WHAT? Trudeau Actually Attacked The Opposition For “Standing With Doctors”

Does he think they should be standing against them?

During Question Period, Trudeau actually attacked the Opposition parties for “telling every doctor they meet that they stand with them.”

You would think that all political parties would want to stand with Canada’s doctors, but Trudeau seems to think standing with doctors is a bad thing.

He later tries to correct himself, saying “wealthy doctors,” but he only makes it even more clear that he is attempting to divide Canadians for his own selfish political gain.

With Question Period underway, the battle for the future of Canada continues.

Watch Trudeau’s comments below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Dividing Canadians

As I’ve said before, true leaders bring people together, failed leaders divide. Trudeau is trying to divide Canadians against eachother, and he has now reached the absurd point where he’s actually attacking other parties for not attacking doctors.

This isn’t what Canadians voted for.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. Raising taxes on doctors will result in more of them working in the United States. Lower income Canadians would suffer from any shortage of doctors. Wealthy Canadians will do just fine because they can afford medical treatment in the States. Tell me again how Justin cares about the middle class?

    1. I posted on another thread that it will devastate health care access in rural areas – farming and aboriginal population. Trudeau cares only for himself and his billionaire buddies.

    2. As a young, very well-trained Canadian primary care physician who was practicing in Canada, this is true. While I was working in the Canadian town in which I grew up (my community), for several years, I soon discovered how much the government and provincial insurers detest physicians. It truly is remarkable. Forgive me for putting off having a family and dedicating my youth to learning how to take care of my community. Yes, I also wanted to live a reasonably comfortable life so that I could pay my utilities and rent on-time and be able to afford to retire sometime before I die.

      There is much spread from the political arena into the media about “wealthy/greedy doctors” and that physicians are paid too much. Divisive rhetoric like this disgusts me. Honestly, the number of people I treated that realized I was being paid $30 for evaluating and treating them was exactly zero. Also, as doctors in Canada, we are considered independent contractors, which means that we pay all overhead expenses – including salaries and benefits for our staff – out of that $30. As independent contractors, we also do not qualify for any employee benefits, including things like extended health insurance coverage which we do not even get. (Physician, heal thyself)! Many patients assumed I was paid at least $100 for their clinic visit and many who brought up the topic felt that even this was not enough.

      If that $30 for a visit is truly “too much” for evaluating and treating Canadians appropriately, I wish you good luck when you try to seek out actual medical care instead of a quick 5-minute in and out “visit” with an unneeded referral to see a specialist or unnecessary and potentially harmful prescription. When you incentivize unnecessary referrals, prescriptions, and poor/no medical care, you shouldn’t be surprised when that’s exactly what you get.

      For all the concern about money and expenses, there is a dearth of attention on how irresponsibly public resources are used. There are also many instances of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. For example, for all the rhetoric about doctors costing too much, the government actively wastes even more money funding groups in each province who flying around some of their chosen salaried employees (who are not really accountable to anyone) on fully paid vacations around the world in the guise of recruiting physicians to practice in Canada. On these trips, they try to lure foreign physicians in with grossly exaggerated promises of income. From recruited physicians who spoke with me personally, I was told they were promised amounts for working 4-5 days/week that were in the range of 3-4x what I was earning working 6 full days/week!

      Do you have questions about your diabetes? Pregnant and thinking about killing yourself because you’re still in high school and your parents would not understand? Sexually assaulted and have no support? I’m sorry, but you will have to wait to see the specialist and they are booked up into the following year because there are so many unnecessary referrals relative to the few specialists we have working around here. Or, you can go to the Emergency Department and wait 6-12 hours for the same reason. As a family doctor, I often took care of people who had multiple complex medical problems or who had faced traumatic conditions that drastically changed how their minds reacted to the world around them. I had many people in the community and in surrounding communities seek me out to care for them based on word of mouth about the level of care I provided. However, as a young physician with years of (expensive) schooling behind me and decades of work ahead, it was not going to be financially sustainable to keep providing the level of care I held myself to with how little the government valued my services.

      After being put in a prolonged situation where I was killing myself working and not even being fully paid what was legitimately owed to me for that work (not that there was really any potential recourse), I made a difficult and completely unexpected decision late last year. I was going to leave my family and my home and move to the US to practice medicine. I took one of the many offers I received and while moving is never a perfect solution, at least I am able to provide the excellent level care I take pride in delivering and I get paid reasonably for the care I provide. The alternative would have been to stagnate, trying to navigate a system that does not want me there and is full of already-limited resources being wasted needlessly and proper care not being provided in the name of cost savings. That’s a perfect recipe for burning out.

      Changes like the above and others (including things such as clawbacks that require physicians to pay the government money that was legitimately earned through providing care for Canadians because the government spent more than they had budgeted for) that discourage Canadians from taking responsibility and risks, working hard, and staying in Canada reinforce that the decision I made to leave Canada was the right one.

      1. with you %100 Doctor Paul. I emailed my MP today, told him that if my doctor packs up and heads to the US over this tax thing I will blame the Liberal Party of Canada. I think MD’s should ORGANIZE. The good news is that the Canadian people know we need doctors and farmers more than politicians! If you can speak with one voice you can force their hand. Get Andrew Scheer working for you!

  2. his own party had stunned looks on their faces ,they cant believe what he said,, Turdeau is an incompetent fool he believes his own BS

    1. I disagree with you, the liberals have no morals, if they did, they would cross the floor and vote non confidence motion, they are spineless puppets working for their puppet master! The Doctors are already over worked, we do not have enough Doctors to handle the population as it is, because a lot of Doctors go else where for better pay! This is just going to make them raise their prices of medical treatment and care, and put more strain on the average and poor Canadian citizens, and taxpayer!

  3. I guess not too much more can be said about Trudeau’s inability to recognize fundamental reality as it applies to everyone outside his bubble of self-importance. It is so glaringly obvious that I personally find it inconceivable that anyone with an intellectual capability above kindergarten would or could support this person. I cannot describe publicly my personal feelings in eloquent language and the language I would have to use, I will not use publicly. There can be no possible reasoning for the extremes he continues to go to, in an attempt to destroy this country.

  4. Not surprised here and when he says wealthy doctors, I suspect pretty much all doctors in the country fall under his category of wealthy as most are in the top tax bracket. He wants to follow the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric of divide the 1% vs. 99% thinking if he only goes after the 1% nothing to lose. And in the short-term that is probably true, but if much of that 1% packs up and leaves Canada, which with his policies is quite likely, it will hurt all Canadians not just the top 1% as there will be doctor shortages and the government will get less tax revenue and fewer jobs will be created. But Trudeau strikes me as one who has zero understanding of economics. Even if one disagree with the Martin and Chretien governments, they at least seemed to understand how economies worked whereas Trudeau and Wynne are economically illiterate which has traditionally been the case with NDP, not Liberal leaders until the past decade.

  5. First thing he has done I agree with – no sympathy for the wealthy when so many of us have been gouged to death with exhorbitant rents- all expenses going up and paying way too high taxes by the middle and low income and the most vulnerable getting nothing or next to nothing in services
    No sympathy either for tax evaders including politicians

  6. If people are slowly leaking funds our of their corporations to avoid paying tax than maybe they should invest it back in the company in the form of goods, capital etc. Or let the government heavily tax them. I think this is good for our economy. Maybe the redirected wealth will have a benificial affect for the average canadian or the “99 percent”

    1. WHAT about the politicians ( more and more of them) who are avoiding taxation by hiding their wealth off shore and trudeau is turning a blind eye to it???? His own trust fund is well invested and hidden from the tax man while he stuffs his pockets and that of his special people, with OUR MONEY BOTH THE ONES HE IMPORTED AND THOSE ALL OVER THE GLOBE !! WAKE UP, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROTECTING THE MIDDLE CLASS AND MAKING THINGS FAIR AS HE HAS BEEN GIVING THE MIDDLE CLASS THE MIDDLE FINGER SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE. HE DOESNT’ GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!! WELL DOCUMENTED FACT!!

  7. Glad Andrew Scheer defended the doctors. Trudeau is the wealthy one, doctors go to school for many years & have student loans. Why shouldn’t a doctor make good money they save lives! We will lose many doctors. Keep showing your true colours PM Trudeau!
    Yes, he is causing so much division in Canada to the point I have never seen before.

  8. As a nurse who sees the system from the inside, I will be attending the Concerned Ontario Doctors rally “Code Red” in Toronto on Sunday, Oct 1, from 1 to 2:30 pm, outside the constituency office of the Finance Minister, Bill Morneau: 430 Parliament St. I hope others can join in and stand with our doctors. Even if only to tick off our traitorous PM! http://www.carenotcuts.ca/

  9. If Trudeau wants fair.. He can start by changing the wages and benefits of the public service to match that of the average of a compatible public sector job.

    He wants fair he can give everyone a $250,000 vacation like he got..

  10. The only reason this clown got elected, all the pot heads came out in force, along with a lot of young people from the colleges and university’s who think he has nice hair or is good looking, maybe if they paid taxes like mommy and daddy, they would think before voting for this idiot.

  11. The PM comments were offensive. All healthcare professionals work hard. He mentioned that nurses don’t et the same tax benefits as doctors and work just as hard alongside them. But what about the fact that nurses start working in their early 20’s, many working after finishing their bchelor’s in nursing. They work 35-40h work weeks, get a pension and benefits. The average doctor does 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school and between 2-7 years of post – medical school training. By the time we finish we are lucky if we are in or early 30’s. And- we don’t have a union, a pension, or benefits. I got my first real job at 35 – I did 4 years of medical school, 7 years of residency and could not afford a house or car. I also had a 150k$ debt that I carried all through medical school and residency and couldn’t even begin to pay back until I was done residency. I work alongside amazing nurses, but I work 70hrs on a light week and sometimes 120hra in a bad week. I love my job and my patients but to be minimized by the government is offensive. I know of many trades workers that are small business owners that have worked since high school, work hard and have accumulated more income, assets and wealth than I have. Maybe the government should stop using physicians as a focus or scapegoat and start telling the truth!

    1. Could you please elaborate more on your situation? What is your current salary? Take home pay? What will be your projected earnings in 5 years time? 10 years time? How much were you paid during your 7 year residency?

      Don’t take this the wrong way, but there are other people who have also been through a minimum of 10 years of schooling and will never reach the income potential of a physician (i.e. the PhD’s and post-docs). Like you, they never accrued assets, income or wealth during their training; unlike you they often have unclear/limited career options that have limited income potential. In addition, these people never brought in much of a salary while training (while a 1st year PGY nets ~$60,000 and climbs each year with training https://www.carms.ca/en/match-process/your-application/salaries-benefits/ontario/).

      You may not have a union/pension/benefits but Canadian physicians have their interests protected by some of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country. You’re in a highly protected profession that artificially keeps demand incredibly high while keeping supply low; we could increase enrollment into Canadian medical schools but that would come at cost to your salary and potential quality to the healthcare system (although I believe this is debatable as other countries have higher physicians/capita and do just fine if not better). We could also open up our healthcare system to more foreign physicians and make it more like a free market economy where you would compete with other physicians to provide better services to attract patients to your clinic.

      When I see physicians like yourself complain of their salary or taxes it seems like a such a sob story. I don’t think you realize how good you have it; you have incredible job security that’s heavily protected, and make a substantial income (3-5 times more) compared to the average citizen yet you still complain about not owning a house/car when you were younger. You must admit, at least now you can own a very expensive house and a very expensive car.

      If you don’t thinks that’s good enough, you’re more than welcome to change your career trajectory i.e. move to the US to practice medicine to make more money, quit your job here and make more money doing something else (although that’s very hard to do as well – try actually owning a small business that has to compete in a free market economy with other small business/national/multi-national companies and isn’t heavily protected like a Canadian physician). Yes, you work hard; but so have a lot of other people at a fraction of your salary, higher risk and poorer job security.

  12. Mr:” Little Brain the Turd”
    You are jealous of Wealthy doctors, because you would never be able to become one.
    Why didn’t you become an engineer, as you had planned? Because you could not get It!!!!
    Selfies yes, manipulation yes, that is part of your drama training. Please deflate your sense of value.. You understand nothing about taxes. Did you ever do your own taxes?
    With your snake oil speeches and empty frivolities, you managed, one year ,to rack in more than 400K dollars. Can you compare the value of service that you offered to society, to the work of any doctor who manages to gross that amount of money and has to pay for rent and employees and personal taxes out of that amount? Medicine does not occupy just one individual, It has to be a business. If it is a bad Business in Canada, we lose our Doctors.The USA needs that kind of refugees… Similar destiny for farmers and other small businesses. But fools like you do not need these jobs. They will live on some meager trust fund that their parents prepared because they could not trust the judgement of their adult children.
    If you were talking about the money that your friends ,the rotten celebrities ,and professional sports steroid balls, as well as star singers who offer their expertise to govern countries when they can not govern their addictions….I would understand your desire to rob them of money they do not deserve. Are you getting it?

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