CRAZY: After Radical Islamist Attack In Edmonton, Trudeau Posts About White Supremacy Instead

Trudeau disgracefully refuses to mention ISIS flag or radical Islamist ideology of attacker, tries to change the channel to white supremacy.

In what seems to be a parody of his own insane political correctness, Justin Trudeau shared a post about white supremacy and referenced it as a response to the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Edmonton.

The original post was made by Liberal MP Maryam Monsef on September 30th – before the Edmonton attack.

However, Trudeau then shared the post on October 1st – after the Edmonton attack had taken place. Additionally, his comment on the post makes it clear he is referencing what happened in Edmonton, and shared Monsef’s post as a response to it. Take a look for yourself:

One commenter expressed the outrage of many Canadians who say Trudeau’s post:

Trudeau’s post is crazy given the circumstances. This is political correctness taken to an absurd and dangerous extreme. Aside from a minuscule fringe, all Canadians are against white supremacy. Of course, Canadians also know that the Edmonton attack had nothing to do with white supremacy. It was an attack motivated by a radical Islamist ideology. The fact that Trudeau has completely ignored that, and ignored the fact that an ISIS flag was found in a vehicle used by the suspect is deeply disturbing.

If this is how Trudeau “addresses” an act of terrorism against Canadians, how can we have any trust in the government to keep us safe? It’s a total disgrace that he would try and divert attention from the attack and onto his political messaging instead.

It shows – beyond any doubt – that Trudeau puts his own arrogant political aggrandizement ahead of the safety and security of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. My NDP member of parliament, Carol Hughes, Algoma, Manitoulin and Kapuskasing writes a “House Call” column in the Manitoulin Recorder and spouts the same but never a word about the Muslim Brother and all the Soros funded groups in Canada. She stated there are over 100 white supremacist groups in Canada. She also supported M-103. Brrrrr

  2. It is the blind leading the blind. I have written a couple of letters to Ms. Hughes and not one has she responded to. So much for a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, or open dialogue or transparency or inclusiveness or acceptance. No one has enough courage to stand for the truth these days. Our politically corrected politicians are ineffective puppets who have lost their moral and ethical compass. Identity politics
    has devoured common sense.

  3. I want to add that the group that Trudeau is in favour at the protest re Niagara Falls, his thugs with masks were throwing coffee and water on pedestrians walking by. I was horrified.

  4. I don’t get the white supremacist angle, can someone please explain that?
    I don’t see how his response is negative in any way! Sticking together as a culture and country instead of divisiveness, THAT’S WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT FROM AMERICANS!!! They can’t see how the “powers that shouldn’t be” have created their most divisive time in history based on fear(brought to you by false flag attacks). See through this, we’re smarter than this, stick together!

  5. I have a problem with all political leaders who vote for M-103 but do not address what Imams in mosques in Canada are saying. Imam Sayed al-Ghitani of the Al-Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal–“Destroy the accursed Jews and kill them one by one and give victory to our brothers who engage in jihad for your sake everywhere”. Same mosque, Imam Wael-al-Ghitawi, “Jerusalem is Arab and Islamic and Jews are decendants of Mongols”. Imam Abdu Albasset Egwilla, “Martydom in the name of Allah”. Imam Mazim Abdul-Adhim, head of terrorists group Hibz ut-Tharir in Canada calling for Shari’ah law in Canada. There is no difference between Americans and Canadians we all cherish our FREEDOM. We have been long time friends with the Americans, don’t start your devide and conquer mantra please. We need to demand Canadian politicians to start caring about Canadians and Canadian values.

  6. A total mentally incapable asshole. Let’s say it as it is. If we get pissed off at the terrorist attacks speak out at the radical groups we are white supremesists. How insane can someone get, well from the sounds of it he and his cabinet are beyond insane.
    Maybe the govt. should talk to those injured in Edmonton about them being white supremesists. The govt. can speel off about love diversity and all the othe bull shit they spew at us however lets take away all of govts. security, and chauffer driven and protected vvehicles and see how holier the though they will be then. One day, this will bite the pricks in the ass and I hope it hurts.

  7. The white supremacist angle is a term the left are pushing, if you do not agree with them you are a white supremacist or a nazi. Any Conservative is probably called a white supremacist. Devide and conquer. Ask Carol Hughes her stately opinion on President Donald Trump, Ezra Levant, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.

  8. Amazing how Trudeau and crew will call it terrorism when it happens anywhere else in the world, but when it happen in Canada….the wonderful Country this clown is supposed to represent, he chooses instead to speak about White Supremacy! What an absolute slime and the rest to his little minions (Cabinet) just blindly follow along. IDIOTS….all of them.

  9. To people in the grip of magical thinking, all information is distorted to fit the internal narrative, and all communication is in support of that narrative independent of facts. Sources of information that contradict the internal narrative are ignored or suppressed; even to the point of being made illegal.
    Magical thinking is a form of insanity.

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