Is It Time To Remove Pierre Trudeau’s Name From All Government Buildings?

Those who dangerously call for removing John A. Macdonald’s name from government buildings are starting a process that won’t end until Canada’s history is wiped out. Be careful what you wish for.

There is increasing discussion about removing the name of Canada’s Founding Father Sir John A. Macdonald from schools and federal buildings.

This is being pushed by those taking political correctness and historical revisionism to insane and dangerous levels, and is part of an effort to eliminate our memory of our Canadian history.

As I’ve said, that effort must be opposed. Canadians must stand up for our history, and oppose those who seek to wipe it out.

That said, we know that those who want to remove Sir John A. Macdonald’s name won’t stop there.

So, let’s do an experiment and follow that “logic” all the way:

It’s time to remove Pierre Trudeau’s name from all government buildings.

Pierre Trudeau’s name is on schools, airports, and other government buildings. However, Pierre Trudeau was one of the driving forces behind a 1969 White Paper that called for eliminating any recognition of separate Indigenous rights.

By today’s standards, there is no doubt that Trudeau’s White Paper would be seen by many as a racist and oppressive document. If someone were to bring such a document forth in 2017, they would be widely denounced.

So, since we are judging historical figures by today’s standards, it’s obvious that Pierre Trudeau’s name must be removed from all federal buildings. After all, why should taxpayer money go towards buildings that are promoting his oppressive memory?

To go even further, we must ask whether Justin Trudeau should even be to be allowed to run for office?

After all, his name brings back the memory of Pierre Trudeau’s oppressive 1969 White Paper, and could be offensive to many Canadians. Perhaps Trudeau should do the politically correct thing and withdraw from public life to avoid bringing up negative historical memories.

Let’s leave the past alone

As you can imagine, I don’t actually think we should remove Pierre Trudeau’s names from public buildings, nor do I think Justin Trudeau should be banned from running for office. Pierre Trudeau was a horrible Prime Minister, and Justin needs to be massively defeated in 2019, but they are both part of Canada’s history just as Sir John A. Macdonald is.

Of course, the thought experiment we went into above is consistent with the thinking and the logic of those who are trying to take away recognition of John A. Macdonald.

Wiping out that historical memory is disgraceful, and deprives us of our shared Canadian history. We must discuss the good and the bad of the past openly and honestly – without destroying that history. John A. Macdonald’s name must stay on the schools and government buildings. All Canadians should stand together in defence of the memory of our history.

Spencer Fernando

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The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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  1. when all the history is wiped out, as far as I am concerned if you can’t prove who he was and what he did, then it didn’t happen. How bout all of you?

  2. Great column Spencer but I think just maybe we could make an exception for PET and JT this one time and flush them both and start off fresh? Seriously though; great column.

  3. Another false equivalency. John A McDonald called for the extermination of the First Nations peoples. Trudeau did not do anything nearly that heinous. Not a fan of him or his son, but, come on, no comparison to John A.

    1. Different time Sandra and a different outlook at the world and our place in it.
      McDonald built Canada, PET started the ruination of Canada.

  4. I agree Trudeau ‘s name must go. I feel the man like his son are nothing short of an embarrassment for all of Canada!

  5. Yes Pierre is the gargoyle faced symbol of oppression an Eastward black shadow that stealthily creeps across western lands an ever present eye to the East that reminds that Dark Liberal Lotds are watching!

  6. It is stupidity at it’s best if there is a best. It seems like those under thirty are seriously insane. Where does this stop. Personally I like the statutes and all that history entails.
    These brats need to be put in the armed forces and be taught to respect authority and the value of work. There, I had my say.
    Blessing to each of you.

  7. Thanks for this. I’ve been saying for several days now “where will political correctness end?” The sugar, coffee & tea and rum industries were founded thru slavery and colonialism. Should we close bakeries, Starbucks and the LCBO? What about cotton? Close all GAPs? Pigments and dyes? Will the closing of Benjamin Moore solve all woes? The train rails from sea to shining sea? Bye bye VIA. Our progress was built on some shitty stuff. Learn from history. Get informed. We did not get to where we are now by rainbows and unicorns.

  8. Remove his name from anything positive about him. but do not remove the History of him being the most prominent Traitor in Canadian history. Lessons must be in Univercities to understand how he did this. Canadians must learn to see as to prevent Justin and future Tudeaus from ever entering Canadian Politics again. They just learn from each other more ways to destroy Canada and sell out to the Middle East.

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