Trudeau Government Paying Liberal Party-Connected Diplomat Far Above Normal Salary

In yet another sign of Trudeau’s contempt for taxpayer dollars, Liberal Party-connected diplomat Rana Sarkar is being paid nearly twice the usual salary for his position.

As reported by CTV, “Rana Sarkar was named consul-general to San Francisco as part of a round of U.S. diplomatic appointments the federal government announced on Aug. 2. According to the Privy Council office, his salary is within the $221,300 to $260,300 range. The official pay scale for the posting is in the range of $119,600 to $140,700.”

Strangely, Gerald Butts tried defending the appointment by saying Sarkar (a former Liberal candidate), is a “friend,” and said the appointments are in line with those from the private sector.

However, that’s no justification for why a position with a public pay scale of $140,700 at the maximum was given to a party-insider at possibly $100K more per year.

To get a sense of how outrageous this is, consider that the over-payment to Sarkar is almost four times the media individual income of $27,600.

This is a continuation of the long-standing Ottawa insider game, where those with connections get rewarded at the expense of hardworking Canadians.

While this arrogant elitism in the capital certainly predates Trudeau, his government has taken it to a whole new level. Now, we are being taxed more and more so elitist insiders can benefit.

The opposition must not only take a tough stance against this latest outrage, but they must set out a clear plan to bring in tough new rules that will stop anyone from being paid over the publicly listed salary range, and set far tougher restrictions on political insiders getting huge paydays at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Trudeau has NO right to dole out Taxpayers Hard Earned Money and go above and beyond the Salary that he is should be paying to any Diplomat, or Anyone. The pay scale for everyone should be the status quo and nothing more. But then again, look at the money that he doled out to make a CONVICTED TERRORIST a MILLIONAIRE! This will NEVER be forgotten by Canadians! Canadians have NEVER been overpaid for anything that they have worked for! At the end of the day, Canadians are living Paycheck to Paycheck, because of the Taxes that we have to pay for this TRAITOR to give it to whoever he pleases. This Diplomat is a connection of Trudeau’s and is getting Rewarded at the Expense of OUR hard earned money. Why doesn’t Cheapskate Trudeau pay with his own money?? He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is MUCH RICHER than the vast majority of Canadians, who work hard to make ends meet. He doesn’t even know what “work” is! Enough is Enough! He Has To be OUSTED ASAP! Canadians have had ENOUGH!

  2. Trudeau claims to be a feminist and believe in equality between women and men. If you look at a statement in the article, you really see a great inequality here : Ms. Yaffe – who, like Mr. Sarkar, is a consul-general, but at a New York post that is generally viewed as having greater stature – is paid a salary between $153,600 and $180,600 – roughly 70 per cent of Mr. Sarkar’s pay range.

    The second point here that I want to make is that Gerald Butts defends Rana Sarkar`s salary by saying that it is in line with the private sector. Exactly, this is not a position in the private sector job, it`s a government position. Is it going to be like Maryam Monsef who lied about her origins and he is still at her post. Is Trudeau Liberal government going to spite us again?

  3. Does Selfie Trudeau think our hard earned money he takes away from us as taxes can be used as his own personal bank account. It seems so by the way he’s spending it like a drunk sailor on shore leave treating his friends in a mansion of ill repute.

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