REPORT: Illegal Border Crossing Surge Caused Internal Government Fear About Threats To Canadians

This is a very different reality than what the Trudeau government tried to make us believe.

A CTV report based on government documents they obtained has revealed that government officials expressed serious concerns about Canada’s refugee system being overwhelmed, and were worried about danger to Canadians as illegal crossers surged across the border.

According to the report, “Government documents, including draft reports, and emails obtained by CTV News through an access to information request show that there were worries the sudden influx of asylum seekers could overwhelm the processing chain, “essentially resulting in pseudo-refugee camps.” One official even highlighted “Threat to Canadians” and “death of a refugee” as significant risks as asylum seekers crossed into Canada in the bitter winter cold.”

This is clear evidence that Trudeau’s arrogant and reckless tweets could put Canadians at risk.

What makes this report so damning for the Trudeau government, is that they dismissed all of these concerns. They even politically attacked Canadians who brought those concerns up. They repeatedly said that border officials and border communities had all the resources they need, but we now know that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, the report points out that “Officials also expressed concerns that Canada’s refugee system would be pushed past its limits. Immigration officials can only process 14,500 asylum seekers a year with available resources, but a document stated that “current intelligence forecasts indicates a likelihood of exceeding 40,000 claimants.”

The illegal border crossing influx is still trending towards that 40,000 number, and we have seen what are basically refugee camps be set up. As for threats to the country, it’s impossible to know at this point what could happen, and that uncertainty is itself a big concern.

Endless lies

There’s a certain level of dishonesty in every government. The Harper government lied, the Martin government lied, Chretien, Mulroney, and all the others. Yet, the velocity of the lies coming from the Trudeau government is unparalleled. Every day brings a new revelation of deception and dishonesty. Now, that dishonesty extends to the security of our border, the integrity of our immigration system, and the safety of our people.

Trudeau would rather score political points by opening up our borders than protect Canadians, and he’s even ignoring the very real and legitimate fears within the government itself.

Canada deserves far better.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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  1. Spencer, to anyone who actually wakes up in the mornings, this revelation has been obvious since ‘his’ idiotic actions with respect to our borders — among all-too-many other important (at least to the affected citizens) hairbrained comments and decisions he has foisted on those who he swore to protect, and the country he also swore to protect. The obvious results of his actions and attitude clearly indicate that he (as with daddy) has no interest nor loyalty to our country, and no intent to live up to the basic responsibilities of the office he holds. He, in fact, ignores an important reality in that without protected borders, there is, in fact, no country. In my book, that act alone places his actions in the realm of the actions of a traitor. That is according to all of my dictionary definitions.

    1. good morning jack, i have said that from the beginning, this pos of a pm is exactly 100% anti-canadian.but the the people still loves his style, as for the politics, he is against canada, just like his old man was.i still see a revolt in this country, a civil war comes to mind. god help us all.

  2. The real purpose of allowing illegal migrants and opportunists to freely cross the border is coincident with Trudeau’s revamping of the immigration act. He isn’t fostering immigration, he is building a voting base.

  3. I shared this article on the Canadian Coaliation of Concerned Citizens rally page that is taking place tomorrow on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Ottawa against racism (aka Ottawa antifa) group who are going to show up at our rally posted this article on their page and are accusing me of being a racist. It’s pretty bad when we are just conducting a rally against Trudeau’s policies are this is what is happening. The RCMP and Ottawa police have been advised and are on call to protect us but it is still worrisome. I am a senior and so is my husband. We have every right to protest without being accused of being a neo-nazi, white supremist, racist, etc etc. Just thought you would like to know Spencer what we are dealing with here in Ottawa. I hope people in the west do not think that we are happy with Trudeau and his Liberal party members.

  4. Finally you are not happy with Trudeau but it was the people in the east that voted him in. The people in west liked and wanted Steven Harper as Steve Harper was honest his word meant something . He was to busy actually running our country and really caring what was happening to the Canadians to be screwing around like Trudeau does!! All Trudeau has done is hurt every Canadian by burdening us with all his refugees and taking away our freedom of speech . His father was terrible he put Canada in debt so badly and his son is even worse. You may not have voted for him personally. But the people in the east are the only reason Trudeau is able to screw us over just remember that in the next election !! I hope you can get it right the next time! That is so long as he has not brought into to many refugees and the next thing we are going to have is some body that is more extreme then Trudeau running our country into even more debt. And women having absolutely no rights again. Women wake up it was not that long ago women could not even vote right here in Canada get your heads out of the sand. If you do not believe me go back in history and check for yourselves how hard our ancestors fought so we could have the rights we have today!!! These stupid laws they are trying to bring in sharia law all that is are laws against females having no right. We are not animals we have rights and I for one want to keep mine!!! I like being able to walk around without having to be escorted by my husband so that some other man can not rape me. I like walking around in short or wearing a bathing suit when I go swimming. Not having to be covered from head to toe with clothing when it is 30 above and sweating to death. Come on females look around you I do not and will not be some bodies door mat. I was divorced when I was very young because I would not stay in a very abusive relationship. If you have never been raped or beaten you are a lucky female if you have you likely already know our laws here in Canada still have alot to be desired! Imagine them getting worse here in Canada that is what sharia law is! They are pushing we have to push back and dam hard these people twist and turn everything to their advantage and they use our own government and laws against us because they find grey areas. Look what is happening in Europe !

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