FEAR OF SCHEER? Trudeau Skips Question Period Again

Once again, Justin Trudeau has skipped Question Period, continuing his avoidance of the new Leader of the Opposition.

Despite the fact that his publicly released schedule showed he was in Ottawa today – holding a cabinet meeting at 9:30 am – Justin Trudeau skipped out on attending question period.

Perhaps Trudeau has been avoiding Andrew Scheer.

Trudeau has already repeatedly withered under the tough questioning of both Rona Ambrose and Tom Mulcair, and is now facing a permanent Conservative Leader, and will soon be facing a permanent NDP Leader.

We’ve all seen that Trudeau has no interest in accountability or telling the truth. He believes he is the King and thinks we are his subjects. As a result, he abhors accountability and hates having to explain himself.

His unethical actions, repeated tax increases that concentrate more money and power in the hands of the state, and his selling out of Canadians to foreign interests – all confirm that Justin Trudeau refuses to serve the Canadian people and views himself as above all of us.

And yet, despite all the propaganda being pushed by the elitist establishment media, more and more Canadians are waking up.

That has to have Trudeau and his cronies worried. I imagine that’s why he’s been skipping question period at a rapid rate, and that’s why he’s afraid to face full accountability for his repeated failures.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I still don’t understand why he hasn’t been taken out of government for everything that he has done. is there no accountability for selling out Canadian’s, spending tax’s dollars on lavish trips, renovations, sending money on Africa for abortion pills. Changing the immigration laws. The list goes on and on with this man. He is a disgrace to Canada. He should have fired the Defence Minister when he lied about his whole mission in Afghanistan, where Canadian soldiers died in that mission. He is destroying Canada, protection a culture with M-103. but disregards any of religion. He acts like he is above God. What work has he really done except travel and take selfies.

  2. time to get out of the sandbox, we don’t pay for this crap, pull your lip over your head and swallow, being prime minister does not meen you are not accountable, you are responsible to all, so get to work in the interest of all Canadians or get out

  3. Trudashian represents nothing but himself. This obsessed narcissist has never had a single thought about real Canadians. He lives and breathes only to foster his own celebrity status. Eventually, even the most die-hard alt-left liberal will realize this…

  4. You and I — and I suspect most thinking people — realize that one of the trade marks of the ‘bully,’ is that they will not, under any circumstances, allow themselves to face direct opposition in a fair and/or potentially fair fight, The fear of losing, or taking any risk that might cause them to lose is the determining factor that governs their actions, and this is a typical example of just that.

  5. Why is he not impeached by now. He’s not working for Canada, or even being a PM. He’s a kid who only knows how to do selfies. Why are the rest of the Liberals even backing him, don’t they have any common sense.

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