News Of Trudeau Paying Khadr Is Spreading In The U.S.

Word is beginning to spread in the United States about Justin Trudeau’s despicable payment to Omar Khadr.

Until a few days ago, the story had received little attention in the United States, but that is beginning to change.

The payment featured heavily on Fox News, and in the Wall Street Journal, and word is now spreading on Facebook and Twitter.

Most recently, MP Michelle Rempel was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to express the outrage the vast majority of Canadians feel over the payment.

According to the CP, “Google searches for Khadr’s name were up more than 700 per cent Monday in the United States from the previous day, according to Google Trends.”

Reward enemies, punish friends

A disturbing pattern is emerging in how Justin Trudeau “manages” Canada’s relationships with other countries. Nations such as Saudi Arabia and China get a free pass, and are never criticized despite acting in ways that Canadians find appalling, yet the Trudeau government seems much more willing to criticize our closest ally the United States.

Many are now wondering why Trudeau is willing to give millions to someone who admitted to killing an American, and gave the money in such a way that Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris would be unable to block it.

It is an absolute disgrace.

We live in a dangerous world. Navigating that world means remembering who our true friends are, and acting accordingly. Clearly, that is something Justin Trudeau refuses to do.

Spencer Fernando


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  1. Kahdr is a terrorist and his whole family are terrorists, what has Trudeau done? Trudeau has tarnished the Canadian image.

  2. one day, president trump will have enough of this lying globalist. he will put junior in his place.maybe the american people should put sanctions against our country, so the ordinary citizen can see what me soros puppet is really doing to canada.

  3. I totally agree.This is the most degrading despicable thing that any Canadian has ever done.I apoligize to the world for being in this country when this happened.But please be advised that this terrorist supporting act was committed by justin trudeau and not Canada.

  4. Ahhh … the deep wisdom of our drama teacher/child PM being held up for all the world to see … lovely!!
    Makes me so proud … !!! And disgusted!!

  5. The Criminal Code of Canada reads that anyone who “assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country, is guilty of high treason.”

    Khadr is the “anyone”.

  6. Americans, no, the entire world, has to realize that Trudeau DOES NOT speak for all Canadians. We hear time after time that he “speaks for all Canadians”. NO, he doesn’t.

  7. Our Prime minister has embarrassed our country in front of the whole world. Why should someone who fought against our own people be rewarded, while honest tax paying citizens who need money get turned down by this same government? I am one of those citizens. I am disabled, and was turned down for disability benefits. I have learned to live with this , but what about our military families, whose loved ones were lost or injured, must struggle with this kind of insult. This is just horrible. This is a dark time for Canada!

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