Trudeau Is Trying To Turn Canadians Against Each Other For His Political Gain

Trudeau is trying to turn people against Canadian small business owners who have a limited capacity to fight back against his attacks.

True leaders bring people together. A key part of doing that is standing up for national values, and accepting responsibility for the consequences of decisions, instead of blaming others.

That’s the exact opposite of what Justin Trudeau is doing.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Trudeau is now trying to use Canadian small business people as a scapegoat.

He’s using the full power and influence of his office to target Canadians who have a limited capacity to stand up against him.

That’s not leading, it’s demonizing.

Trudeau has tried creating the perception that small business owners are tax cheats, that middle-class small business owners are super-rich, and that they should be targeted for the extraction of tax revenue, instead of the big banks and corporations. Even better, would be getting government spending under control, rather than seek to take from others.

As Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said, “These are good people, hardworking people, these are honest people who are being demonized by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just to pay for their out-of-control spending.”

Trudeau’s failed leadership

With his attack on Canada’s small businesses, Trudeau has failed the test of leadership. By demonizing hardworking Canadians, Trudeau is trying to turn us against eachother in order to gain votes, and divert blame for the negative consequences of his actions.

It’s very disturbing, and Canadians deserve better.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. Trudeau is not a leader. He divides people instead of unifying them. For Canada’s sake, Trudeau has to go. He already has done too much damage. IMHO, he is the worse PM in Canadian history.

  2. “It’s very disturbing, and Canadians deserve better.” That, Spencer, is an understatement.
    What Canadians deserve is ridding ourselves of the IQ80 man child.

  3. By now most Canadians have the feeling that this individual must be tossed into the garbage heap of political history, where he belongs. He is not a leader. He is not honest. He is not a benefit to anyone but those outside forces that control him. He has brought political shenanigans to a new low. He has absolutely no personal pride or aptitude. He is a failure as a feminist and a failure as a person. He lies as if it were something to be proud of. He is an embarrassment to our country — and a danger as well. Perhaps Canadians (hopefully) will learn a lesson from this government — and this is to pay strict attention to every word that escapes from the mouths of any politician and hold them accountable for each and every decision. History is replete with stories of so many with attitudes such as his and the inevitable solution.

    1. Unfortunately only a minority of Canadians see Trudeau for what he actually is,most are still in love with him. Were an election held tomorrow, Trudeau and the LPC would win another strong majority.

      Trudeau was here in Kelowna a few days back, this IS conservative,bible belt country,and it was a big love fest from the day he arrived to the day he left. Trudeau is very good at meeting ordinary people,such as the fire fighters here,and like any good schmoozer,he makes them feel good basking in his reflected glory for a few seconds.Then he follows up by spouting a load of cliches and campaign boilerplate,and the public sucks it up.

      Trudeau/Butts realize that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth,and you’ll notice he has repeated the statement about the unfairness of the taxes paid by small business until the masses see it as fact.

      Make no mistake, the guy is popular,and it is going to take one hell of a campaign to unseat him. Trudeau may have pi$$ed in the punch bowl with the new taxes on small business,we have to hope Scheer and his people have the smarts to exploit this to their advantage.

  4. Trudeau does not have the capacity to understand taxes and the need to protect small businesses, because they are the consistent providers of jobs. They do not teach that in elementary Drama . What he knows is that creating jobs for Canadians may diminish the pots of money that businesses pay for the PM to splurge among his “Friends of the Family”, like the Clintons and other extortioners, as well as any terrorists that may come around. And these people are not cheap! His mission is not to understand taxes, but to collect as much as possible, to buy, world wide, his recognition as a great Soros’ little serf. The rewards are in the books: how many Canadian millions are needed to buy a Noble prize?
    Many business owners make less money than politicians and bureaucrats, who do not have to risk any of their savings in order to receive a salary that they may or may not deserve.

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