Sign Petition E-1194 Condemning Trudeau’s Payment To Omar Khadr

Will it become the most signed petition in Canadian history?

A new petition sponsored by MP Pierre Poilievre is condemning Justin Trudeau’s odious $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr.

Here’s what the petition says:



  • The Canadian government did not force Omar Khadr to fight for the Taliban and murder a U.S. medic;
  • The Canadian government had no role in his subsequent incarceration;
  • The people of Canada owe Omar Khadr no compensation;

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to condemn Prime Minister Trudeau’s $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr.

The petition was created July 13, and is open for signature until November 10, 2017.

This petition can help send a clear message that Canadians stand firmly against the disgraceful actions of Justin Trudeau, and stand with Tabitha Speer, Layne Morris, and all who fight for justice. You can help make this the most signed petition in Canadian history by going to the petition page at the link below, and sharing news of the petition as far and wide as possible.

Petition Link

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  1. Stockwell Day on PNP said that ‘PMSH phoned TABITHA SPEER to apologize to her for the Ontario Court Ruling’.

  2. Furthermore, Khadr was incarcerated as a POW. That gave him rights under the Geneva Convention Article 4.3.c of Protocol II. Those rights trumped his rights as a Canadian citizen. CANADA DID NOT SEND OMAR KHADR TO FIGHT AS A SOLDIER and I am not aware that any 15 year old is sent by our country to fight for Canada. That would be illegal. So what happened? His parents sent him to fight so should we not conclude that they were responsible?

    1. Exactly, the mother should be stripped of her Canadian Citezenship and arrested for her involvement in raising terrorist!

  3. I have tried several times to sign this petition from different websites and still the confirmation link is not working.

    1. I had trouble too.. try copy pasting it into an incognito window in Google Chrome Browser, that’s how it worked for me

  4. Thank you Mr. Fernando, have shared your post with everyone to get this valued information out.
    Respect for all your valued posts

  5. Question: “What exactly would Omar Khadr be doing today.”
    If he was not captured 2002 in Afghanistan fighting with the Taliban fighters against the US Soldiers???
    Would he: be dead – still fighting with the Taliban or orchestrating recruits for the Taliban regime?

  6. My main question at this time is: WHEN did he become a Canadian??? Before or after he attacked his “allies”??? And, if he was a Canadian at the age of 15, how did he end up fighting in Afghanistan? It seems to me that some of these questions need to be made clear to the public in order to fully understand this whole mess.

          1. thanks, Allan.

            I watched this version as well and it seems to have more details than the first one I saw but they are both from the cbc. If we can believe these videos it seems that he was tortured excessively and for a very long time and its horrible to see anyone tortured like that, no matter what they may have done, and I can feel a lot of compassion for this (then boy).

            But, Life being Life, should everyone who has suffered by whatever means, should be awarded a huge sum of money??? Should everyone who has suffered in a war take their government to court and be awarded money? The very fact that he has come back to Canada should have been reward enough and suing the Canadian government proves that his intentions are far from good. It shows his greed and lack of gratitude for living in the best country in the world.

            One last thought/question: I wonder if he would been able to sue his government for his being raised as a terrorist and been put in a situation to be captured? Wasn’t he suffering then, under such conditions?

            War is terrible and all kinds of people suffer but yet, wars continue, on and on…There comes a time when we all have to take responsibility for our actions.
            Sorry for rambling on but this story gets the best of me….

  7. Quick answer. Omar was born in Ontario. Spent very little time in Canada. I believe he was 8 or 9 when he was in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Was definitely in Pakistan pre 15 at a compound with Osama Bin Laden and in that time was trained how to fight etc by Al Qaeda ops. So were other family members. One of his brothers was against this and told his story (ending up working for the CIA). His dad was killed and another brother paralyzed fighting for BinLaden. The family partied when the planes crashed into the twin towers. Omar Khadr was building IED’S that killed Canadian and American soliers not fighting WITH them. Absolutely knew what he was doing when he threw the grenade as 1st one was a dud and threw the second one at an unarmed medic. His older sister is involved with al Qaeda and cannot stand Canada, CSIS watches her and has dealt with her on a couple of occasions- why this family is allowed to stay in this country is beyond me – even pre Justin. I believe we are way too apathetic in Canada regarding terrorism and those perpetrating these acts or any other form of harassment. And at age 15 according to islam a 15 year old muslim boy is not a child and a girl is not a child at 9 (sic).

  8. Omar Khadr should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship, he fought against the Allied Forces, he fought against Canadians, Americans, people who put their lives on line to preserve democracy. He does not deserve to be a member of a democratic country. The whole world is in shock that something like this could have happened. Then why wouldn’t people like him flock to Canada? If his family, who were labeled terrorist sympathizers, is still here, they should be forced to take responsibility for the product of their education, not us, the hard-working, peace-loving people of Canada.
    He does not feel guilty because if he did, he would have NEVER sued our government. And, his lawyer, his defendant, to me, is a man without a spine, greedy and unscrupulous. I would challenge anyone seeking his services in future. Any money this young terrorist gets should be given the the widow of the man Omar killed and the man he blinded.
    Shame on our Prime Minister, he has betrayed all of us, he betrayed Canada, Canadian values.

  9. I am ashamed to acknowledge that Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of Canada. Surely, we deserve a man for this important job not a child with no knowledge of economics, ethics or any other criteria. It is embarrassing to hear him speak without written notes. He claims to be a champion of the middle class but he has no knowledge whatsoever of how we live.

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