VIDEO: Trudeau Loses His Cool When Confronted With Truth

International bankers, global corporations, highly paid bureaucrats, China, and the politically correct elites have won big under Trudeau.

As for the rest of us Canadians, we’ve lost.

Our taxes are up, our country is being sold off, foreign countries are put ahead of Canadians, taxpayer money is spent on Trudeau’s own aggrandizement, and those are just a fraction of the serious problems we face because of the Trudeau government.

Of course, Justin Trudeau doesn’t acknowledge any of these problems. Instead, he hides behind his pathetic talking points, meant to distract from the truth of his horrible record.

But he can’t hide forever, and he seemed to lose his cool when Andrew Scheer listed off a litany of Trudeau’s failures.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau’s “cool” image is yet another farce. When actually confronted with the truth, his arrogance and anger surfaces, revealing himself to be a petty and dishonest “leader.”

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. He’s helping Canadian’s get to and from work on time. Trudeau is EXTREMELY out of touch with the reality that exists in the lives of so many people in Canada.
    “Lip service”, that what we get, empty hollow talking points from a self serving drama teacher who wants to be a prime minister. It’s so pathetic to see this wanna be prime minister claim the right to say he’s honorable. I have nothing but disdain for this character.

  2. Seriously? Delivered on Seniors? Delivered on infrastructure? Helped the middle class? Remind me of just exactly how he did that while arbitrarily adding taxes to everything in Canada. Lower taxes and then add a new tax? How has that helped the middle class? EPIC FAILURE TURDO!

  3. When the cameras are on in Parliament, all you can count on are unsupported claims and empty responses. It’s a dig and pony show in which almost everyone shows an astonishing lack of immaturity and concern for their ‘image.’ It’s PR at its worst, and simply embarrassing for Canadians.

  4. Mr. Trudeau seems to be full of lies. He will tell you that he is lowering taxes for the middle class, but at the same time changing policies that actually increase taxes for everyone. I am not sure how stupid he thinks people are to listen to all the lies. He has actually done a very good job making sure that a lot of people never vote for Liberals ever again ! Great job Justin !

  5. What lowered taxes for middle class. We actuly had to pay a lot more in taxes this year. I have lived in the same house for 5 years. We never had to pay taxes and my wife was off last year leaving me to pay most of the bills. I can bearly afford public tranist, so mr treadu how are you helping middel class.

  6. Anyone who questions or scrutinizes his policies ( essential to a real democracy) are immediately labelled “haters”, “racists” “islamophobic” ad nauseum by Trudeau and his thought police groupies. No thought given to the millions being spent on illegals entering Canada, very few are rejected and simply handed out benefits and health care which the loser underfunded for Canadians. This is one of the most repressive, manipulative regimes ever. On any day come to Toronto and witness recent immigrants begging in the subways. Oh but they pretend there are millions to support everyone..Canada has been had by this fraud and by Trump. None of these illegals from the US are genuime refugees..not one should have been allowed in. JT needs a boot out..he is an incompetent liar.

    1. Don’t try to blame Trump for the incompetence in our own nation of Canada. He is a leader standing firm and looking out for the best intetests of his country. It’s no fault of the US that we have elected a pathetic part time drama teacher and they have chosen a shrewd businessman(not politician) who understands the simple formulas of math and budgets and someone who has generated more growth in 1 year compared to the previous 8 years. We have gone completely the opposite because remember “the budget will balance itself”. WAKE UP CANADA

      1. Agree they are not refugees, but how is Trump to be blamed for this? We just should have been set up to send them back, period!

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