REPORT: North Korea Says They’ve Developed Advanced Hydrogen Bomb

Advanced weapon has “great destructive power” says North Korea regime.

According to the KCNA – their official “news agency” – the regime has developed a more advanced nuclear weapon with “great destructive” power.

Disturbingly, the regime is claiming Kim Jong Un inspected the weapon – which they say can be put on an ICBM.

This news comes as North Korea recently shocked the “experts” by achieving missile and warhead miniaturization advances far in advance of what people think.

As noted by Reuters, “The hydrogen bomb’s power is adjustable to hundreds of kilotons and can be detonated at high altitudes, with its indigenously produced components allowing the country to build as many nuclear weapons as it wants, KCNA news agency said.”

A concerning development

If this development is true – and that’s always doubtful considering we’re talking about North Korea propaganda here – it would be a serious concern.

Despite all the sanctions and tough talk over the last two decades, North Korea has made continued progress towards a more advanced nuclear weapons program and more advanced weapon delivery abilities.

If they have truly developed an advanced hydrogen bomb, it would be the latest evidence that North Korea continues to outmaneuver the combined military, economic, and diplomatic might of the United States, and much of the United Nations. At one point, that would just be embarrassing. Now, it’s become dangerous.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Everyone loves to talk about figurative elephants,as in ” the elephant in the room “, but no one wants to face the ugly beast. To do so would require something exceedingly rare in our politicians; courage.

    Remember the old British series,”Yes,Prime Minister”? Civil servant Sir Humphrey would warn the PM that what he was about to say could be considered “courageous”,at which point the PM always capitulated to Sir Humphrey’s logic. Doing something courageous means Taking Responsibility for an action, or to use the vernacular of today,”owning” said action,which will forever be remembered,for good or bad,and no politician today wants that.
    We are ruled by slippery professional politicians who are as unwilling to take a firm stand or be “courageous” as the fictional Sir Humphrey’s Minister.

    So,regarding North Korea, we tear our (figurative) hair, threaten sanctions, mutter about China’s responsibility, and suggest every form of political machination, but we ignore the elephant,just as we did in 1936.

    The elephant is:Premier Kim and his regime must be destroyed as soon as possible by resolute military action,or one day he will develop a missile system capable of reaching any continent on the planet, and he will use those missiles,complete with nuclear warheads.

    Assassination may not work as the rest of the regime is probably as insane as Kim,so we are left with one “unthinkable” solution, all out total war against North Korea.

    Currently there is only one politician on the planet that is even willing to match Kim eyeball to eyeball,as the rest harrumph like characters in an old Mel Brooks comedy, and do absolutely nothing.

    While we were taught to revile Neville Chamberlain as a immovable pacifist whose actions led to World War 2, Chamberlain was at least a competent politician with more character than 99% of the politicians ruling the Nations today.

    We are led by milquetoasts whose only thought is to their political well being at home and the winning of the next election,thus keeping their cronies at the trough.
    To the horror of the cowardly politicians who rule most Countries today, President Trump may actually do something “courageous” about Kim.
    If he succeeds,and the threat of NK is removed once and for all, Trump’s enemies will hate him even more than they do now,as it would show the world what ineffective cockroaches most politicians are.

    However, every Neville Chamberlain clone on the planet is working overtime to ensure that all Trump does is talk.Talk is safe and all politicians love to talk. Courage is an outmoded concept,a leftover from ancient times.

    So, we shall continue to bluster about sanctions and human rights violations and abhor the militancy of Kim,while the smell from the dung of the defecating elephant makes the air in the room unbreatheable.

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