Quebec Requests Federal Help After Trudeau’s Weak Border Policy Causes Illegal Crossing Surge

The government of Quebec is asking the federal government for help as illegal migrants cross into the country.

There has been growing outrage among many Canadians after it was revealed that the Olympic Stadium in Montreal is being used to house illegal crossers from the United States – something that was never done for homeless Canadians.

Now, the Quebec government is saying they need more help from the federal government, and want some illegal crossers to be sent to other provinces during the processing of “asylum” applications.

Speaking to reporters, Quebec’s Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil says “the rate of people seeking asylum in Quebec spiked to about 150 per day in July.”

At this point, all of Montreal’s shelters are full – reflecting the ongoing strain on resources across the country.

Trudeau’s weak policies hurt Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s border weakness is having a serious toll, diverting resources that should be used to help Canadian citizens.

By refusing to protect our borders and enforce our laws, Trudeau sends a message around the world that the needs of people in foreign countries matter more to him than the Canadian people he’s supposed to be serving.

Predictably, this is resulting in an increasing surge of people entering our country illegally, which will only continue to get worse as long as the government shows continued disloyalty to Canadian laws and Canada’s borders. Canadians must stand up and demand a government that stops treating the Canadian people as an afterthought, and puts our interests first for once.

And clearly, Trudeau must face a massive political price in 2019.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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  1. Can almost guess what’s going to happen… the earlier illigal immigrants will be shipped to the western provinces…I am talking about the no goodnicks.. the ones Ottawa and Quebec don’t want…

  2. I hope that Quebec retaliates against this joke of a PM and forces all these so called refugees to go back where they came from. Our border should NEVER allow any illegal, undocumented person to enter this country. Trudeau doesn’t care about Canadians who are paying sky high taxes to cover his wages and excessive spending, including 10.5 million payment to a convicted terrorist! I hope that Quebec forces this terrorist loving PM to ship everyone back to where they came from. The rest of Canada don’t want them! The U.S. told these so called refugees that their stay in the U.S. was temporary, but having Obama as President, who made a mess of the U.S., never shipped them back. It is NOT our Problem! Canada has more than enough problems with Mr.Terrorist loving so called PM!

    1. Don’t think that Couillard will force illegals to go back. All the means are good to collect money from federal for Montreal, a Sanctuary city since february, and for Quebec. They are praising the Muslim community and the Haitian one to get votes for them, the Liberals. People of Quebec are mad about it but nothing they can do. We dind’t ear any conservative leader to oppose. Sheer and all ”leaders” are mutes afraid to loose. votes. Quebec dind’t elected Trudeau alone. All Canada voted for him.

  3. Louis Joannette, Are you kidding me. This JOKE of a PM and his Wife act like they are so Generous, Yes, generous at the expense of Hard Working, Overtaxed Canadians. They would NEVER spend 2 cents to accommodate anyone! This Fraud showed his true colours right before getting elected. He told Canadians that people, like himself, who could afford Child Care should pay for it themselves. As soon as he got elected, Canadians had to foot the bill for two nannies to care for his children! Hardworking Canadians who aren’t nearly as wealthy as this PM, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and inherited millions from his family, pay child care, and can barely make ends meet. Trudeau is a FRAUD and a LIAR, who has fooled too many Canadians and we are Now Paying the Price!

    1. Saw a good post on Twitter
      ” if Trudeau is an elite,
      What does that make Caroline Mulroney”?
      Food for thought!

      1. Name tags referring only to status mean nothing. The candidates education, experience and background are what counts. Then why did Trudeau get elected? Because many voters vote for irrelevant characteristics like the waves of his hair and how he wiggles his ass. God help us all

      2. Caroline Mulroney actually works for a living. Trudeau has no concept of the word. He is good at selfies and being a shallow manipulated figurehead controlled by his Islamist Caucus.

  4. We need Talents. smart and good immigrants to help grow the Economy, we are only 35 Millions, U.S has 300 Millions

  5. I always believed that French Canadians were very proud people who stood up for their rights! What is wrong with them now, allowing Trudeau to have these ILLEGALl MIGRANTS flood their beloved Quebec. Canadian Citizens of this Beautiful Province should stand proud and against this DICTATOR of a so called PM and all his STUPID decisions. He is ruining, not only Quebec, but this whole country. Anyone who apologizes to a Convicted, Confessed Terrorist Murderer and awards him with 10,5 million dollars for building IED’s to kill Canadians and Canadian Allies and kills a U.S. soldier and blinds another U.S. soldier should NEVER be our PM. He should be charged with TREASON Yesterday! LET’S GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. HE IS AN INCAPABLE, DECEPTIVE LIAR WHO IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!

  6. Mr. Fernando I am following you on Twitter and I am sharing your toughts in general. But I am afraid that your writings are most divisive than unifying. Majority of people in Quebec don’t agree with this invasion of illegals. We are submitted to the liberal globalist corrupted dictatorship. Québec dind’t elected Trudeau alone. Don’t be you and your fellows readers such hypocrites. Yes this a mean for Couillard, Coderre and Labeaume to collect money from Ottawa. But Ottawa is waiting for that.

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