B.C. Liberal Government Falls, NDP Leader Horgan Becomes Premier-Designate

The B.C. Liberal government led by Christy Clark has been defeated in a non-confidence vote.

The tally was 44 in favour of declaring non-confidence, and 42 opposed.

After the defeat, Clark met with Lt. Governor Judith Gordon and resigned.

Gordon accepted the resignation, and called upon NDP leader John Horgan to form government.

Horgan and the NDP will govern with the support of the B.C. Green Party.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. The tragedy of inept and self-serving Liberal governments is they breed socialism via NDP governments which leads to economic disaster. The alternative for BC is a progressive conservative party. In AB we like our conservatives a little further to the right than the old progressive (almost liberal) model that Redford represented. BC, socialism is not the answer. Unfortunately Liberal is synonomous with corrupt and NDP is socialist. Where is the conservative choice in BC?

    1. The B.C. Conservatives have had an electable Leader since Dr.Scott Wallace in the 1960’s. The Party bounces between social conservatives and old retreads for Leaders. The conservative Party was the Socreds,but Bill Vanderzalm ,a former Liberal, killed them off quite efficiently.

      Thus we are forever stuck between a “rock and a hard place”, or “the devil and the deep blue sea” if you prefer.

      If there are enough conservatives to win an election here,now is the time for them to get their act in order and by the time this socialist coalition falls,they might have a chance to carry a balance of power as the Greens do today.

      I don’t have much hope.( Less than I do in the Canucks winning the Stanley cup in the next five years.)

  2. The NDP/Green promised doctors. I will shortly be demanding 5 for our community. 14,000 residents and no doctor. I rather doubt anything is going to improve because the NDPG are following Trudeau’s example and blowing campaign promises out their asses.

    What we will get is an instant increase in the fake Carbon Tax scam. EVERYTHING, every single thing that we use will cost more. The Clark liberals were pretty shitty but the Socialist / communist NDP will damage BC and Canada.

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