REPORT: Trudeau Could Become First PM Found In Violation Of A Federal Law While In Power

Trudeau is still being investigated by the Conflict of Interest & Ethics Commissioner for his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

As Justin Trudeau’s Aga Khan trip has come back into the news after revelations that it cost Canadian taxpayers far more than previously thought.

However, in a recent article, journalist David Akin points out an issue potentially even bigger than the cost of the trip: Trudeau could become the first Prime Minister to be found in violation of a federal law while in power.

After pointing out that previous Prime Minister’s have been criticized for vacations, Akin notes the big difference in Trudeau’s case:

“But Justin Trudeau’s 2016 Bahamas trip is in a separate category from the rest and he faces a different political peril that has nothing to do with the cost of the trip. The Bahamas trip is the first prime ministerial vacation that has sparked an investigation by the House of Commons Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson.”

Trudeau is under investigation for the possible violation of two parts of the Conflict of Interest Act.

“If Trudeau is found to have been in contravention of either provision, he will be the first prime minister in history to have been found to have violated a federal law while he was in office,” says Akin.

Here’s why:

  • Because the Aga Khan Foundation receives federal grants, Trudeau accepting a free vacation from the Aga Khan could be an serious problem.
  • Additionally, Trudeau’s use of the Aga Khan’s private helicopter is in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act provision against ministers of the crown accepting travel “on non-commercial chartered or private aircraft,” unless it’s a part of their official duties (private vacations don’t count), exceptional circumstances, or with the approval of the Ethics Commissioner. None of those seem to apply to Trudeau’s use of the private helicopter, setting up a big possible ethics problem for him.

One rule for the elites, another for the rest of us

Akin points out that Trudeau’s potential punishments are minor if he is found to have violated the ethics law, saying “Trudeau would get the equivalent of an administrative slap on the wrist.” But Akin also correctly notes that it would be a big political issue for the PM.

For many Canadians, Trudeau becoming the first PM found in violation of federal law while in office would simply confirm what is already becoming obvious to millions: Trudeau believes there is one set of rules for the elites like him, and another for the rest of us. He sees Canadians as his servants, rather than seeking to serve Canadians as a true leader should.

Read Akin’s full article here

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  1. Why the false framing and partisan/politically motivated conjecture of wrongdoing when there is no evidence or ruling of such?

    1. When you are swooning over good looks, and nice hair you see our Crime Minister thru rose coloured glasses. Everyday Justin commits another act that makes us feel more and more like his servants. Lets hope we don’t have to bow down to this Legend in his own mind for too much longer. His tax war against small businesses and open borders policy is enough tto cause most Canadians to loath and despise this white water instructor who is in way over his head and should not in a million years be in the postion he is in. He is leading this country down the path of destruction. By b 2030 , migrants will outnumber born in Canada folks. I hope they treat us as well as we treated them. I am fearful they probably won’t. I won’t be around at my age, but I love my country and feel for the ones left.

      1. You are right.. so very very disheartening.. Heart breaking for our children and grandchildren. So very sad.. Trudeau is a menace..

      2. I agree with you entirely,justin Trudeau like his late father is determined to destroy canada… it won’t be too long before the west separates from canada .. I will at that point have to move to the west and leave behind beautiful ontario with it unadulterated political
        corruption .

    2. So are you saying that you are ok with everything that our PM has been doing since he came I to power? There is no false framing its been in the news all along. The evidence is clear. It’s also clear that the pm of Canada does not care about Canada at all but about himself.

    3. No evidence of wrong doing !!!! Allowing illegals to invade Canada. Assisting by condoning Mayor Corderre using tax dollars and Government workers by building a foot Bridge as to ease of entry at the invasion site. Agreeing these people are Asylum Seekers when they clearly are not. Refusing to replace the Judges to vet these illegals as to prolong the wait as to interviews. Intentionally doing this as to exercise the loophole of if to long to be interviewed, blanket amnesty to all. Placing Canadians at risk to our Safety by allowing them to just blend in all over Canada. Everyone of these People who by chance are Radical and create a Crime in Canada, Trudeau should be charge with them. He is in line for human rights law suits as to the security and Safety rights Canadians expect, that he is jeopardizing by his disregard of the consequences of his actions. Imposing tax laws on small business, while he enjoys tax relief through numbered Companies. Telling Canadians that it is ok because these laws are in place to allow this. He then adds insult that he will change these laws. What,! after he creates another way to channel his Family fortune in some other place as to avoid taxes. This is the first time in my sixty six years that I have concerns as to freedom of speech. He condones M103 as islamaphobia. Islam is not a People it is a land. So no such thing, still he pushes it thru…… he is a liar and arrogantly insults the USA on a regular basis. He has caused the worst relations with our Big Brother in memory. Now he does nothing to protect our Borders, places Border Guards at risk, Causes the RCMP to be overwork and traumatically spent, distracted from other duties to control an invasion of illegals, not irregulars. That is another word that he just decided to change to suit his contribution to an Invasion of Canada. Look in your dictionary as to what People are when illegally enter a Country…….INVASION!!!! He is ramming his want of Gloadalization down Canadians throats with no form of referendum. Keep these words, and as time goes on see how correct this is.

  2. Trudeau is corrupt and a disgrace and should be removed from office, he is unfit to be the Honourable PM of Canada! If Mr Harper did any of the crimes that Trudeau has done to the Canadian taxpayers and citizens he would already be gone, Trudeau has also broken immigration laws. Trudeau has to be accountable for his actions, he should not be above the law.

  3. Yes this fool should face some serious action on this, among a lot of other things. I remember when the Auditor General asked that all MP’S too which Trudeau was at the time for all expenses (this while he was pounded on Duffy) did Trudeau come clean about expensing to the Canadian Citizens he charged us for being out on speaking engagements for his not one, but two failed Non Profits he had up on the Charities Directorate. He placed blame on his accountant LOL

  4. I fear he has already been at work to change laws, judges, and jerrymander the whole situation under the rug… we need to continue to call him out about this and all the other terrible things he has done… the whole liberal agenda revolves around people ignoring them while they break laws and legislate ‘from the bench’… if we were publicly aware, or if the legacy media even reported 25% of this gaft instead of its current -120% ( making stuff up which is the opposite of reality ), then the public would be in a position of uproar… but most people ‘on the street’ already presume that the laws and perceptions of reality will be changed whenever they don’t coincide with the things in Trudle’s tiny little mind…

  5. Trudeau is just like his father but a lot worse. He does things he should be doing and he does not do the things he should be doing. Just waiting for him to do something he can be impeached by. Then we can wave him goodbye and forget about the “Trudeau dynasty “

    1. Bite your tongue, Don. He was a drama teacher, ok? Be
      Because of the familiar name, the looks, the curly hair, perfect teeth and acting abilities, he won the election and is getting away with murder. Please, please, please let Canadians wake up in 209.

  6. Lakes and streams not protected? Fuck You Flip flop artist Justin! You promised to reverse Harper’s decision then you went all to soft shit on this pressing Canadian issue? WHY. (Money issues?)
    Mercury poisoning still a Canadian water problem especially for natives?
    Dirty drinking water for Canadians(some native some not)?
    GTA choked with diesel fumes and traffic. Why? Electric bullet trains needed? From China?
    And yet the following “Cash Bonanza Giveaways for foreign nations? how much to King of Jordan? How much to ‘rebuild” Iraq infrastructure? perhaps good money spent well, but simple minded and without triage considerations?
    Your nose is dirty here at home but you spend on others? Priorities Sunny Daze, Priorities!
    You really do need a “Triage Nurse”.

  7. “Trudeau believes there is one set of rules for the elites like him, and another for the rest of us.”

    I believe almost every politician and member of the wealthy elite believes that.They may SAY they don’t but the reality is the elites are treated differently. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that is a naive fool or an outright liar.

    I wouldn’t get all hopey- feely about Trudeau being found to have broken a rule or even a law. He will be investigated by Liberals,and if necessary prosecuted by Liberals,Judged by Liberals, and made to seem the victim of archaic rules by a Liberal MSM. If anything, I expect IF (BIG BIG IF) Justin is found to have been in a conflict, it will make him even more the victim of Conservative Haters to his adoring fans.

    Trudeau is in the PM’s Office until 2019,at least,there is NO sense in fantasizing that he will somehow be removed by a mere law or act of God. And he won the election fair and square,as the CPC ran an inept campaign.
    Sometimes some conservatives sound as deranged about Trudeau as the Democrats down South do about Donald Trump.

  8. Regards the tax fairness bill that our corrupt liberal gov. wants to enact. I see that there are many layers to this bill. Least of which is the subsection as regards to succession tax. The Libs want to put into place a policy wherby if you a father wants to sell his farm to his son , then they are taxed at a way higher rate than if they sell the farm to an outsider such as a corporation. Whereupon the corporation rents the farm back to the son and the son is then like an 18th century serf in Czarist Russia, which his great grandparents may have fled in the first place, and now the Lib. elite is trying to make us into. Dirty rotten son a rolling stones moll., that is our Crime Minister fer ya.

  9. I just happened to notice the illegals crossing into Canada on the news today and pulling headphones off as they saw the cameras pointing their way and a lot of them were toting along some pretty fancy luggage. Lookin awfully hard up to me. Just give them all the money that I’ve paid for employment insurance. After working for thirty straight years and paying into it I don’t qualify.

  10. he has broke soo many rules,,,, he thinks the rules are for everyone except him,,,he is above the law as far as he is concerned,,,,just out and out arrogant,,not too proud of a p.m. who acts the way he does,,, he acts like he is doing us taxpayers a dig favor by taking on this job,,,,,,,,,not too many people want him but then,we really don’t have much of a say,,he is really embarrassing as a prime minister,, don’t think i have heard of anyone who actually respects him,,they say he is a joker with nice hair and pretty socks,,,,oh well, we are stuck whether we like him or not,he is here for a couple more years,,,moannnnn so sad,, 🙁

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