WATCH: Scheer Responds To Trudeau’s Attack On Canada’s Local Businesses

“We fight for the plumbers, the mechanics, the grocery store owners, the farmers, the ranchers, who just want to create jobs in their communities and save for their families”.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has been pushing back against Justin Trudeau’s dangerous tax attack on Canada’s local businesses.

During a recent speech, he described the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of the Trudeau government, and explained how their actions will hurt all Canadians.

Watch Scheer’s comments below:


This is a good message from Scheer, clearly establishing that he intends to support the real Canadians who keep our country going, while Trudeau stands only for the elites.

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  1. This is the best speech I have seen by Scheer,he’s getting better. Now,hammer on this theme for the next two years,with a few additions from the ongoing Liberal malfeasance in Ottawa,and the CPC may have a fair chance at defeating Trudeau and the Liberals in 2019.

    I note the audience seemed to be mostly over 50 years of age,same as the meetings of the CPC I’ve attended. Scheer has to motivate that demographic as Harper did in 2011.

  2. A “good” message??? Taking a position against making the tax system more fair by ensuring that higher income earners and the rentier class pay closer to fair taxation is only a “good” position if you are part of the income bracket that does not want to pay fair taxation back into the local economy from which they profit/consume/pollute.

    Framing a tax adjustment that will make the system more fair as…”dangerous” is clearly a false narrative against the common good. Similarly, framing that Scheer, “intends to support the real Canadians who keep our country going while Trudeau stands only for the elites”, is clearly intellectually dishonest, when it is the increasingly marginalized middle class and low wage immigrants that have been keeping our deficient GDP growth and real estate ponzi wealth scheme going in the current globalized race to the bottom. Scheer and Conservative policies most certainly do not address the concerns of the majority of working Canadians.

    1. False, false, false! 70% of the jobs in Canada are created by small businesses. With Trudeau new taxes on small businesses, that will be the last straw, there will be less and less jobs in Canada. That is all we have left. Manufacturing has been killed. Now Trudeau plans to destroy more of our economy re. free trade with China, his attack against the oil industry is huge and he has already destroyed much of that employment as well.

    2. As someone who has a LEGIT small business who looks after accounting and tax affairs for my clients you are DEAD wrong! I also see the middle class “WELFARE Trudeau has created…which I now label the SUNSHINE WELFARE LIST” of the women who have 5 babies from 5 different baby daddies pulling in more a month in CCB, OCB, GST, OTB, Welfare Dole, support payments making over $125,00.00 a YEAR for NOT working and these woman are highly educated and could make that and more if they got up off of the behinds and went to work. So when Trudeau says he is helping the middle class this is DIRECTLY TOO WHOM he is speaking to, the YOUNG, the LAZY, the let’s get prego again to get more for doing NOTHING!

      The ram and scam TAXES placed on businesses started in 2003 and I think you and I Cathie Reid went at this on facebook, on twitter as you are a strong backer of Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

      Small businesses work long days and after making sure the overhead is all paid, payroll is paid, WSIB, COT, HST, not much left at the end of the week to pay for their own bills in their home!
      Maybe Trudeau, Morneau, Wynne, McGuinty have all their money hidden away (IN I am sure offshore accounts) Trudeau hid behind three NON PROFITS on the Charity Directorate and NO TAXES paid what-so-ever, TWO he shut down and still has the Trudeau Foundation listed. Guess the one in the Lieberal caucus in Ottawa who filter their money and their businesses should look in the mirror at who IS CHEATING THE TAX SYSTEM.

      Makes me ill

      1. Bill Money Morneau and his elite family only have 14 estates what does he know about middle income people.must know all the tax loopholes to bad he throws all the hard working business man into the same bracket he employed 4000 people and I am sure none of them had to worry about their benefits and pension plans as does the working stiff. so just what does he know!same for his partner justene!

  3. As with so much in politics, there are always opposing opinions. However, sometimes I listen to arguments that would perhaps be of greater interest at another time and place — not unlike listening to two firemen arguing while a building is ablaze, about how the fire was started, or what the motive may be, or the mental state of the person who started the fire, all of which is hardly pertinent at that moment in time. The issue before them is the fire — plain and simple — and they job is to extinguish that fire. It is not for them, at that moment in time, to debate who, why and/or anything else. Put out the fire, after which they can indulge in any discussions about who, why and so on. As it might well be in politics, perhaps the answers to the questions would be better discussed at some point later on.

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