Trudeau’s Media Strategy Distracts From His Dangerous Elitist Agenda

Look over here at this Rolling Stone cover, while Canada is betrayed behind the scenes.

China is buying up more of our country with each passing day.

The ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank will have us paying tolls to foreign banks – who will get all the profits.

Our deficit is out of control, putting our economy and future generations at risk.

The “feminist” government refuses to condemn Female Genital Mutilation and honor killings.

A new carbon tax will rip more money out of those who can least afford it: Middle-income and working class Canadians.

Our tax dollars are paying someone who fought for Al-Qaeda. 

Trudeau let Wall Street hedge fund BlackRock get privileged access to the Canada Infrastructure Bank details – long before Canadians were told what was happening with the bank.

Canada’s energy sector is in serious trouble as investment flees and regulations strangle growth.

More of our tax money is being given away to foreign countries while countless Canadians suffer in poverty.

The federal government is trying to turn us into a “post-national state,” where Canadian values of individual freedom, freedom of speech, and equality under the law are replaced with political correctness and the division of Canadians into ever more separate groups – devoid of a strong Canadian national identity.

A deliberate agenda to weaken the tangible economy is putting all our eggs in the housing and debt-fueled growth basket – a clear recipe for disaster as we are watching household debt skyrocket while wages stagnate.

And yet, we’re talking about Justin Trudeau on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

That’s his strategy. That’s how he and his fellow elites push their agenda.

They distract.

They throw out shiny objects for the elitist media to focus on.

They push attention away from what they want to hide.

And all too often, it works.

Look at how much discussion Trudeau’s Rolling Stone cover has gotten. (And yes, I get the irony that this article is discussing it as well, but the point needs to be made.)

Every second spent talking about Trudeau being on Rolling Stone is a second we aren’t talking about all the things I mentioned above (and the many other problems facing Canada).

That’s why, every time Trudeau pulls another stunt for global attention, Canadian Patriots need to quickly pivot back to all the damage he is doing to the country. Remind people about Trudeau’s elitist agenda and the betrayal of our country. Make it clear that he is deliberately trying to distract from it.

Instead talking about what Trudeau wants the focus to be, the message should be something like, “Of course Justin Trudeau is going on the cover of Rolling Stone, since he wants to distract from his plan to give unprecedented power to foreign banks to control our infrastructure.”

Remember, the Justin Trudeau that shows up in magazines is a carefully crafted media image designed to distract from a dangerous elitist agenda that serves those around the globe with the most power and influence. It’s not about helping Canadians.

That’s why – regardless of what distractions are thrown in our way – we must not let the Trudeau communication strategy deter us from the essential objective of sharing the truth with the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. Americans don’t have a clue as to what an inept PM he is. I can’t stand looking at him or listening to him trying to speak on TV or in Parliament where he NEVER answers questions and all he says is um, um, um. How can anyone stand looking at him on a magazine cover?? He is an embarassment to Canada. The Rolling Stone Magazine is the only magazine where he belongs. He would never be published in a magazine that has a reputation of publishing people who make statements or publications of INTELEGENCE!

      1. Sorry for incorrectly spelling the word “Intelligence”. I most definitely do not need a dictionary to spell this word. I was in a hurry to get out the door and did not proof read my input!

        1. I dont think you have to explain your very understandable spelling error , Ann; however seems like Ruth Walker PHD is trying hard to justify her PHD instead of addressing your very sound , senseful and universally applicable comments about this lamebrain heading our country …all he can do or make is a’ fashion statement’ : no life experience, no coomon sense, no backbone , only a poor pathetic wanna be ….OH RUTH look I mispelled ‘common ….’ AND punctuation is faulty …

          1. The appearance on US media has value as it supports popularity of any foreign leader and supports their diplomatic relations abroad.
            Sadly Harper was never able to gain political capital abroad having been unable to connect with Angela Merkel or Barack Obama.
            When politicians cannot connect abroad it reflects poorly on us all.
            Millions of Canadians have shown increased support for JT recently by reason of polls taken even after Michelles appearance on FOX News. Scheer lost ground in popularity as a result of his serious miscalculation over the Khadr affair by trading political opportunism for respect for rights of unjustly accused Canadians.
            The majority of Canadians are waiting to see how Conservative narrow minded and jealous trolls lose their collective “brain” as our PM goes ahead with his agenda that appeals to a progressive society and should he appear on the cover (say) of TIME magazine that would be the final blow for Andrew Scheer.
            But take hear Conservative trolls, rumour has that Andrew not to be outshone, is “boning up” as a practising Catholic for a “barn burning” cover for the Catholic Reporter.

          2. with a name like Ruth …… should not be knocking catholicism …or should I say KATOLISYSM…

      2. Nice Ruth…Let everyone knows who’s in charge of the spelling mistakes. Now..get that dictionary out of your ass and tell everyone how to take down your friend Justin and his government before he starts charging us for those spelling mistakes. (You Know..more taxes ) ops

    1. You were on a roll and making good points….UNTIL… you misspelled “intelligence”! sort of blew the whole argument. If you don’t know the correct spelling, look it up, “Google” it or pick another word.
      I share – completely – your embarassment of this PM. He got elected based on “good hair” and the absence of a negative track record (i.e. NO track record). The young voters recognised his name from his father, without having the knowledge of the damage Pierre left behind his terms in office.
      Those of us who were voters when “daddy” was in power, still remember the pain of his legacy. Junior appears to be trying to outdo “dear-ol’-dad”.

    2. RS Magazine also honored the Boston Marathon bomber terrorists. They seem to concentrate on terrorists and their supporters from time to time.

  2. Trudeau bought off the CBC with 1.5 billion annual gift. CTV praises him. The immigrants will vote ‘Liberal’ because that is the main reason he allows so many to enter Canada. USA knows that he is an easy target to manipulate. Canadians elected a ‘poster boy’ and Trudeau with his Liberal gang is this image. The sad ending will be massive debt and fewer freedoms.

  3. The frightening thing, Spencer, is that I have been yapping about this (obviously not as informed as I might have been at that age) since the sixties. Try as I might, I could not get people to sit down and discuss what I was attempting to warn them about (it was far more a sensing than a true understanding) but I was shut down and went through the usual ‘tin foil hat’ and ‘war monger’ responses — besides, hockey, football, basketball, golf, Olympics, and so on were the really important things for Canadians. So, essentially what happened was not unlike putting the chickens in the coop and not shutting the door, all the while well aware that there were foxes in the vicinity. We became ignorant, indolent, indifferent and inept at realizing the dangers of not information ourselves about politicians (the human foxes) who, because of our naivety and abysmal ignorance, raided the ‘chicken coop,’ so to speak. Now we are where we are and it is doubtful I will see the end results but I do fear for our offspring and their offspring who will pay dearly for our ‘Disneyland’ attitude for over the last 55+ years and wonder, will they look up at us in disgust, or will the be able to look up at us and be proud. I think many any well be looking at us in disgust for what we passed onto them.

    1. Spencer does provide us with plenty of info/articles every day. He obviously does his homework. I’m willing to forgive the odd typo here and there ( even though journalists should take extra care ). 🙂 . I really appreciate what you do, Spencer.

  4. Take a close look at various versions of the magazine cover. In this one, an article about Khalid is placed at the bottom left. The first version we saw had her name much larger and right below Trudeau’s article. Khalid’s name and article on the latest version found on the Toronto Sun page has been removed completely.

    This is another disgusting example of the Trudeau / Butts manipulation of the News media. What is Trudeau hiding and why is he hiding it?

    How many illegal migrants have crossed the border?
    What has developed with the illegal migrant smuggling rings?
    How many Mexicans are claiming to be refugees at YVR?
    Where is Monsef? Is she still illegally in Canada? When will she be or has she been deported?

    Trudeau’s campaign claim of transparency was a lousy stinking barefaced lie. There is nothing he can say or do that can ever again be believed. He is dangerous and has to be removed.

  5. to NICLAL re Katolicism
    I am happy to put my name to my replies as opposed to cowering behind the name of an obscure “alloy”.
    .. further you insult one of the worlds great religions by misspelling it “Katolisysm”

    1. hahaha figured your automatic button would be pushed ….lol…sad anyone can comment on such important issues as those raised here

      1. I couldn’t agree w you more..the issues here are click bait..but most interestingly reveal underlying emotions..mostly hate

  6. And while Liberals fawn over our “photogenic, international-acclaimed” Prime Minister and jostle for a place in the selfie line, our country continues to be sold out from under us, and the they care not. I remember back in grade school when I first heard the story about Nero’s fiddling while Rome burned… quite appropriate in the current circumstances.

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