BAD IDEA: Trudeau Government May Buy Old, Already-Used Fighter Jets From Australia

Once again, the security of Canada, and those who defend it, are treated as an afterthought.

The Trudeau government had considered buying new F-18 Super Hornets from Boeing as an interim solution to the aging CF-18 fleet.

However, a trade dispute between Boeing and Bombardier (Boeing alleges Bombardier is illegally subsidized), has led the government to put the Super Hornet purchase on hold.

While the two issues do not need to be linked, the Trudeau government is playing political games, trying to win support for being seen as standing up for Bombardier and punishing Boeing.

Of course, the true punishment is being imposed on those who bravely defend Canada.

Because, instead of getting new Super Hornets, it seems the Trudeau government is thinking of buying used F/A-18 fighter jets from Australia.

So, the government is planning to buy old used F-18’s to replace old used F-18’s.

It’s a terrible idea, and it is disrespectful to those who serve our country.

Canada is a vast nation with an immense airspace. We need a large number of advanced fighter jets to ensure that airspace is adequately protected. We are already part of the F-35 program, and the government should buy the F-35 ASAP.

That would solve the Boeing issue and get our pilots high-quality planes – which is better for their safety and the security of our country.

But now, it seems our pilots won’t even get new planes at all.

If the government goes ahead with the purchase of secondhand planes from Australia instead of purchasing either new Super Hornets or getting the F-35, it will be an act of weakness and disrespect, and a sad continuation of successive governments shameful failure to adequately fund our national defences.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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  1. I am not sure how many times it can be stated, but Trudeau has absolutely NO respect for Canada or Canadian citizens — those whom he has sworn to protect and which is his first and foremost duty. This individual is, under any circumstances, a danger to the future of our country and should leave office voluntarily, or be removed by some method. I do not have any knowledge of a method that can be used to unseat him, but I suspect there is something in law that can be brought to bear — assuming, of course, one can find a lawyer with the integrity to actually initiate action — and I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  2. That worst Idea buy old plane, if something go wrong who are going to be responsible for disaster and life of pilot. IF these part can’t be fix when there no longer part available I know this stuff. I seen guys get killed if the part don’t match to old part and replace and everything hell get lose everything. Even can be a lawsuit to Trudeau. That not right why the plane from France for repaired and that not right we could have mechanic here in Canada. Also you pay the stupid terriorist who was out of prison that 10.5 millions that crazy jerk Trudeau, who he think he is. No way that dumb idea in the first place. WE know it the safety for the pilot and who ever on the ground will be killed if no one down we are very fortunate.

  3. The tragic irony is these fighters are available because the RAAF is getting the F35. As stupid as this idea is, it still makes more sense than wasting money on newly built Super Hornets, the extra stupid idea that combines exorbitant cost and expensive delays with utterly reduced capability & loss of interoperability with out allies. If we don’t buy the CF35, we look like utter idiots to our NATO allies, with Canada alone in the legacy fighter wilderness, incapable of communicating with US F35 forces, even to identify and prosecute threats to our airspace. Then again another stupid promise kept, like Trudeau’s fanciful attack on medium and small business, yes the middle class, yes the only job creators left, as an “investment” on their behalf, somehow more “fair.” Any excuse to increase taxes is considered “fair.” Unlike real investing, they will collect far less than they think they will. Actually, we could do with much less “investment” from this government on taxation, defense or other issues. Here’s an example of their “success:” this government has also tripled their promise of “modest” $10b deficits, with the budget balanced by 2019. With the reality the government will surely add over $100b to the federal debt, we can count on more harebrained ideas from this government as they continue to lose control of spending, exerting political power on behalf of their cronies and fellow traveler statists, with mounting debt and nothing to show for it except pontifications and apologies and secret payoffs to convicted murderer terrorists. If Canada is keep from hitting the wall economically, as they nearly did under Chretien, then this government must be held to one term. The demographic tsunami of aging boomers triple whammy – withdrawn workplace productivity, along with ballooning public pension and medical costs – is a certainty and running up debt in that environment is precisely wrong idea, no matter how good is sounds in Gritland and their establishment pursuit to turn all things economic into their social and fiscal engineering modes, with unfortunately the poorest of society set to ultimately pay the price of their mendacity and incompetence.

  4. I wonder how much life will be left on the airframe of these old,used fighter. How many hours on each one,how hard have they been driven? This smacks of the (in)famous used British submarines Chretien purchased only to discover they had screen doors,or leaked as if they did.

    Btw,are those subs finally NOW on active duty? Anyone here have any idea?

    If we must send our lads to battle in ancient fighters,why not approach the government of China,Trudeau’s very favorite government on the planet,and buy their old Mig-21’s on the cheap? Maybe get a few T-72 tanks while we’re at it.

    The Armed Forces usually vote for the Liberals,and for the life of me,I can’t figure out why.The LPC has always considered the Forces a necessary evil and they shaft our veterans every chance they get. perhaps masochism is rampant in the CAF.

  5. This is getting ridiculous; used fighters does not equal a good defense. Why is it that this government despises our country to the point of gutting our military through budget cuts and trying to take away bonuses from troops in dangerous zones?

    Without a modern air force, our skies are vulnerable-and we risk getting kicked out of NATO for this; maybe we should, seeing as Turdeau doesn’t give a damn about our countrys culture and values.

  6. Trudeau knows what is coming and his tactical plan is ensure Canada can not respond and it just might be possible, he can sit at the little kids table when the men who divide the spoils, might throw some scraps his way. I wonder if he has a Jester costume to wear in that vast array of costumes he has in his drama wardrobe. Concerned Citizen.

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