VIDEO: Extremists Scream During Anti-Jewish Protest In Mississauga

When will Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi file hate crime charges?

At a protest in Mississauga Ontario, a group of extremist Palestinian supporters yelled and screamed during a protest that looks like it belonged in Gaza, not Canada.

Disturbingly, the protesters chanted anti-Jewish slogans – in one case referencing the Battle of Khaybar where muhammed slaughtered Jewish people in the Arabian Peninsula.

Here’s their particular quote:

“Remember Khaybar, oh you Jews, the Army of muhammad will return.”

They also chanted “From the River to the Sea,” which references the destruction of the State of Israel.

Finally, the protesters also chanted, “With our souls, with our blood, we shall redeem al-Aqsa!”

We should all be very disturbed by this, and it’s shocking that the Attorney General of Ontario Yasir Naqvi, hasn’t filed hate crime charges. After all, he filed charges against a Mississauga man who called for filming students. So, you would think filing charges when protesters are screaming vile anti-Jewish slogans, would be a no-brainer.

Why the double standard?

The video, brought to our attention by B’nai Brith Canada, can be seen below:

What the hell is going on in this country?

How is this Canada?

This is why pro-Canadian nationalism is so important, as you can see that those protesters have zero loyalty to Canada and would rather be fighting in Gaza. No country can survive if people feel that this is just a piece of land where they can repeat all their past grievances.

It’s also disturbing that we don’t hear condemnation of this anti-Jewish protest from top politicians, and from leaders in the Muslim community. This has zero place in Canada, yet our so-called political “leaders” turn into cowards when it comes time to address and confront extremism.

This is not what Canada is supposed to be.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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  1. Does this pattern not fall exactly into the ideology of who is leader of this country ? Look at the top and you can see the effects right down the line . How many instances of cowardice and spineless inaction have we experienced to date by the current government and how many more to come ? Yasir Naqvi is simply a follower endowed with a title and a level of responsibility that , as other Liberal subscribers demonstrate, no longer meets expectations of true Canadians ..he as so many of his liberal colleagues simply ” picks and chooses ” the battles …that one does not fit his purpose and we know why …..

    1. When ex muslim Sandra Solomon call Justin ‘jihadi justin’, you can bet your bottom dollar she knows what he is all about.

  2. This is the start of phase 3 of the Muslim takeover of Canada. We have seen nothing yet. Infiltration of all governments is well under way. Sharia law is coming. Every Canadian woman should take the time to learn about this brutal antiquated way of life.

  3. This is not my Canada. There is no difference from the anti Jewish rallies held by the Nazis in the ’30s. So why is this allowed to happen? The politicians either support the hate being spewed by these fanatics, or they are so cowed by the thought of “offending” Muslims that they acquiesce. Of course now that we have a Muslim AG, I’m sure Mr. Naqvi will understand that such blatant bigotry has no place in Ontario and will move swiftly to lay charges.

  4. We don’t need any more endless talk about all this. Enough intellectualizing on the subject. Canada is under siege. Canada is full of professional people, teachers, big business people… Legal professionals….Certainly those with some power, money, clout can make an effort to derail this utter madness. It will affect them too…their business and livelihood..their childrens lives also at stake from these hell bent savages. What’s with the Lieutenant Gov. of Canada???…how can nothing be said??? Don’t people realize that everything they now take for granted…music, art, literature, education, religious freedom, entertainment,,,,is all forbidden and by Sharia law. Recognize that Trudeau lied about everything on his platfornm for election. As far as I know he has converted to Sunni Muslim. He has no love for you and no love for Canada.. he simply has unrestricted access to all Canadian resources which he wants to give away… and is already busy doing so. The liberal party that follows him are spineless traitors who just want their monthly paycheck

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