Justin Trudeau Has Lost The Moral Authority To Govern Canada

In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s decision – and make no mistake, it was his decision – to pay $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, Canadians have erupted in righteous anger.

We can all feel it.

There is something different about the reaction to this decision than previous political scandals.

It’s not just distaste, or even a sense of government corruption.

It’s a sense of being sickened, enraged, and absolutely disgusted with those in power.

And it’s also something else: Across the land, the moral authority of the Trudeau government has been lost for millions and millions of Canadians, and that loss continues to spread.

I’m not just talking about those who usually oppose Trudeau.

It’s beyond that.

The level of anger we are seeing in this country shows that the Trudeau government has crossed a line, and there is no going back.

While we are governed by laws and systems, any law and system is only so powerful as our belief in it. When a critical mass of people in a society stop believing in a system or a law or a government, that system, law, or government begins to lose any power it may have had.

When this happens to a government, it manifests itself slowly at first. The leak of the Khadr payment is a clear example of that process getting underway. Trudeau wanted it fully hidden from Canadians, but someone within the government believed we had the right to know about it.

We can expect to see more of that as time goes on.

More and more people will disregard orders from the federal government in both obvious and subtle ways.

Provincial premiers will start pushing back more strongly.

More and more people will begin demanding more independence from a federal government they no longer trust or believe in.

Many millions of Canadians are surely asking ourselves, “why should I let the Trudeau government take my hard-earned money through taxes when they give Omar Khadr more money than I’ll earn in my entire life?”

We will start seeing the consequences of this loss of moral authority in countless ways over the next weeks and months.

This is not like other political scandals or disputes. A fundamental loss of authority has occurred, and that is a loss the Trudeau government cannot reverse.

Canadians will not forget the disgusting payment to Omar Khadr. And we will not forgive the Trudeau government for it.

Spencer Fernando


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  1. Mr. Trudeau…will you take 10 million and an apology and leave politics forever? I’m sure we can crowd fund this.

  2. Over the decades I have supported, contributed to and voted for all the current political parties at one time or another. None are perfect but I give credit to those that at least tried to do the right thing, to do their best. I have voted Green as a protest vote even though May is an idiot, I have voted NDP when their promises seemed to be somewhat reasonable, I voted Conservative because I believe that I know better than a politician how to spend my money. They need some, but not all. They also believe in smaller Government and Canadian Values. I voted Liberal years ago because Chretien “promis to ged rid uv duh gee hess tee, eh”. It was a lie and the Liberal culture continues. Harper turned out to be right in referring to Lieberals. I gave Trudeau a chance because he was a political baby and had lots to learn. He has failed and is failing more each passing day. He has no respect for Canada or Canadians and seems intent on deliberately damaging if not destroying Canada. Those under 30 that voted for him will suffer. Trudeau has damaged Canadian politics. Trudeau is a danger to democracy.

    I will NEVER vote Liberal ever again. EVER. Canada, do what you think you can for the safety of you and your family.

    1. Linda,, are there really Canadians saying it was ok for his actions?? i must have missed that,,,,i sure as helll was not ok with it and i’m sure a lot of canadians feel the same,,,he took,stole, our money and gave it to his friend,,,God only knows how many canadians could use help,,he is not canadian himself,,,,he should go live with his buddies,,canadians do not need him,i’m sure some still think he is great,nice hair,,but they will grow up and realize what a moron he was,, with any luck,,,,he will be longgg gone,,, soon

      1. It is amazing how many die hard Liberal voters still think Trudeau is a great Prime Minister and is doing so many great things for Canada. This last fiasco on giving $10.5 million to Khadr is being applauded by many Canadians, as the right thing to do. I have read so many comments on articles written about Khadr’s payment…and so many think Khadr’s rights were violated. I have absolutely no idea why. Many in Khadr’s family have gone to prison or have been injured and milking the Canadian free healthcare, while they support and fight for Al Quida. At least that is some information that I have found. Trudeau’s decision is mind boggling. The fact that he supports this, is mind boggling. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I have been betrayed by my PM, slapped in the face for being a true Canadian and am being forced to pay for a man who threw his Canadian Citizenship out the window to fight for his “other” Country. The worst part of this…is, Trudeau was sneaky about it. He did not want us to know until it was long done. Majority Government or not….He is the PM of “Canada” and “We” pay his salary, while he keeps gouging us for more tax money. The way Trudeau thinks, that he can and will do as “He” pleases makes me nauseous. We have two more years of this. I hope no one votes for him a second time.

  3. I can just imagine our soldier defending democracry in Iraq or else coming back with a body part gone they will get nothing and they are the one that should get payment for their family..Just like me going nowhere with the death of my wife who was the cousin of Ernest Lapointe vice prime minister because Mc Kenzie King could not speak english so it was Ernest the french voice jor, paper and radio.translating..
    My wife was kill by Reda Hanna recenu Quebec could not wait till we finnish the obligatory work -new fondation required..VIVE LE CANADA..i AM partly FIRST NATION no service , ARABIC if they cry they GET MILLIONS.

  4. Here’s hoping that in the next election the Liberals are voted out of party status and are gone forever. The election promise of transparency? Ya right!

  5. I don’t think that Canada can last until 2019 – we have to find somebody in the legal profession relating to governmental issues to see if we can file charges of treason against the P.M. as a group. This should be done as soon as possible in order to save the Canada we all knew and loved for our descendants!!

  6. Remember, he is a part time drama teacher in a community collage. A trust fund kid and Foundation kid…….why would he understand moral authority. He is the classic progressive in chief.

  7. Don’t I wish———–The responses by 99% and Sandra Clarke are spot on. Unfortunately, unless Trudeau decides otherwise, the next federal election will be held in late 2019, approximately 2 years from now. Our political history clearly shows that our political memory retention is about one week to one month. Political history also shows that we are incredibly gullible and, for the most part, very selfish. Our perceived best interests always gravitate around our self-centredness. Politicians are very much aware of this trait and prey upon it election cycle after election cycle by “buying us off with our own money” and we are usually quick to “take the bait”. We are constantly “polled to death” so that politicians know exactly how we think at every point on the political issue spectrum. In other words we are really no different from a marionette, constantly manipulated by those who have control of the strings at any point in time. So by the Fall of 2018, when the political parties start to get real serious about the next election, the indignity of today’s “moral issue” and the “insult” of today’s governmental action will be long forgotten by the millions of today’s “aggrieved Canadians” as the government showers them with “promises of better things to come for them”. The “me” mentality clicks in and pushes the “moral” mentality out of the way as the fight for “power” gets “down & dirty” and remains so until after the vote is counted on election day. Fast forward to July 2019: Khadr? Khadr? – who’s he?

  8. This UNETHICAL ILLEGITIMATE payment TO KHADR was not authorized by the Courts of Law; its not in accordance with accepted standards or rules of Canada. Trudeau did this ON HIS OWN so the WIDOW OF Sgt. Christopher Speer’s AND Children COULD NOT GET ANY MONEY. SHAME ON THIS LONE-star Trudeau Government!

    1. Real Canadians should be out ,protesting the corruption of this PM and of the Liberal Immoral Party .
      We should be out giving hell to corrupt CBC and demand their dismantling. No more paying for National Media who work as propaganda for the crooked Liberals .Out with the Senate and its disgrace. Out with any protection
      to terrorists. Out with housing for refugees that can not live among other religions and other cultures, slums with “No go “warnings, like what you can see in Europe.
      We let the Extreme Left make noises without specific reasons, but we have reasons and we stay quite waiting for the inevitable doom.
      Be somebody. Make noise and do not let this PM ruin your country to serve his personal ambitions.

  9. To anyone out there feeling adamant that Khadr deserved over $10M of Canadian taxpayer money:

    Our laws, rights, and freedoms were meant to protect law abiding Canadians. Not empower those who wish us harm.

    For all your pontificating about the rule of law and the ‘rights’ of trained killers and sociopaths, such as Omar Khadr, I sincerely hope you never find yourselves at the mercy of people like him. Because if you do, you will find out precisely how much your rights and freedoms are worth to them.

  10. Turdhole should read up on his history; places like Chile (Allende), Argentina (Peron), and now Venezuela. It doesn’t end well. He will be lucky if he is voted out.

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