HUH? Chagger Says More Tax Consultations Would “Raise A Fear”

The Orwellian double-speak from the Trudeau government reaches new heights.

During an interview, Minister of Small Business Bardish Chagger made a very odd claim.

When asked about consultations on Trudeau’s tax changes, Chagger pretended the government was listening.

“We’ve had many conversations. [Finance] Minister [Bill] Morneau has travelled the country having roundtables. I have done the same,” said Chagger.

Many small businesses would surely disagree with Chagger’s comments, as a lack of consultation has been a big concern.

But then, Chagger tried political spin that took a disturbingly Orwellian direction:

“The longer we’re talking about this, the more people are concerned that they will be impacted, which is really raising a fear and not allowing people to be as productive as possible,” said Chagger.

Chagger used that line to justify the government refusing to extend the consultation time past the October 2nd deadline.

Of course, we know that if the government was being honest about their tax changes, more consultation would go a long way towards reducing fear. Yet, the Trudeau government is not being honest. They are trying to ram through a plan that will cause severe damage to Canadian small businesses, entrepreneurs, family farms, and more. So, they don’t want to consult, discuss, or debate.

The fact that the government is now reduced to the insane claim that consultation = fear just serves to show their total dishonesty and disregard for the country they are supposed to be serving.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. “……of course we know that if the government was being honest about their tax changes……” — Robert, you are kidding, eh? “…..if the government was being honest about…..” — just what have you seen and/or heard from this government that in any respect looked like honesty?

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