SCHEER: Nobody Believes Trudeau’s Khadr Payment Was About Saving Money

Andrew Scheer also wants Tabitha Speer to know that Canadians don’t support what Trudeau did.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is pushing back against Justin Trudeau’s weak excuse that paying $10.5 million to Omar Khadr was about saving taxpayer money.

As reported by the Canadian Press, here’s what Scheer said:

“Nobody believes that Justin Trudeau is trying to save taxpayers’ money. I do think that outrage that’s being expressed by Canadians is certainly more than what the Liberals were expecting. And I think it certainly shows that they are out of touch with Canadians on this one.”

Scheer also says it’s important for Tabitha Speer and her children to know that Canadians stand with her family, and don’t support the actions taken by Trudeau:

“I think that on behalf of the vast majority of Canadians who don’t appreciate the fact the Liberal government has done this, I want to communicate to Tabitha Speer that not everyone in Canada agrees with this and that our sympathies and our feelings of concern and compassion are with her and her two children,” said Scheer.

Trudeau’s pathetic excuses

Justin Trudeau has flailed around using a bunch of different excuses to deflect from the mounting outrage over the disgraceful Khadr payment. The government first tried to hide it (they couldn’t), then said the Supreme Court made them do it (it didn’t), then said it was  Stephen Harper’s fault (it wasn’t), and then said the Charter forced their hand (it doesn’t).

Everything Trudeau has said has been about avoiding the truth: The decision to pay $10.5 million to Omar Khadr was Trudeau’s, and Trudeau’s alone. He alone is responsible.

That’s why Andrew Scheer is 100% correct to push back on Trudeau’s excuses, and to make it clear to Tabitha Speer that Justin Trudeau doesn’t speak for us and doesn’t act in our name.

Spencer Fernando


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17 comments Add yours
  1. Only a few less than rational individuals dont see one thing wrong with what this spineless leader did …some senseless groups even attribute some level of political savy to his dictatorial decision ; he is sooooo destined to be OUSTED ..for this major gaffe and for all his other ludicrous/irresponsible/theatrical performances …!!!!!

  2. If you believe this payment was about saving Canadians money then I have some real dry swamp land in Florida I would like to sell you.Trudope paid this money out of love for radical islsm and to look good to his muslim brothers.I would not doubt if tuudope will get a kick back under the table and put some more of our money in his personal account wherever it is hidden.This money I would bet has already been sent to a terrorist group that khadar belongs to and is being used to build weapons, bombs and to help the terrorists kill more of us…..THANX A LOT TRUDOPE.

    1. cannot comment on his intentions but if this is true , then he MUST go and if it is not true, then he is unfit , not suited,spineless, inexperienced and stupid and MUST GO

  3. It is about time we got rid of dual citizenship in Canada. Then we wouldn’t have ‘Canadians of Convenience’ living here and taking advantage of Canadian Rights’ which belong to genuine Canadian citizens.

  4. Rarely has he done anything positive for Canada and Canadians. He seems to be a mentally defective narcissist disconnected from reality.

    Why is he so pro-Islam? Does he have a secret account at the Chinese bank he approves? Is that account where the $10,000 Pay for Play bribes are deposited?

    Low class, no morals, no ethical standards, no respect for Canada or Canadians, elitist, arrogant, self important, self entitled, mentally challenged and a habitual liar with a well recognized speech / brain dysfunction. Just not ready. Lieberal. He also has absolutely no concept of the value of money nor any idea of what is involved in a budget. That whole idea is clearly beyond his comprehension.

  5. Thank you Mr Fernando with the real canadian news. The reality of this appeaser is getting the attention he deserves for all the fake promises. But this is the straw l believe that will turn the the tide. Lots of people didnt vote last time but sure as hell this time he will be crushed.

  6. Trudeau Just gave 20 million dollars to Clinton Foundation. This is so stupid who gave the permission to allow this money to give to Clinton Foundation. I dig up on Clinton family since 2016 June. they are con-artist she kidnapped children, stole all the money from Haiti Funds 10 billion dollars there no money left for them. She gave 20 % uranium to Russian in 2015-16, also Hillary and Obama create ISIS organization . She and Obama she gave weapons/supplies/steel pipe to Iran country. There a lot of corruption going at Obama government. She and Obama knew about Benghazi attack. Thank God she was not President of United States of America. She has mental imbalance because, I listen to Gary Bryne former Secret Service He wrote a book”Crisis of Character”, has also has big temperament. she get angry so easy and occasionally attack her husband Bill Clinton whenever they disagreed one another.

  7. What is it about you people that just don’t get what was going on there.
    You repeatedly refer to Omar as a killer and terrorist. That has never been proven in any Canadian court. The ‘confession” that the Americans tortured out of him would never be admissible in any Canadian court of law. We don’t allow torture as a method of interrogation. That is a good thing and Canadians should be proud of that.

    Also, under Canadian law, he was a child soldier, so the fabricated charges that the Americans used could not be applied to him here. And I say fabricated charges on good authority. The field reports tell of finding him wounded and under a pile of rubble. The story of him throwing the grenade came much later.

    The Canadian government, and that includes the Cretien, Martin and Harper terms, failed to have him treated according to his charter rights as a Canadian. They were also complicit in his torture.
    We should be outraged about that !

    he filed a lawsuit for 20 Million against the Canadian Government (not Trudeau or the Liberal Party). With multiple supreme court rulings in his favour, he was going to win no matter how long the matter was drawn out.
    Now Harper says he would have continued to fight the lawsuit. How much would he have spent trying to continue to deny charter rights to a Canadian. That attitude should scare you. What is done to one Canadian is done to all.

    So, facing a continuing lawsuit, fighting against The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the almost certain prospect of losing, what do you do, fight and lose and pay the 20 Million, or make a deal and cut the losses.

    This is NOT about Trudeau being some (insert you favourite expletives here) terrorist loving (more expletives) and giving away our money for no good reason.

    This is about the Canadian government being held accountable for their actions denying charter rights to a Canadian citizen. We hope that this kind of issue never comes up again, it was an expensive and painful lesson, but ultimately a good story showing that our government cannot pay lip service the the charter. I must observe all the provisions of it, regardless of political ideology.

    1. Khadr is guilty of treason HE FOUGHT AGAINST BOTH CANADIANS AND AMERICANS ….he did not get to choose on the battle field …and Cretien is spelled CHRETIEN…as far as child soldier …murder is murder ….you get the same in other than battle scenario. Trudeau is indeed giving our $$$ away

    2. Glad you where able to blow off a lot of wind. Don’t buy your story. Trudeau is a loser and a traitor and I believer he would sell his mother for the right price. He has done nothing for Canadians except cause a lot of division. So glad to see this donkey’s ass gone So glad your so well informed and the rest of us are to stupid to see the truth. Maybe we see the truth and your to stupid not to see the truth.

    3. Okay first sleep deprivation while perhaps disagreeable is not considered torture by any recognized definition. Secondly he has never recanted nor denied being member of a Terrorist organization. Third he was not under Canadian or International law a child soldier. At the time the law stipulated that a child soldier was someone under the age of 15. He was just over a month shy of 16. Fourth he has admitted to throwing the grenade and being part of the firefight. Finally while you may be correct that he may have eventually won his law suit, there is no guarantee of that and/or the payment, and no we will never know.

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