GOOD DECISION: Court Rejects Khadr Bid To Loosen Bail Conditions

Khadr had wanted unrestricted access to his sister Zaynab, who has expressed pro-Al-Qaeda views.

Omar Khadr’s bid to have his bail conditions loosened – which would have given him unrestricted travel across Canada and unrestricted access to his sister – have been rejected by an Edmonton Court.

The decision was made by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice June Ross. Ross ruled that there is no evidence Zaynab Khadr has changed her views.

As a result, Khadr must speak to his sister in English, and can only do so if his lawyers, a bail supervisor, or someone appointed by the court is present.


Khadr must also continue to request permission to travel outside of Alberta to other Canadian provinces.

A common sense decision

Many Canadians had been wondering why Khadr – especially after getting a massive $10.5 million payment from the Trudeau government – kept pushing for more, including access to his sister.

With this decision, the court has at least brought a bit of common sense to what has been one outrage after another. However, it won’t stop the righteous anger Canadians feel about how the Trudeau government has handled this disgraceful situation.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Unbelievable! The Canadian court system actually showing some cojones and denying Khadr his bid to have his bail conditions DENIED!! BRAVO, one small WIN for Canadians and Canada!

  2. He should be jailed for condoning his Sister and Mothers views. Where is his Brother? Where does his Sister and Mother live now. How did these Terrorist sympathizers get Canadian citizenship. What type of security do Canadians have that an influx of terrorists have not entered Canada through the invasion point in Montreal. Canadians should be demanding Trudeau, Corderrre and all those who have assisted and used Tax dollars to make this point of invasion easier and more open for continued invasion. Also the Cost to have our RCMP taken from protecting Canadians to protecting and placing illegals. These People are Not Irregulars. They are fraudulently claiming Asylum and are illegal invaders to Canada. Where are all of you Canadians and Americans? North Americans security is seriously compromised by the irresponsible acts of the Premire of Canada and the Mayor of Montreal. How many more Canadian laws are being broken and compromised by leaders of our Country and Provinces? How foes this happen?
    Ask yourselves what would happen if the average Canadian attempted to do this!!!!!!

    1. Please keep in mind the Khadr family spoke out about Canada and its citizens many times . Omar’s sister has never hidden the fact she just about hates everyone on planet earth. But according to Omar his sister just is very angry and has a habit of saying the wrong things. Now if anyone believes Omar, you need to lock yourself in the insane asylum immediately and never see the light of day. For the question of how they got Canadian citizenship, that’s very easy to explain. A Canadian Is A Canadian Is A Canadian.

  3. I am delighted with the decision of the courts! Omar Khadr and his family are criminals they should lose their citizenship, in my opinion!

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