those who want to join them” BS answer.
    Instead of the reporter say to Justin ” that’s not a good answer PM so please answer the question”, the reporter smiles accepts the ‘non-answers like a dam fool then writes a flashy story on ‘nothing’.


  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Spencer Fernando!! Canadians owe you big time for outing the truth about Trudeau and Canadian issues.
    You are one of those few who post REAL NEWS. That’s why I share everything you write.
    I’m one of those who tries and tries and tries to get the message (whatever that may be) out to my followers and pray that the info finds it’s way to as many people as possible.
    Personally, I know what’s going on with the lie that is NAFTA (it’s not at all what people think).
    I know about the NWO/OWO and how much they have already infiltrated, not only our Countries but also our cities down to the grassroots level.
    I know that climate change (Paris agreement) is just a cover for the truth about globalization.
    I know what globalization will lead to in the end.
    I know about the OWO’s hopes to combine Canada, U.S. & Mexico into “One state” with one government. Just as they did with Europe/EU.
    I know that, should the OWO get their way, they will impose ONE religion, that being Luciferian.
    And plenty more but I cannot seem to catch people’s attention try as I might for years now.
    As would be expected, ‘the people’s’ focus is closer to home. Mostly on the economy and Islamization.
    Understandably. How do you tell people there’s a much bigger issue to be concerned about. Seems they’re just not ready to hear it.

  3. It’s really sad when the tax payers have to foot the bill for Trudeau’s personal photographer, that follows him wherever, snapping shots of him being personable with typical Canadian’s. Trudeau going about with his regular life interjecting with people going about their regular lives. Of course these are manipulative shots, to impress the public. He’s just a regular guy. He’s concerned about everyone. Then you see him in Parliament and he never answers question, or has the women do his dirty work for him, or he repeat’s the same rhetoric BS, and has a stuck up look on his face which conveys he has no interest in Canadians and he’s above everything and everyone. It’s just a game to Trudeau. Canadians are fawning over me. See..They love me. I’m just a regular Joe. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. If I saw Trudeau coming in my direction…I would turn around and go the other way. I can’t stand looking at his face or even listening to his voice. Trudeau is playing with us. He will destroy Canada. Unfortunately, there are so many, who care more about getting their picture with Trudeau, which he knows all too well, than educating themselves with what is really going on with this man and what he is doing to our country.

  4. Up to your usual standard, Spencer, and informative, as well as true. I ran into a similar problem with our media as far back as the late sixties and on into and through the seventies. It is systemic and the ‘band plays on,’ so to speak. I would offer one change in your story — where it says that “In Trudeau they have found their perfect tool to try and put……” which I would change to read: “In Trudeau they have found their perfect ‘fool’ to try and put……” as I think is somewhat more accurate. Other than that, sir, again an excellent and revealing article. My thanks.

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