POLL: Nenshi Trails Smith By 17% Points In Calgary Mayoral Race

Political gravity may be re-asserting itself as centre-left mayor loses support in centre-right city.

Naheed Nenshi came out of nowhere to become Mayor of Calgary, running an impressive first campaign utilizing social networks in a way that was quite innovative at the time. As Mayor, Nenshi retained a high-level of popularity for some time, in large part because he utilized twitter in a way that allowed him to connect with constituents constantly.

Those innovations helped Nenshi overcome political gravity.  As a centre-left Mayor in a centre-right city, Nenshi has been pushing against the general tide of public opinion. While his personal popularity had insulated him from electoral consequences for many years, it seems that’s beginning to change.

Nenshi’s main opponent Bill Smith has campaigned against Nenshi’s tax increases, and it seems that campaign is paying off. According to a new Mainstreet Research Poll, Smith now leads Nenshi by 17 points. Here are the numbers:

  • Smith – 48%
  • Nenshi – 31%
  • Chabot – 6%

While some doubt whether Smith’s lead is really that big, the gap shows that Nenshi is in big trouble. Mainstreet Research CEO says “The path to victory for Nenshi is very, very narrow.”

As noted in a Global News report:

“(political scientist) Bratt said there’s been a growing anti-Nenshi sentiment in the race that appears to have coalesced around Bill Smith. He said Smith has attracted dissatisfied voters by focusing on tax rates and by highlighting “feuds that Nenshi has had with the business community. He hasn’t really put much policy forward, but he hasn’t had to,” he said. “It’s more an anti-Nenshi vote than a pro-Bill Smith vote.”

Election day will prove whether the Mainstreet Poll is correct, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a centre-right city vote to replace a centre-left Mayor.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I know that it doesn’t matter what your political allegiance is in a Municipal Election, but I am wondering if anyone knows what their political allegiances provincially/federally are. Would be interesting to know.

    1. Who decided that political alleigence doesn’t matter in a municipal election? I hear that all the time and it drives me nuts. Am I suddenly in favour of high taxes, big government and deficits because its municipal? I support “small c” conservative government at ALL levels. It just makes sense.

  2. Nenshi is very controlling and doesn’t listen to people. It’s his way or the highway. Sound like any other centre-left dictorial sock showing politician?

  3. That is a bit of a good sign.Let`s hope the rest of the country wakes up and we get rid of all these left wing air heads.

  4. Ann, it wasn’t party based before but Conservatives have woken up and realized we need to root out socialists at all levels of government. First Nenshi and city council, then Alberta, then (longer shot) The federal government.

  5. Many laws are going to change in the very near future. Canada has never needed to try and put all grass root Canadians to unify as necessary in History. The changes coming will turn Canada from the Peacfull Country that our Forefathers fought for and how safe, peacful and Free that it has been for many many years. This may be the last time that I am able to say this before taken from my home and Jailed for my Free opinion.
    I do not want Canada an Islamic State. I do not want this for my Children and Grandchildren. I do not agree with Bill M103. I do not see any point in this bill as. Canada has never had supression of any community, other than the atrocities of our First Nations. Canada has been addressing this. Albeit slower than all Canadians would like as to help our First Nation Canadian Family. Canada has not needed to change freedom of speech laws to work this out. Trudeau cannot be trusted. Canadian Soil is First to be decided as to the First Nation Community. Trudeau should not be trusted is his token interest in righting the past wrongs towards our First Nation Family. We
    Must realize he is doing a trick to gather support. Francophone should not be ćonned by the token gestures he is attempting to regain support. The LGBTQ should not believe the support that he is seemingly offering. This is all for votes. Canadians who have enjoyed the Canada that our Forefathers built and allowed us Safety, freedom and peace should recognize the direction of a movement that will suppress the Beautifull Canada that we all have enjoyed. Canada the World is so desperate to be part of. Trudeau is building an overwhelming Vote platform that will change this. Not for the better. With the new Canadians vote that he has sewn up and the dissension that he is causing with Grass root Canadians, will place him in another majority Government. Again I do not want my freedom of speech taken away. I do not want the First Nations set back through the agenda that Trudeau is planning against them. I do not want the possibility or assurety Canada becomes an Islamic State. I do not want Canada divided into pockets with different Laws. I do want Our great Country to be broken up into small inner Countries of no go Zones and skirmishes between. I do not want to fear Jail to voice these concerns.
    Yes Canada needs work to keep our Country as it is and meant to be as designed by our Forefathers. Do we need new Canadians to make it what a new specialty group demand?
    I urge Canadians realize the Trudeau Government is working against the Canada that we have enjoyed for so many years. Please, Francophone, First Nations, LGBTQ, and all, Grass root Canadians and the Immagrants whose Forefathers gave so much to design, vote together in a common front. Our differences are being worked out through the Freedoms in our Constitution. It has been slowed by the Greed and Personal agenda of those Governments dragging their heals, not the intended process.
    This comment has nothing to do with hate. It is meant for survival of the Canada that has been safe, secure and Free.

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