SURVEY: Canadians Oppose Trudeau’s Khadr Payment By Huge 39% Margin

A new survey shows Canadians across the political spectrum oppose the Khadr deal, and 44% say it will impact their vote in the 2019 election.

Justin Trudeau’s decision to give $10.5 million in taxpayers money to Omar Khadr isn’t sitting well with Canadians.

According to a survey by Campaign Research, a full 60% of Canadians oppose the Khadr deal, while just 21% support it. The remainder are undecided.

Even among Liberal supporters, 49% oppose the deal while just 31% are in favour.

51% of New Democrats, and an overwhelming 83% of Conservatives are against the Khadr payment.

Many say the Khadr payment will impact their vote

Nearly half of survey respondents said Trudeau’s Khadr payment will impact their vote.

21% say it will have “a great deal” of impact on their vote, while 23% say it will have “some” impact.

Meanwhile, 25% say it “wouldn’t have much” of an impact, and 20% say it “wouldn’t have an impact at all.”

Conservatives need to keep hitting the Trudeau government on this

It can be tempting in politics to think that once public opinion is on your side you can move on to another issue. However, considering how short the media cycle has become, the Trudeau Liberals will able to make the disgraceful Khadr payment fade into the background – unless the Conservatives keep hitting the government over and over again on it.

The payment was a total disgrace, and it was totally the responsibility of Trudeau – no matter what deceptive rhetoric he tries to foist upon Canadians.

The Conservatives need to keep bringing it up, and keep reminding Canadians that the government didn’t even want Canadians to know what was done with our taxpayers money. The Trudeau government wanted the terrible payment kept under wraps.

A tough, relentless, and strong message consistently condemning the Khadr payment is the only way to make sure Trudeau doesn’t get away with distracting from his terrible decision.

Read the full survey here

Spencer Fernando


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  1. At the very least, again no matter what one’s political preference may be, this outrageous payout to a convicted killer hiding behind the “I was y0ung did not know” defence is another example of Trudeau’s penchant for continually leaving the impact such an act has on Canadians as not being worthy of any consideration — plus the amount, which even under the most favourable conditions would raise eyebrows — is another clear indication that his whole attitude is one that considers “since it is ‘only taxpayer’s money’ it doesn’t matter'”. This is clearly not the substance necessary in the attitude of a prime minister — or anyone else, for that matter.

  2. The proponents of the Khadr deal point out three factors in justifying his $10.5 million pay day. They were the claim that young Omar was a “child soldier”, that his “due process” Charter rights were infringed upon and that he was “tortured” while imprisoned in Guantanamo.

    Mr. Khadr was plucked from a foreign battlefield and was subject to the international laws of war – not the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In accordance with the related conventions in place at the time of his capture, Mr. Khadr was not a “child” soldier. At best, he could be considered a “youth” at the time of his capture but still eligible for treatment as an adult given the nature and severity of his crimes. Additionally, he could not be considered a “soldier” under these same conventions as he was an “unlawful enemy combatant”. As such, he could not even be considered to be a “Prisoner of War” but, rather, an unlawful enemy combatant subject to trial by military tribunal.

    Canada, as a signatory to the Geneva Conventions that informed Khadr’s treatment, was neither obliged nor authorized to extend Charter protections to Khadr whilst he was an American captive. Indeed, related Canadian Forces’ doctrine dictates that the interrogation of combatants, unlawful or not, shall always be conducted as if the subject had Prisoner of War status. It is important to note that this status does not afford the prisoner a right to have a lawyer present during such interrogations. In the matter of torture, this same doctrine is adamant that a prisoner not be subjected to “unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment”. At the same time, however, it requires that allegations of ill-treatment be supported by evidence that establishes proof of such “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Allegations of torture in Khadr’s case were floated by an affidavit that originated with the Khadr legal team. These allegations were investigated by the military judge, Patrick J. Parrish, who determined that no evidence existed to support the numerous accusations. All this to say there was no basis to conclude that Khadr was the target of mistreatment. This assessment was reinforced when video evidence was uncovered that proved Khadr took part in the building and implanting of IEDs. It was at this point that Khadr refused to take the stand and subject his claims of torture to cross examination. It was also at this point that he confessed to his crimes.
    At the end of the day, Khadr was an unlawful enemy combatant who confessed his crimes due to the evidence against him – not because he was tortured. He had no right to claim Charter protections and should have been prosecuted for treason upon his return to Canada. The fact that he was not was a disservice to Canada and those charged with her defense.

    Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper

  3. As you say,Spencer,the CPC has to keep banging voters on the noggin with this or it will be long forgotten by Oct./2019, two, count’em, TWO LONG YEARS away,and we’re dealing with a public that has a 7 day memory.

    The Liberals always count on that,then with the usual lies, promises, re- announcement of popular projects, crony financing and bribery, slide on to a nice victory.

    Chretien was a Master at it.

  4. Lefties- in all cases – always run out of other people’s money.
    But not before securing a decent cut of the pie for themselves.
    Their arrogance is without limits: their approach to money just confirms that they treat money as renewable and inexhaustible resource.
    And it is evident that they have nothing but contempt for people of their own country.

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