NATIONWIDE OUTRAGE Over Trudeau’s $10 Million Payment To Omar Khadr

There is massive and growing outrage across Canada against plans by the Trudeau government to give $10 million dollars in taxpayer money to confessed terrorist Omar Khadr.

As I noted yesterday, In 2002, Omar Khadr was captured by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Khadr was accused of throwing a grenade and killing Christopher Speer – a U.S. Army Medic – in a firefight. Khadr was fighting on the side of terrorists. 

Khadr’s father was a high-level al-Qaeda operative. Khadr’s laywer said he was “coerced” into fighting, though many Canadians – including the previous government – had significant doubts.”

Canadians have been expressing their outrage online, particularly through Twitter and Facebook. While a few misguided fools are expressing support for the outrageous payout, the overwhelming majority have been expressing strong opposition to the offensive and disgraceful payment.

Here’s a sample of what Canadians are saying:

That’s just a fraction of the response, which is continuing to grow. Anger is spreading nationwide.

The sickening disgrace of $10 million in taxpayer money going to Omar Khadr is something Canadians won’t forget.

Tweet at your MP and tell them what you think

Included below is a link to a twitter list of Canadian MP’s. While the Conservatives are fighting the payout to Khadr, it remains to be seen whether Liberal MP’s will stand against it.

I encourage you to take a moment to tweet respectfully to government MP’s and tell them how you feel about $10 million of your taxpayer dollars going to Omar Khadr. Canadians need to stand up and be heard on this. That’s the only thing that could stop such a payment, or lead to changes in the law that will ensure such a horrible disgrace never happens again.

Canadian MP Twitter List

If you don’t have Twitter, you can use the link below to get contact info for your MP to share your thoughts with them.

Contact Your Member Of Parliament

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  1. This is so unreal, I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. My brain simply cannot comprehend this kind of insanity. How can this be happening? in Canada???

    1. It is happening in Canada because Trudeau is a traitor to us all . He is in Soros pocket and he is doing what he is told to do .

  2. Just look at the smirk on Khadr’s face….Canadian SUCKERS!!!!He’ll spread the money around to his deserving family members to continue their jihadist work. I can only think that Trudeau MUST be getting a piece of the action in this deal!

  3. Ms. Monsef MP,

    I am completely appalled and disgusted that your government would give this self confessed traitorous murderer one dime of taxpayer money.

    Your government couldn’t possibly be more out of touch with Canadian sentiment.

    I would rather the government spend $10,000,000 fighting his frivolous claim right to the Supreme Court of Canada where I’m confident common sense would prevail and not a single justice would side in his favour.

    What’s just as concerning is that no one within the group of idiots that approved this transaction asked “how this might be received by Canadians”. This is further evidence of how far off the rails Trudeau has lead our nation and the lemmings in Ottawa that bow to his every command.

    The question is have you the courage and intestinal fortitude to be a dissenting MP and bravely voice the opinion of the vast majority of Canadians or is you position more important to you than “doing the right thing”. I’m all but certain I know the answer however this could be “your moment in time”.

    Seize the day!

    1. Monsef is another one of Turdo’s toadys and also came to Canada under false pretences so if you think she will stand up to Turdo or the government guess again.

  4. As a member of Al-Qaeda, Omar Khadr was 16 when killed a US Medic. Khar’s father was also an Al- Qaeda member.So belonging to a terrorist family, Kdar knew exactly what he was doing. (Let’s not call him a child). He was imprisoned by the US, not Canada. I am speechless as to why Trudeau would even consider giving Khar 10 million. Khar family must be laughing all the way to the bank!

    1. According to the CBC news this morning, trudeau said that it would be up to the supreme court to decide and apparently, this case is being presented for the 3rd time….so we can blame the courts???? what a farce.

  5. Justin Trudeau is a traitor. This is part of his Jizya & Zakat so he is seen as a good Dhimmi to his Islamic Overlords.

  6. I hope every dime of any settlement is garnisheed and sent to the victims of this convicted terrorist! He doesn’t deserve one dime of our money!

  7. Sorry, I would contact my MP and register my utter disgust at this; but I’m afraid it is all pointless. The alt-left will simply support everything this abhorrent libtard does; ‘cuz of course he has such nice hair ! I think Canada is done for…. The lunatics are running the asylum

    1. I have contacted my MP and I know it seems pointless at this time, BUT we must never give up. We, all of us, count here. We must fight the good fight for as long as it will take. We are the soldiers without uniforms:-) KEEP GOING!!!!

  8. It would be very Canadian and send Trudeau liberals a strong message if Canadians were to donate towards legal fees allowing Christopher Speer’s widow to sue Omar Khdar and ensure he ends up with none of that $10.5 million that Trudeau wants to offer him.

  9. I am a Canadian Veteran and I hope that the widow of Speer and Morris sues that terrorist for every last cent he gets from my liberal Islam lover Trudeau government. This is an outrage, that terrorist should be in Gitmo for the rest of he’s terrorist life. Child soldier my A$$, I join the Canadian army at 17 and I knew full well what I was doing.

    1. Thank you John Ruger for your service to us 🙂 Vets are not being treated well as they should be 🙁


  10. I thought that Justin Trudeau’s taking ten luxury vacations mostly from the tax-payers’ pockets was shocking enough, but it in no way prepared me for the ten mil paid to a terrorist killer! Kadir was never a child soldier, but a very willing terrorist! What country does he claim to be fighting for – ours? He fought as a terrorist for the Taliban! And we welcomed him back a despicable murderer to Canada?! If he loves Afganistan so much, why was he not returned to his parent’s homeland – minus ten mil?!

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