CAQ Leader Legault Rips “Completely Irresponsible” Trudeau Border Policy

Francois Legault – leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec – is ripping the Trudeau government for their policy towards illegal border crossers.

Legault says Quebec is getting more worried about the “out-of-hand influx of illegal migrants” entering Quebec since Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweets and pathetically weak response to illegal crossings.

Said Legault, “For all potential migrants, this Liberal discourse is the equivalent of an invitation to stampede toward the Quebec border without going through customs.”

Legault also made the completely reasonable point that “resources are limited, just like our capacity to integrate immigrants into the francophone majority.”

Border is a “virtual sieve”

Legault says the border has now become a “virtual sieve,” and warns of a backlash as government border policy remains weak.

“The attitude of generosity and solidarity on behalf of Quebecers toward refugees is shaken,” said Legault. “And if political officials don’t change their attitude, we can expect a backlash.”

Canadians pay the price for Trudeau’s disrespect for our country

By seeking international headlines and refusing to secure Canada’s borders, Justin Trudeau is showing total disrespect for Canada, and it’s having a more and more negative impact. Quebec is currently feeling the brunt of that impact, and there’s no end in sight.

Trudeau seems to have no intention of securing the border, and is sacrificing Canadian resources and security in order to get attention in the globalist press.

As the crisis continues to get worse, expect more and more people to speak out as Legault did and demand that the meaning of Canada’s borders is restored. At this point, it seems clear that the only way that will happen is if Trudeau is decisively defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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  1. The House of Commons should vote non confidence motion, before Trudeau destroys Canada and our democracy! We need a leader who cares about the safety of Canada and the Canadian citizens and taxpayers. We do not want a dictator!

  2. A backlash is what’s needed since it would send a signal that migrants aren’t welcome anymore. It’s the responsible thing to do since our ‘leaders’ have abdicated their responsibilities.

  3. finally, a frenchman has come to the forefront, i knew it was only a matter of time. like i have said from the beginning, trudeau has divided this country into three sections,. english canada, has been pushed to one side, french canada has been pushed to the otherside, and guess who is coming up the middle n getting everything, if you said his new found followers, you nailed it., sorry canada, you voted for this dictator, now we will see if canada, can ever rebound.



    1. To hell what Justin and his bandits (including the media) say. It is your province and the public needs your help more so than Justin illegals.

  5. After watching some of the reports on this…The RCMP are not acting as border control or as Police….but as baggage handlers and clerks, taking info. Since when do illegal border jumpers get such great service. RCMP and Officials loading and unloading their luggage while the illegals walk away like their on a holiday. Why are they being bused in Coaches? Why not School Buses? Big difference in price for the rental of buses. Why are they littering and throwing garbage and dirty diapers, etc., all over? Can’t they use garbage cans? How come our own Government cannot use these empty buildings for the homeless Canadians during the cold winter months, but they can go to any expense to pay for all these illegal border crossing immigrants? How does Trudeau justify this? Not for Canadians, but for illegals. Canadians should have some say in where our tax dollars are spent. After all…we earned it and we are forced to pay these taxes to our Government. This is now a steady stream of people jumping the border, up to 500 or more a day. RCMP are overworked. They can’t handle it properly. Now the Military are put to work erecting tents, and a line of portable toilets for them. The river of mud has been filled in so they don’t get muddy. What next? Trudeau needs his head examined. So many are so concerned for them…most of them are not refugee’s, fleeing a worn torn country where their lives are in danger. They are leaving the States because Trump is cracking down on illegals. These people have better clothes than I do. Trudeau has a responsibility to Canadians and “our” welfare, first…This is a joke. Barricade the border and put an end to it, Trudeau. Enough already. The expense to the taxpayer is getting ridiculous. You did not think this through at all, Trudeau. You have no respect for Canadian’s welfare or their safety.

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