New Trudeau Government Defence Policy A Total Fraud

Once again, the government has failed our armed forces

On May 13, I wrote an article predicting what would we could expect from the defence review conducted by the Trudeau government.

I predicted there would be lots of spending – “in the future,” that the government would blame the Conservatives, that they would combine years of spending to get big and quotable numbers, and that they would talk about how we “punch above our weight.”

As I said at the time, “When the defence review is released, the government will throw out a bunch of numbers and get a lot of attention from the media. They’ll do everything they can to give the impression that they are making “historic” investments in the Canadian Military. But when we look below the surface, we can expect to see the emptiness of this government’s promises, and their weakening of our military will continue behind the scenes.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened.

The Trudeau government defence policy is a total fraud

Today’s new defence policy announced by Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan (not exactly a paragon of truth), is a deceptive and manipulative piece of propaganda.

Here are the details:

  • $14 billion in “new” spending, almost all of it after the 2019 election.
  • Only 5,000 new troops for our severely depleted ground forces.
  • An “unspecified” amount to help ill and injured soldiers. (great idea, but why aren’t there any details?)
  • “Recalculating” our defence spending – apparently the 0.88% of GDP we spend on the armed forces was “under-reported.” The new “adjusted” figure is 1.18%. They took the “punching above our weight” lie even further than I expected.
  • Increasing the purchase of fighter jets from 65 to 88 – after the election of course.
  • Much of the “new” spending is just paying for the massive cost over-run of Canada’s new warships. The 15 ships were supposed to cost $26 billion. Now they cost $62 billion.

While all of that looks bad enough, the truth is even worse.

In the past two years, the Trudeau government has stripped $12 billion out of future military equipment spending. Now, they promise $14 billion over the next decade – with almost all of it after the next election.

This is nothing more than creative accounting, and it is a political fraud.

The government is not strengthening our military, they are only promising to put back the money they themselves cut and pay for massive cost overruns. Canada’s military is severely depleted, and it needs at least $10 billion in the next year, just to get back on it’s feet. And instead of pretending we are actually close to 2% of GDP, we need to truly exceed that level. You can’t protect a country with creative accounting.

Instead of truly giving those in uniform the equipment they need, and instead of truly investing in building a much larger and stronger Canadian Armed Forces, the Trudeau government is just shifting money around and making promises they have no intention of keeping.

There’s a reason almost all the spending is set to happen after the 2019 campaign: Trudeau has no intention of keeping these promises.

Once again, the government has let down our Canadian Armed Forces. The defence policy is all talk and no action. As a result, our country continues to be at grave risk.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. ARCHIVED – Canada First Defence Strategy – Complete document

    Executive summary

    The Canada First Defence Strategy provides a detailed road map for the modernization of the Canadian Forces, building on the Government’s investments in the military since taking office in 2006. It will produce a first-class, modern military that is well trained, well equipped and ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century. This Strategy is based on the Government’s vision for defence as well as an extensive and rigorous analysis of the risks and threats facing Canada and Canadians in the years to come. Starting from the Government’s clearly defined roles and level of ambition for the Canadian Forces, the Strategy identifies the military capabilities required to meet these objectives, which in turn determine where investments are most needed. This Strategy also takes into account valuable lessons drawn from recent experience at home and around the globe.

    Through stable and predictable defence funding, the Canada First Defence Strategy provides the planning certainty required to allow the Government to continue rebuilding the Canadian Forces into the state-of-the-art military that Canada needs and deserves. It also presents unprecedented opportunities for Canadian industry in its reach for global excellence.

    Spencer, spend time on this website to see what PMSH provided.

  2. You were right on Spencer , today’s gong show was at best a street scam pulled by the liberals and an insult to the men and women of our military .

  3. Jen – blah blah blah and more blah…talk is cheap. And Trudeau and his buddies feed it to us in bucket fulls. Sorry, but I am with Spencer on this one. Having a nephew in the Princess Pats, I get to see first hand the frustration of the troops at the lack of respect and support that is given them from this chronically deceitful, unethical and woefully incompetent government we have in office today. We are a national disgrace on the world stage because of this band of happy go lucky idiots!

  4. Once again the Liberal government lies about its intentions, makes promises it can break after the next election and the enemedia embrace it as gospel. And of course the sheep will continue eating it up without smelling it first.

  5. I am 74 and for as long as I can remember there has not been a Canadian Government that has truly supported our military…lots of promises big talk but never the walk…they are full of bullshit….they will begin to implement but stall stall stall until possibly a new US administration comes in that will support us again….I hope to God NOT because I truly believe that more and more especially in these times a STRONG well equipped military is of the greatest importance to the PEOPLE of CANADA!!!!! Sadly it will not happen….FN pathetic Canadain governments!!!!! Especially from the pathetic feminist sock loving Trudeau!!!!! KIssy kissy with Wynne!!!! Makes me sick!!!!

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